Perry Ritthaler

Perry is passionate about helping others to achieve their greatest dreams and ambitions through his exponential covert warfare architecture.
The research, combined with a lifelong passion to understand the workings of the brain, and international battlefield and global economics dynamics inspired him to study and mix Neuro Linguistic Programming, Psycho Cybernetics, computer programming, graphic design, and e-commerce marketing, Quantum Physics, Meta Physics and Astrophysics designing and building invisible quantum mechanics weapons programs; thereby creating a faster and more exponential way to program warfare empowerment skills into the covert warfare battlefield.
After years of research he gained an insight and understanding on how he could create a positive impact on people’s behaviors, habits, emotions and memories enhancing his ability to design operations that will achieve your objectives.
The results of these years of study and the application of his operations internationally improved performance capabilities of many people he has empowered seamlessly.

His mission is to empower your operations and agenda; achieved cost effectively through his creative covert warfare architecture.

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer