Planet Genesis Experiment Operations

By Perry Ritthaler
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I would like to thank the many leaders and organizations seamlessly affiliated to Digital Mind Coach. Without the support of these organizations the peace empowerment operation success story created would not have been possible.
I would like to thank people mentioned in this e-book for some of the information and ideas and wisdom and pictures that have influenced my thinking.
The information that is shared with the reader from gathering facts that are used in this e-book documented a paper trail on cyber war strategy empowerment operations theory recorded by Perry Ritthaler.
About The Author

Perry Ritthaler grew up in western Canada and now resides in Creston, British Columbia. After his formal education he developed an interest in marketing products, motivational psychology and researched Neuro Linguistics and Psycho Cybernetics for many years which led to the writing of this psychology science e-book.
This e book is dedicated to people on the front lines build a paradise on the planet.
Planet Genesis Experiment Operations
New Science Explodes Onto The Planet
Specific psychology science translated into mathematics equations designed to enhance battlefield strategy programming operations; delivered and implemented through computer internet communications has created another step in mankind ability to shape our war zone battlefield outcome; in part shaping evolution on the planet; and through the creation of this science formula the operations created combine multiple sciences mixing the energy in the environment connected to the universe; producing yet another step for mankind taken determining evolution.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” designed by Perry created the opportunity for the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” agenda to be put in place. These experiments are created through the development of invisible weapons systems and invisible force fields created in the realm of another dimension naturally creating the inertia and synergy of self-replication quantum energy cybernetic stealth operations.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” is to develop strategy written and designed for the battlefield that creates through the metamorphosis of that strategy an invisible operation; that has the capability to transpose the raw energy created within the matrix of the strategy; into a self-replication seamless weapons system that creates a tangible result on the battlefield; as a result that has the potential to grow like a plant using photosynthesis; however in the case of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” strategy programming; generate the growth and development on the operation into a self-generation operation feeding on the energy and synergy created through the implementation of a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” seamlessly working within the environment.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” is to create a human computer interface intelligence master mind program that has the capability to shape the chemical release chemistry inside the brain self-generating human intelligence; seamless through internet computer network systems capable of creating a quantum energy self-generation operations that seamlessly shape environment energy systems.
It becomes one this to write strategy for a battlefield; however it is another operation to seamlessly shape the strategy written by the opposing forces on the battlefield; and then launch invisible weapons systems created by shaping the energy within the environment; that self-generates size and forces of the covert weapons systems launched into and within the environment by the environment; feeding on the energy inertia created within the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” shaping environment; designed to self-replicate energy forces inherent within the strategy created within the core operations strategy.
That operation designed to create networks building a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” requires hundreds of battlefield operations implementing leading edge military strategy operations inside of a global network; dispensing free strategy creating a psychological empowerment network or destabilization program; designed to shift the power base of countries; that shifts power to disempower or empower powerful influential people free of charge.
The core synergy; energy supply for the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is created by shaping invisible psychology science energy in the environment; and that energy supply is manifested through reputation. The security system within the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is designed within the core strategy of no payment for services designed to fortify the energy creating the strength of the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” reputation/power supply.
Automating the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” that creates faith or Satanic energy mixing science inside the environment can generate wealth safely.
Unbalanced environment energy is very powerful and harnessing this power becomes the next challenge; united as one Satan and faith; a 0 energy baseline program; self-expanding interconnected operation to the universe; leading to programs that involves “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” contacts shaping the brains chemistry reproduction of chemicals within the brains of influential people in charge of the planets energy baseline connected to the universe.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” is to access their potential powers of quantum energy source code, while exploring the practical application and theory of psycho cybernetics and neuro linguistic programming sciences influenced by mathematics; combined using internet communications shifting energy resources on the planet located deep within the operations “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” generated within and by the brains of people in charge of the planet operations; in charge of creating hell or paradise on earth.
In essence reshaping the mind’s eye thought process seamlessly; however in control of the next operations self-generated by those targeted.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” has the potentially creating an environment deep inside the targets mind, through shaping positive or negative strategy shifting cause and effect quantum energy inside their mind shaping their strategy naturally created by them; creating initial and long range of objective planning shaping the results with the potential synergy of that target; to be shaped later in a specific formula developed working interconnected with the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” producing specific end game strategy created by the targeted individual himself.
The science behind the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” is capable enough to create the cause and effect cycles within the human resources development cycles found deep within the brain.
Through wielding multiple psychology sciences into a cluster delivered seamlessly deep into the minds of targeted influential people; the environment is reshaped naturally creating a powerful synergy science self-driven quantum energy cycle; that naturally shapes behavior and actions leading to shifting the planets energy connection to the universe.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” through an implementation of a series of experiments ; “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” computer human interface network programming in cyberspace; the objective is to create an invisible synergy that manifests into an invisible quantum energy reactor linked to the universe.
The invisible quantum energy reactor is also connected to earth; shifting the power supply potentials of paradise or hell on earth in part shifted autopilot by the quantum energy reactor; created by shaping the designed strategy and operations implemented in the battlefield; within the objectives and strategy designed to be use the war zone; as an energy launch pad delivering “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” shaping the psycho cybernetic and Nero linguistic habit pattern programming in multiple players in the environment; through free ideas and strategy designed to self-empower or disempower the people targeted; through shifting their positive energy or negative energy influence deep within their brain potential; naturally shaping the genius or primitive behavior patterns potentials of that person targeted; and slowly through repetition shift the earth 0 energy base line energy balance; shifting the planets existence toward paradise verses hell on earth.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” objectives are designed within the person by the person; designed to self-propel them-selves safer thus naturally into the direction the science designer desires; in the master plan orchestrating the bigger picture operations.
Creating the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” success operations created from within energy; is partially based on the number of people targeted in the core planning of the covert operations that has taken just over ten years of dedication to complete.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” has the potential to focus on the potentials of shaping the death tolls of earth quakes, hurricanes storms and tsunami waves; as I explore more of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” the science created has unlimited potentials.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” has the ability to shift why or how and when; faith and Satan breeding terrorism or peace or crime and law abiding behavior science are intertwined and interconnected.
Discovering these experiment answers created in another dimension; pioneered through human interface computer coding combined with psychological coding based on mathematics, and layered into self-perpetuation quantum energy, combining an invisible self-guiding system, the creation of a quantum energy computer code environment energy generator is possible.
Self-perpetuation of invisible seamless energy that is self-floating into the next generation of quantum energy driven by “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” shaped by the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” computer codes the human resources empowering the earth / universe quantum energy connections safely.
Designing and programming the automated computer psychology science cybernetic mathematical key code, created the ignition switch to create focused satanic or faith driven behavior shaping paradise or hell on earth; can serve as the source key to delivering the operations psychology mixed with hot zone battlefield operations.
Behavior created auto pilot; created using computers or television digital computer screens and the books as teachers can self-perpetuate long range objectives to self-generate the future of the planet shaped by the energy orchestrated by Satan or faith.
Creating a 0 energy faith and Satan driven cyberspace computer e-book program can build flocks of people; and through the masses shift the geo political base of people operating the self-generation of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” potential to build paradise or hell on earth.
Self-driven source coding is one of the keys to building paradise or hell on earth; and through free computer, free strategy and free clicks in a computer communications network; save and self-replication informations delivered in e-books or power point shows or graphics designed pictures providing the backdrop to the science; self-replicates creating the self-perpetuation of shaping the psycho cybernetic, neuro linguistic psychology science computer programming visual mental conditioning cycles in the brain shaping the environment.
Positive energy created through the computer communications internet networks; delivering psychology science code; programming the brains psychology and strategy combine to create behavior patterns associated to saving human life; naturally preserving the environment through a science delivered into the environment through education stimulating negative energy and positive energy science is shaped naturally; delivered by computer science technology mixing with communications; mixing the psychologies and strategies that creates mass death in the population or the prevention of death in humanity and self-destruction of the resources on the planet.
The science is designed to fight the devil’s negative energy seamlessly, using the energy found within the universe wielding science as the weapon to create choice in the mind before the thought process is completed and created.
The “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” working seamlessly with the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is naturally creating new psychology linked programming into a person sub-consciously, on initial visual and auditory contact stimulating the personal brainwash experience.
A computer driven 3 dimensional quantum energy “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is capable enough to self-replicate visual computer psychology coded operations; filled with invisible weapons and strategies wielding those weapons interconnected to a psychology science e-books; used as a covert intelligence guide weapons systems; empowering faith within mankind to fight the devil or terrorism or crime created by mankind.
Introduction…. Why are faith and science connected?
Chapter One
Discover How To Create a Super Charged Karma and Mind
Seamless E-Book Computer Human Interface Programming
Psycho Cybernetics……Schematic
The mind’s thought pattern potential patterns
Chapter Two
Neuro Linguistic Programming Chamber
Deep Within Your Minds’ Eye This Area Of Thought
Is Termed As Thinking Outside The Box
Auto Pilot Programming
Building Your Brain
Chapter Three
Quantum Energy Equals Choosing A
Energy Formulation Negative or Positive
Planet Genesis Operations Empowerment In Positive Energy

Understanding the quantum energy you’re capturing and recycling to Create empowered IQ creation potentials.
Neuro linguistic computer programming habit patterns
Learn programming skills in quantum physic and quantum mechanics Formulation and naturally obtain focused personal synergy, 0 energy Balance building genius decision or creation skills.
Planet Genesis Operation wields a 17 dimension quantum energy program.
Experiments completing safely through research experiments sending thousands of email pages of operations experiments.
Chapter One
Discover How To Create a Super Charged Karma and Mind
Seamless E-Book Computer Human Interface Programming
This combination of new sciences combined together, creates the quantum energy psychology changes possible to genesis the planet safely through computer networks.
This new combination science and operational experiments require creating free independent, self-propelled, multiple science, and 3 dimensional quantum energy fields.
Creating the incorporation of the quantum science energy will change the evolution of the planet quantum energy base.
Experiments discovering and combining more sciences creating control that can safely stabilized or disrupt and environment seamlessly through quantum physics energy.
The seamless application creates scientific in nothingness energy that shapes and controls nothingness energy concepts.
Layered into multiple science mathematics stringer codes and then computer driven and encrypted in cybernetics further programming behavior codes in people.
Through computer e-books programming personal performance, people are given the opportunity to balance human intelligence. Taking on specialized knowledge internally, incorporating positive energy to balance the negative energy environment or personally generated negative energy cycles.
The primary objective is to create the self-guidance system for the brains auto pilot programming.
Continuously changing energy in your quantum energy mind allows more focusing internally on creating 0 balance energy decision or ideas creation skills.
The new driven energy in the person’s performance potentials is measurable when the quantum energy flowing through and all around the mind and body can be stabilized to a 1% – 0 % quantum energy positive / negative energy in the mind’s eye.
Performance capability is scientifically creating the perfect decisions or idea naturally shaping the creation of human evolution cycles.
Through applying the e-book “Discover How To Control Ideas Decisions and Affirmations” published by Davis E-book Publishing and written by Perry Ritthaler, the operators manual for your brain, faith driven positive energy programming behavior is grand fathered into behavior patterns naturally improving your quantum energy formulas running seamlessly with the mind.
The natural karma that is created by any person with the advanced psychology computer programming creates an empowered auto pilot programming capability into the sub-conscious mind.
An internal balance of negative / positive energy karma is automatically created at this level of performance.
Behavior patterns guiding action shape the cause and affect science in your life.
For every action taken their equal and opposite reaction created self-perpetuating your success or failure in life.
The science decisions to proceed or stop, or move in a new direction, more empowering to that person’s energy can be naturally programmed into the mind.
The 1%-0% positive energy balance within your mind is the key to a healthy personal quantum energy existence on the planet.
In science energy, what goes around comes around and for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.
Similar to gravities energy, what goes up will naturally come down, unless another energy source shapes the quantum energy.
For an example shall we use an airplane?
Airplanes require a mechanical, self-propulsion system.
The lightening of air cycle in energy using heat in a hot air balloon is another example or propulsion.
The quantum energy we transform into behavior and then action create the karma energy in our life.
We create this connected all by ourselves to the universe and this is also another invisible self-driven propulsion system if we have the specialized knowledge to crack the universe diamonds.
These are some pioneering thoughts and ideas that may help you tap into the universe quantum energy power for your own personal gain.
I have thousands of human beings today in this research study.
The Planet Genesis Operations Experiments are created to empower paradise on the planet mixing science quantum energy and psychology mechanics.
This research in science human potential may provide the keys to your personal energy, self-propulsion cycles in your mind connected to the universe.
Discover new science and techniques to send your energy safely into the universe.
Stabilize this karma energy in man or woman and in doing so create new human interface universal positive or negative energy powers.
Raw pioneered intelligence creation in the persons mind through focused energy in emotional choice explaining balance of the quantum energy in your mind.
A computer program with a mental template to achieve a 0 energy quantum energy balance in the mind and driven through computer automation programming.
This programming when directed toward influential people in the world may allow the people in society to possessing natural quantum energy, protective empowerment security shield.
Universal security as the science advances with universe pioneers like you or me.

Psycho Cybernetics Programming…Schematic

The mind’s thought pattern potential patterns chart helps you better understanding the quantum energy you’re capturing and recycling to create your I.Q. creation potentials.
Comprehend this science and you naturally empower the potential of your personal energy creation capabilities.
The same capabilities that are creating your natural quantum energy cycles created through your behavior actions are connected with the universe and your personal environment can be world evolution through influence created through science working with human resources.
Through implementing enhanced psychological behavior patterns that shift your actions, you may be able to enhance your quantum energy balance using psychology books that share critical information teaching you psycho cybernetics or neuro linguistic programming.
The positive or negative energy actions you create through your mental associations to your life were created by you and your mentors, or associations to experience that create pleasure or painful experiences.
People all over the earth interconnected naturally create our evolution energy cycles, naturally second by second on the planet shaping our quantum energy building karma energy cycles that naturally exchange energy with the universe.
The same energy you randomly capture and are naturally recycling mentally creating your own human quantum energy creation cycles naturally.
Creating a new personal empowered IQ potential that help you stimulate new opportunities in your life is possible today.
This e-book for example is a treasure chest of information that may enhance your ability to create more wealth or happiness.
This valuable programming information has taken 20 years of my life to acquire, and now I am sharing this data with you in this “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” series of experiments.
Everything happens for a reason.
Any person can benefit in their personal life, through this specialized information.
As you read guilty by association you are creating your personal empowerment mechanism driven auto pilot on computer by you.
You win when you do the work on empowering your own potentials wielding your energy discovering the universe science or the new science never before connected in experiments.
Information combined and created to safely and specifically empower you to another level of energy wielding capabilities connected with education to the universe.
Successful studies created the release of this new science programming capabilities. Most candidates realized a more peaceful existence in the quantum energy flowing into the capability of the person.
Others claim to have increased IQ creation skills capabilities, stimulated through an empowered positive attitude toward themselves and the world in general.
Adopting these new science technologies through this science research may empower you in ways you never dreamt possible.
Psycho Cybernetics, Neuro Linguistic operations are mental empowerment visual based mental plastic surgery that any person can implement upon themselves using the computer programming information found within this e-book.
You can reshape and safely empower the positive energy operations quantum energy code inside of your human mind.
A person can shape this mental empowerment human intelligence programming through repeating the process of reading the picture book “Discover How To Control, Ideas, Decisions And Affirmations” written by Perry Ritthaler read twice a week for a month, 3 times per year.
A specific psychology created in this empowerment e-book targets the ability to enhance the positive energy code created to empower other people or that person acquiring the new skill sets knowledge.
We learn on earth naturally and can potentially crack the universe opportunity door open to empowering earth to be a paradise united as one wielding independent positive energy all over the planet.
The positive energy experiments created and implemented in the Middle East through the e-book series “The 20th Century Cyber-war Zone Operations Documentary” written by Perry Ritthaler proves how positive energy influence can save human life and prevent disaster.
Evolution can be shaped by computer email driven planet genesis programs created to self-generate positive energy operations through empowerment education exchanges with extremely influential and power people on the planet.
Positive quantum energy programs seamless stacked one on top of the other, using the incorporation of an internet email system and bitorent peer to peer platform programming created free of charge.
Seamlessly shaping positive energy balancing guilty by association to whoever downloads the program free of charge.
The human brain programming code in cognitive behavior creation is very complex and to succeed at empowering others safely at their own pace you will they will need to learn an operators manual for your brains potential abilities.
Through the seamless self-application guilty by association reading the information the training of applying multiple sciences programming through computer graphics design art the cybernetic psychology coding travels into your sub-conscious through visualization seen deep within the brains eye.
(Located behind your forehead and why you visualize imagery in front of you.)
The quantum energy star wars networks act as a free cyber space classroom for people savvy in implementing and sharing battlefield strategy.
Understanding how we operate the quantum energy inside of our mind’s eye and around our human body is a marvel of science naturally creating energy through behavior that follows the “positive energy of faith” or the “negative energy of the Devil”.
Our mind can be very powerful weapon to do good or evil.
The brain operations programming behavior patterns are created through mentors you may have trusted and your personal environment clustering around us influencing our decisions and expectations.
Performance can become predictable when you do the best your best with the most current knowledge you possess.
Balancing your energy formulations creating your quantum energy balances deep within your mind’s eye and deep within the sub-conscious mind can be predicted based upon your personal comfort zone parameters and inherent negative or positive psychology mind patterns automatically created deep inside your mind.
This personal mental programming is controlled through mental anchors that we personally create within ourselves. These mental anchors create inherent energy and expectation of our capabilities.
The outcomes are also shaped through events that were exposed to repetitively, or are extra ordinary and as these events take place they naturally become anchored to our personality influencing our good and bad choices we make in our lives.
The mentors we believe in and anchor their influence to our emotions that create the mental guidance and leadership that help use within us designed to create our personality or performance capabilities.
The mental intelligence programming we naturally create runs auto pilot deep within the mind’s eye. Simultaneously creating your quantum energy psychology balance producing your natural capabilities to make decisions based on past create accomplishments influenced through your programmed expectations.
Your quantum energy programming can empower your creativity or IQ potentials as well as balancing the brains 0 energy capabilities using psychology science.
This may even be the opportunity door to acquire the opportunity of a life time designed to self-empower you to create more of your personal power.
Shaping personal quantum mechanics principles through safely implanting “psycho cybernetic laws” and “neuro linguistic laws,” the principles learned may create a universal connection shaping the laws of “karma science” that can influence your life.
Creating natural compound synergy systematically through implementing science research that is designed to empower your connection and ability to empowering your quantum energy is possible.
Psycho cybernetics theories applied by you may naturally shape your neuro linguistic capabilities creating a more powerful quantum mechanics human inter-relationship with the universe.
The average human being who may not have experienced the psycho cybernetic, neuro linguistic upgrade education may be behind in performance creation capabilities.
Programming mind coding books, may never achieve true potentials if you lose interest or reach your own mental financial thermostat prematurely based upon a predetermined lower expectation.
Prepare to win through writing on paper all the reasons you personally wish to acquire this new educational mind building resource education.
Build a never ending source of quantum energy power; when you write out reasons why you will succeed; followed by actions taken; describe a clear picture in your mind visualizing what you will receive as incentives; and that will help you create the energy you will require to build your education upgrade.
Perhaps a new personal toy you will purchase, or a car or home; if you’re truly empowered faster than your basic operational performance levels today.
You control your destiny more often when you reward yourself when you succeed.
When you focus the specialized education found in “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” you are dealing with the mental triggers or potential techniques to empowerment areas of your mind, specifically at the subconscious level as your store the information in your brain.
From deep inside of your mind; through specialized knowledge you acquire a higher IQ potential when you create the right mental empowerment cycles and patterns in your brain. You develop a more consistent level of creation skills or successful decision capabilities. Success naturally programmed taking shape in your accomplishments and actions taken as a result you will achieve your goals easier and faster.
While directing and safely controlling the potential shaping synergy generating energy cycles in the brain, you create your personal karma connections circling within your coexistence to the universe.
We are constantly emitting positive or negative energy 24/7 every day interacting with the energy base within your soul; seamlessly intertwined with the universe.
Through each and every decision, or action, or goal you create; you are systematically building the personal energy level naturally creating the karma you possess, autopilot.
Your potential life longevity and health and safety may all be negative energy or positive energy enhanced; or changed and controlled personally better using specialized knowledge found within an e-book like “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations”.
Our brain is similar to a computer that can be computer programmed; you decide how you program your brain minute by minute; you are in control of your successful or failure operations created in your brain shaping your existence opportunities or shortcomings in the world.
The e-book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” can work like computer program guilty by association; designed to program you naturally; designed to spike positive energy karma cycles naturally.
This powerful program can be reversed and used to create perpetual quantum energy growth systems; that create killing and war and self-destruction of a region in the world; that use government foreign policy mixed with this psychology science to create their own negative energy synergy; naturally building self-driven energy self-propulsion systems inherent within the brains of people that shape and design their laws of karma.
By controlling the psychology science energy balance created by mass media; the environment can be shaped negative energy or positive energy; the government working with private corporations are sending messages through the eyes and ears into the brain of their taxpayers; and these covert operations auto pilot program how we die, and shape our mental potentials to use creativity, or shape our personal health and life longevity cycles.
How you program the brain of others to use this power can affect your life however can also have a direct correlation to how they can empower their life directing negative energy that can equate to a brutal painful death or peace empowered world.
When people work with negative energy especially in political power; they naturally cast their influence in society; naturally the core threads in psychology spreading their mental illness sickness to corporations in the environment; the operations lead to mass death and a lawless environment. The outcome is poverty or self-destruction; however mass wealth can acquired in the short term for a few while long term poverty follows the experience.
This can be a covert warfare tactic; provided the environment of corruption was accelerated seamlessly; created prior to the person acquiring the new knowledge.
This is a fantasy fiction example of this strategy.
Most of this warfare science is triggered by taking advantage of a resource that stood shoulder to shoulder to protect a nation from the terrorism facing that nation; the nation used and hurt the resource turning friend to foe; he delivered in three stages, taking ten years to complete; a covert economic warfare operation.
The first stage is sharing knowledge and wisdom that makes the people targeted mass wealth and personal security; the objective is to trigger the concept this is free; however you should pay for the data taken; the balance of negative energy in the brain is seamlessly shaped further by an opportunity to screw the person you use for empowerment; naturally triggering the euphoric feelings of the God complex.
No files were kept by the resource on this experiment operation; so there is no tangible evidence of the first step to these operations experiments ever took place; voiding all criminal charge actions.
The people targeted; through greed and insecurity facilitate the removal of the classified empowerment resource; naturally shaping an even more powerful psychological change in the brain; still searching for the euphoric feelings of being an unstoppable man created by the resource; failure is created resulting in more criminal activity in order to achieve the same lifestyle financial empowerment cycle.
The second stage is the resource returning again to the same environment; further empowerment tools wielding specialized knowledge; that prevent these criminal killer behavior patterns; previously seamlessly conditioned to the creation of mass wealth through illegal activities; documented in the “President Fantasy Spy” series e-books.
The more powerful the empowerment tool; the more powerful the covert weapon implanted in the operations self-targeted; however the resource has not given them the tool of their demise; rather the tool of their empowerment; they choose to reverse; wielding their criminal psychological powerful behavior patterns previously conditioned.
As this operation takes root within the environment and people targeted are criminals with criminal behavior patterns working in a criminal environment; this becomes a mental virus shifting crime and mass murder that flourishes naturally creating an international criminal environment that self-conditions their society through mentorship; they cannot escape without help from the resource.
Again the resource is targeted by the people he empowered; fearful of his power reach in the organization; and again he not paid for his hard work and due diligence standing shoulder to shoulder fighting terrorism.
The third stage is to return again to the environment; further empowerment tools wielding specialized knowledge that prevents these criminal killer behavior patterns; documented in the “The 20th Century Cyber War Zone Operations” series e-books and “Spy Land Series Women Play Me” series e-books.
Arriving to an Empire again; that is in finacial ruins created by the very people that targeted the resource. Empowerment is given to the people in power again; placed in power by the resource; that shifts the environment in favor of the candidate he desires to see run the country.
This time the resource creates an operation that is focused on the rebuilding of the broken Empire; with very little movement or flexibility given to the people in power; now held in place with criminal operations held over their head as the environment is shifted toward law and order. The self-discipline to achieve this new behavior pattern is created in the mind of the people targeted; shaped by the killing of police and politicians overseas; with the threat of naturally moving the operations into their country; based upon their ability to obey their international laws.
The resource creates an invisible empire with an invisible army; seamlessly gathering the resources in the self-managed environment; preconditioned by the resource; that has the ability to create targeted, focused attacks or mass destruction globally; or peace.
This choice to further empower or destroy their nation is created again by the people in power.
Implementing your positive energy karma has the advantage of creating a peaceful death and coexistence on the planet? The energy you possess can tear you apart if the energy is turned black and negative creating its own synergy cycles within your sole.
By creating your understanding of how psychology can form an energy vocabulary; spread guilty by association through the environment or your brain; can shape your energy and thought patterns layer deep inside of your sub conscious mind; through ideas processed shaping by past experience created by the conscious mind, layered deep within the sub-conscious mind, connecting to the universe energy; will form most of your destiny.
This is similar to the rings found within a tree trunk that explain the years the tree has lived on the planet.
This research in multiple psychology and energy sciences and mathematics took years to prepare safely.
Fascinated by the energy conversion powers I possess I entered the psychology science energy battles in war or terrorism or starvation. The perfect negative energy storm created naturally on the planet gave me ample opportunities to experiment with this science formula.
Through this quantum energy storm I created and tested the universal soldier’s concept wielding a Quantum Energy Star Wars program operations science; experimenting in mass wealth created through life and death experimentation.
Finding budget money ad experiment conditions for my laboratory experiments; to do planet genesis experiments; that would be large enough or accurate enough to shift the results I desire to create; monitored in blind testing accountability reports; was the challenge faced accomplished at no capital costs; legally experimenting on the human resource operations thriving on the planet.
After years of pioneering science energies and experiments, I finally discovered the formulas to write and release the program on the world.
Leading to the display of experiments tested and displayed through my science research report book “Explore the Scientific Stairway Naturally Creating Heaven or Hell on Earth ……Planet Genesis Operations Experiments”.
The Playhouse For The Theatre Of The Mind
This schematic pattern of the bigger picture events; I believe are the operation systems for the thought pattern process, deep within the mind’s eye energy operational systems. Found residing deep within the brain; operational energy traveling faster than light speed decision is crafted.
What type of energy you send through the circuit in your brain or mind’s eye determines your bigger picture destiny?
This self-programming is entirely up to you.
No programming for failure is the objective of the program; the goal is to design the best psychology science operations flowing within the brain; and creates this experience by preprogramming people to use positive energy in the psychology make up of their mind. Reversal of this psychology science formula will create failure mechanisms in the brain that allow that person to become easily manipulated or stripped of their financial resources.
I built the psychology empowerment formula into an e book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” designed to polish human resources skill sets; naturally empowering performance to win or succeed legally in society.
The objective of the human resources experiment is to create an e-book that could play on any computer; working similar to a computer software program; capable of empowering people safely and naturally to operate faster in the world.
The objective of the psychology science program is to seamlessly program the bridge in the brain; the connection between acting like Satan and the morals and values of Faith; naturally developing human resources values that emulate faith no matter what domination of religion the person follows.
The objective in the Genesis Project Experiments Operations performed on people; required people that kill people and people that do not believe in killing people; reverse shifting the operations of both sides of the human resources equation in the experiments.
The objective of the many experiments is to create psychology programming so powerful the person naturally becomes less susceptible to criminal behavior or through karma being on the wrong side of the crime at the wrong time; or so susceptible to criminal actions they would go out and publicly commit murder and steal from society shaping karma.
The objective is to study the interconnections to the universe energy; and this universe energy experiment required mass shifts in human resources development programming thriving on the planet.
The theory being the universe experiments; could the death count be taken out of a war zone creating mass death; reverse the kill operations in the war environment fast enough to shape human death counts in a storm like a hurricane, or tornado, or earth quake striking the earth.
Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations
This e-book is only a tool; in order to create this type of change on the planet actual warfare strategy needs to be designed and developed and seamlessly dropped into the war zone.
War strategy that combines Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro Linguistic digital programming books that work as platform in computer threaded code implanted on contact deep within the mind’s eye and into the sub-conscious mind, of the person viewing the cybernetic programming book. Naturally encouraging and stabilizing the negative 0 positive balance quantum energy calculations in the principle required to start or neutralize and prevent war.
I believe in the development of human resources experiments that can shape the quantum mechanics energy formulas flowing through the brain; and this is the key to an economic warfare platform creative super power brain. Again this science can be reversed and a primitive uncreative brain can be developed.
The ability to create a safe mental positive energy foundation while acquiring universal onboard security operations energy systems; designed to protect you through karma may be possible as your educational in science evolves.
I believe this science will affect our personal health or ability to look after ourselves; and may even be possible for average citizen to obtain increasing life span; while lowering certain aspects of some health care costs attributed to stress overloads in negative energy.
Winning more often in life is enhanced naturally as your personal attitudes improve with your positive side of 0 balance energy shapes your decision and creations ability skills.
I designed this psychology science formula mixing other great minds developing snippets of psychological development sciences; my e-book is read daily when I started and after 21 days of repetition; the more I read; the more I understood about myself; and how to enhance my personal performance or IQ potentials.
If you invest in yourself long enough; consistently, you too will achieve your dreams even faster. Read these programming books twice per week for a month, 3 times a year; follow the directions in science research; polish the diamonds in your brain.
I created with this book of information using cybernetic codes triggers to empower myself after a nervous breakdown; and the program help me immensely and worked to repair damage in my own mind, so I fine-tuned it for a year and then I released the computer program into the world and started the Planet Genesis Operations Experiments in empowerment energy conversions.
Upon completing the e-book making several investments of your time into the exercises; you will start to form the positive energy guilty by association to the positive energy running within the undercurrent of the entire program.
Accurately lifting you mentally in positive quantum energy safely and gently forming an empowered you, flowing naturally in your Neuro linguistic habit patterns that automatically create the specialized quantum energy formulation for your personal empowerment and the natural empowerment behavior placed on the planet.
Human energy in the universe interfaced scientifically in the universe.
People working independent and united seamless as one.
People living on the planet seamlessly, naturally programmed with positive quantum energy; working with safe tools designed for self-programming, your quantum energy contributions to the “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations” shaping your personal life simultaneously.
Computer scripting Neuro linguistics mathematics formula, mixing psycho cybernetics psychology to win or succeed in the world naturally (generic) required balancing the quantum mechanics connection of that person looking to empower themselves safely.
One of the critical keys to the “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations” is to work long enough with the person or organization seamlessly and reshape the chemical reactions stimulated by their brain; through repetition leading the target into a self-locking one-way door; that opened to their ability to accomplish and succeed at challenges shaping their destiny.
The doorway remains locked to the unaware candidate; unless the person that designed the psychology science mental habit patterns; that designed their self-locking mechanism; created a psychological key and environment to reworked the candidates brain wave thought process patterns; rebalancing the chemistry created by the brain.
Creating this self-change guilty by association naturally shifting the human resources energy transference from internal quantum negative energy cycles to positive quantum energy cycles, within themselves; will slowly create natural positive quantum energy cycles in that person or negative quantum energy cycles in that person if the process is reversed.
This self-driven synergy autopilot computer programming the human resources development of the brain; delivered seamlessly on contact with the eyes and ears can be designed to create a stronger positive energy, driven, attitude capable of problem solving.
Naturally creating a series of positive energy interactive operations within the environment can shape synergy cycles that will actually self-automate the self-empowering aspect of the computer programming empowering program; seamlessly working inherently, invisible, within your personal self-confidence linked to your problem solving abilities seamlessly working inherently within the brain.
The object “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations” is do mental plastic surgery on the brains chemistry function without medication; harnessing the self-driven aspects of that persons desire to use their desire and energy to make the changes in the brain. The objective of “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations” is to control the person’s ability to make choices through shaping the brain chemistry reproduction; leading to the prediction of that persons decision and behavior pattern.
One of the end game goals of “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations” is designing a series of interconnected operations that self-program success or failure into that person targeted by the “Planets Genesis Experiment Operations”.
As a result, an empowered desires to accept one-self.
The mental plastic surgery operations are similar to a diamond miner harvesting the mental diamonds you find buried in the core matrix thought process patterns of the targets brain, operational within themselves; running seamlessly autopilot throughout their life interconnected seamlessly to your mind. Seamlessly penetrate the brain; guilty by association shape the thought process through repetition and seamlessly leave the person; directed by their operations to end the seamless interactions.
Testing this theory involves you looking in a mirror and likening what you see or not liking what you see; either image creates leverage for the programmer.
If you’re unhappy perhaps the problem to repair lies inside the mind’s quantum energy psychological numerical formula self-administered shaping the decision association to the past experience; and not just within the facial reflections.
When you change out the energy positive you free your sole from the burden of caring the negative energy tied to the devil or some would say Satan. Inside of the thought process a negative or positive energy formula is always present and operational; their very seldom are times a person will achieve 0 balance energy running through the brain. The inner goal of meditation is to achieve this 0 energy balance within the brain.
Through education to create the natural universal connection safely building paradise on earth; we all empower the planet safely through positive energy; independent of each other’s life. Through education to create the natural universal connection safely building hell on earth; we all empower the planet safely through negative energy; independent of each other’s life.
Shifting this energy process covertly and seamlessly in the mass population recorded in e-book records; naturally shifting vast quantities of energy on the planet; is another cornerstone of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations”.
The human brain has many operational systems that shape energy evolving simultaneously in cycles around and within the brain. The mind constantly functions 24 / 7 and cannot be stopped; unless this stop is induced through your death.
However you can seamlessly replace brain activity patterns; by shifting associations to past experience residing in the sub conscious; that create energy, producing synergy, manifesting self-perpetuation brain activity systems that are operational inside of the brain; working independently, interconnected within the operations of your brains function.
The negative energy created by generating emotion like fear, anger or greed can shape your programming you carry around in your life; and when you are asked to fight terrorism these mental triggers may be doing internal damage to your body or mental operational system residing deep within the brain.
This change in human nature shifting your ability to be creative; shifts your ability to solve challenges in your life; activity unseen to you; because the changes take place slowly day by day slowly and carefully diminishing your skill sets.
Habitual patterns you develop in your sub-conscious dominant thought processes naturally conditioning your behavior patterns that shape your self-destruction cycles; created naturally battling terrorism.
Many human resources are naturally developed within this energy cycle in the brain; shaping self-perpetual synergy inside of your brain waves; naturally flowing through your brain; seamlessly creating your big picture energy cycles; naturally shaping your life; shaping your thought process; shaping your creation ability; and skill sets ability to help yourself.
These natural operations created by your brain interacting in your environment shape and control part of your success or failure in life.
Inherent mental programming flaws deep within the mind can be implanted guilty by association; anytime you choose or decide to use negative energy to empower your ability.
Economic warfare used in global domination battles for power and wealth use triggers like fear or anger or greed that naturally take you down a path that makes the target more money; however in the end this imbalance of money must be accounted for; in the case of a political leader; his or her pockets will fill with money very fast; however the country they lead will end up impoverished; run by the country waging economic war on that nation.
A good case example describing economic warfare is the interconnections of the Bush Administration and Saudi Arabia and Israel and China and Pakistan backed by Russia and North Korea and Iran facing global terrorism used to transfer wealth and manufacturing in the world.
Replace this seamless negative energy dominant thought programming with positive energy dominant thought patterns and habit pattern programming and you will become creative and capable.
In order to replace this negative energy mechanism implanted within the brain; the root cause of the dysfunctional behavior pattern must be addressed; for example in the USA you must remove the out of control feeling fighting terrorism; and seamlessly implant a system in place that can control and shape this covert warfare weapon threat in the environment; and you naturally reshape the fear mechanisms evolving within the nation.
From this covert warfare vantage point; imagine the intentional self-destruction created on a nation like the USA when the Bush Administration used fear of terrorism to win a second term in political office. The activity itself reshapes the intelligence capability of the people residing in the nation; naturally making them susceptible to the white collar criminal activities used on them in society today.
This is how the USA lost the manufacturing to China; sold out by the USA corporations working within the environment faced with high energy costs; crippling tourism and a housing bubble to cover lost GDP; all population brainwashing masterminded and manifested by the Bush Administration working with the oil cartel in the Middle East and USA corporations working with China.
With energy prices exploding so would the oil and gas fracturing markets Dick Cheney controls after he left office.
When your life is focused in positive energy activities and you become guilty by association to the positive energy you become a creative genius.
Do not get angry or vengeful as you try to fight the negative energy; or like quicksand you sink deeper into the blackest shadows in your mind; naturally diminishing more skill sets and ability; creating more failure or lack of ability; remember you must replace the thought process with positive energy operations.
The brains system of constant information flowing 24/7 is autopilot in your mind; and why the e-book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” may be successful gradually rewriting positive energy dominant thought programming cycles.
When you replace your negative energy patterns inside the brain; that have manifested into a situation creating unbalance greed or dishonesty habit patterns; do not fight the invisible energy you face self-fueling your self-destruction; through negative energy domination thought process patterns that use anger or rage to solve the challenge.
Go with the flow of positive energy mental dominant thought replacement programming faster than negative energy dominant thoughts operational now hurting you.
Inside of the e-book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” you will discover answers for many of your questions concerning your mind’s ability to functionally creative or empowered.
Stimulated by your personal anchors or dominant thoughts you have a level of self-generated performance capability.
Take note of that level before you start reading the e-book and take notice after each e-book review to see if you feel better inside.
Learn to listen to your energy by recording your conversation; unaware you are being recorded. Play back the tape and see if your negative energy or your positive energy is the dominant characteristic within your conversation.
How you create your vocabulary naturally creates your vocabulary energy; that can determine many end results in your life; like your self-perpetual attitude; before the challenge you face even starts.
When you increase your performance skill sets reading the e-book; your brain computer is creating generated cybernetic guidance combining psychology science programming and art, the photography picture art in the e-book acts as a natural happiness guide on the pathway into the sub-conscious mind’s programming channels, naturally created by the conscious mind.
Chapter Two
Neuro Linguistic Programming Chamber
Deep Within Your Minds’ Eye This Area Of Thought
Is Termed As Thinking Outside The Box

The better you control and develop empowerment energy cycles in your brain wave energy flow patterns the faster each area of the mind will grow stronger.
The faster you reach your full potential of intelligence as a human being; the more fun you will have in your life.
Through absorbing specialized psychology science education; you have the opportunity to enhance your world; no longer living with what you created in the past; unaware of your brain wave energy patterns; shaping the synergy systems potentials of your destiny.
Control the mind mapping potential of your brain and you control the energy in your mind.
Deep inside your brain functioning interconnecting all the areas of your life; there is a life; an inner you.
Created by you; your environment shifts energy based upon your association to past experience; created by all energy sources colliding within the matrix of your brain; seamlessly intertwined with the universe of creation every second your energy within your human body stays alive.
Your soul is overflowing in energy that fills your body seamlessly interconnected to the universe; so you will die passing the energy back into the universe; or through a miracle of faith combine with love, your energy will be reborn into another body.
The energy within the sole is alive in positive energy or negative energy that combined within the chemistry connected to another person of the opposite sex; manifesting love, sharing body fluids creating the miracle of life; another human being is born; when you die the energy simply vanishes into the universe.
Your natural fears of the devil inside you are real; in fact; so real you become the devil walking the planet; when you incorporate too much negative psychology science inside of your behavior patterns; casting the energy you create manifesting your habits; that naturally create your desires; turning to your accomplishments.
Audit your personal performance; take notice of how your creative capabilities are manifested through your self-administered psychology science association’s; shaped by past experience that have mentally conditioned your personal expectations; your energy programming.
The one area of your brain that controls a great deal of your personal potential is your dominant thought patterns associated to pain and pleasure; naturally self-manifested in your life. The dominant thoughts are shaped by your experiences logged deep within your subconscious brain programming.
Dominant thoughts patterns operate inside of the undercurrent of your brains function; energy you create auto pilot in your brain shaped by experiences you have experienced and come into contact with in your environment. Autopilot programming that can create your life silently; while the energy balance in your brain waves shape your mental attitudes toward your performance and capability facing the challenges that come into your life.
You create your negative or positive energy formula shaping the potential behind accomplishments or demise source code energy; energy you create daily forming a base point energy base; shaping overall operations, attitude and planning capabilities; mentoring of family or in some cases a nation.
You control your world and the world around you; your finger print cast into your operations spreads guilty by association into your success or demise; especially if you are a mentor or political leader; wielding this behavior of negative or positive energy; you change the world of yourself and people around you.
As a result, a person may be simultaneously controlling how much you like yourself. Attitude, confidence, capabilities and this science is based on your core self-propulsion energy in part shaped by your vocabulary inherent within your psychology science interconnecting with your habit patterns; naturally programming the synergy driving the behavior pattern shaping energy base of the human being.
Energy transferred through dominant thought patterns interconnected to the subconscious mind balance interaction processes within your environment.
Auto Pilot Programming
People shape the mind’s capability systematically through previous accomplishment dictating expectation; naturally setting your levels of self-esteem carefully and safely in your mind. Attitude levels in performance potentials and how you respond to challenge or criticism are naturally determined by your auto pilot programming.
Why do you may take failure circumstance personally; when these actions self-fuel even more negative energy cycles of more self-destruction?
In fact; at a certain point in time a mathematical formula equation can be created to explain this outcome; by giving the psychological formula several mathematical number that form an equation; variable association numbers appearing naturally may be able to determine a negative or positive energy calculation.
This research peaked my curiosity in psychology science; perhaps why I stepped into do my experiments in positive energy programming and negative energy programming.
Whether you wield positive or negative energy you are auto pilot programming your connection to the universal triggering your relationship to the laws of Karma. We all evolve on this planet respecting each other living in harmony.
You decide how your life is created through creating your energy based universal karma connection cycles, based in personal vocabulary interconnected to your subconscious shaping your inherent dominant thought programming.
Through habit pattern interactions with your environment; acting out the dominant thoughts triggering and shaping personal emotions; created by your mental anchors bathed in mental fountain filled with negative and positive energy.
These energy based emotions anchored through pain or pleasure or mentors you respect; are running parts of your mental programming and performance capabilities.
What energy goes around comes around, so as you send your energy cycle displayed through your actions into the environment; your energy connection to the universe; using the laws of physics naturally sends negative or positive energy into your life. Through the laws of cause and effect science we are constantly shaping the energy we send into the universe; naturally triggering our circumstance and environment we shape around us.
Your next event you encounter is also shaped; shifted by your karma energy cycles shifted back into your energy source code through the circumstance you face flowing within the environment; naturally shifting your next energy balance operation interactions with new circumstance flowing within your environment.
Your emotions naturally grow more powerful or less powerful; dependent upon the associations you have been conditioned to and learned accept as your version of realty; in direct association to the pleasure pain principles. Experiences achieved that have hurt you or given you pleasure shape your reactions to the environment circumstance you face on daily basis.
The subconscious aspects of the brains function serve to create your archive of events; created in the past experiences; and through this reflection you choose if the task or challenge you face will give you pain or pleasure. Through this association balance you determine whether you will succeed or fail at the change.
What you think of most often you believe to be true; these thought process form an agenda in your mind that can determine your end game success or failure as you struggle or strive to accomplish the task or challenge you face. People most often do everything they can to achieve pleasure in their life; and do everything they can to avoid pain; however in some cases this natural brain conditioning process can be reversed and the pleasure pain principle reversed shapes the people to do everything can to achieve pain rather than pleasure.
Capturing these dominant thoughts you naturally create is very important in determining life accomplishment destiny. The process is relatively easy to do. Provided you know how to trap the thought process safely; patience to allow all the thoughts to be recorded by yourself on paper; as fast as they appear in your brain programming.
After you record this information on paper you can read the energy science that can form a mathematical equation; naturally shaping your energy base destiny determined in part by the negative or positive energy inside of energy base shaped by your language displayed by that person.
This balance of energy created by you determines how negative or positive your energy base in your life is; naturally determining your inherent balance or power you wield on a daily basis acting closer to Satan or faith driven actions; that over time accumulate into synergy formulas that compounds and graduates your natural actions taken darker in your behavior pattern or lighter in your behavior patterns.
Identifying the natural vocabulary shifts in conversation; created within your reactionary emotions; partially determined by your mental anchors shaped by mentors and past experiences that have given you pleasure or pain; all interact in the brain to create your base quantum energy programming cycles.
As people become accustomed to a familiar environment and routines are formed we become creatures of habit. These habits form a base point determining your state of positive or negative dominant thought programming naturally running internally within the brain. When people understand this cycle producing your energy you will gain an opportunity to shape the balance of energy that produces the opportunity to create your success or failure in your life.
Negative energy reduces the ability to be creative and flexible; while positive energy increases your abilities to be creative and flexible.
If you are unhappy with your personal behavior patterns or happy with your behavior patterns; this action created by you within your brain can self-fuel energy and create the negative or positive balance of energy you self-generate within your being of energy base; manifested by compounding energy naturally created by you.
Upon identifying your dominant vocabulary energy patterns you can recognize the thought patterns that are linked to shaping your self-esteem; linked to your moral convictions. You can self-adjust vocabulary energy accordingly; gaining more positive energy words shifting more personal pleasure and comfort into your life; by replacing the vocabulary producing negative energy conditioning the brain using Pablo’s dog theory of association to repetition.
Pablo’s dog theory; feed the dog ring the bell eventually the dog salivates when you ring the bell whether food is present or not.
Condition your positive energy bell by rewarding yourself for creating positive vocabulary that empowers positive behavior. Create a stick and a bag of carets and go to town on empowering your world legally and safely one day at a time in one positive direction.
Safely working systematically in quantum energy operations designed to empower people; using your dominant thoughts rather than having hidden dominant thoughts that may be disempowering your life naturally is the key to developing repetitive success patterns. Through keeping the dominant thought patterns in the direction of positive vocabulary energy you naturally empower you; and change those programming words in your mind or mind’s eye that disempowered you.
Doing this safely is tricky because you need to create the dominant thought patterns you desire first. That is where the exercises in the e book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions And Affirmations” come into play.
The mathematical psychology science programming formula you desire is already completed on computer e book cd, designed to optimize your brains functional potentials; and through repetitive exposure to the information; you naturally decide what dominate choices you desire to implement into your life, implementing safe healthy energy education safely.
Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations

Dominant thoughts come to you out of the blue, unannounced triggered through dominant thought repetition energy reactions, naturally created deep within your mind during actions taken facing challenges or manifesting accomplishments.
When the dominant thoughts naturally occur within your mind’s eye, write them down on paper; thought pattern by thought pattern as fast as they appear in your brain. Create your dominant thought pattern audit; see how you’re mentally wired through your own vocabulary created all by yourself.
Write the dominant thought patterns down and learn what kind of negative or positive energy is behind your ability to create, balanced thinking patterns that equals 0 energy creation programming. Identify your behavior patterns you anchored deep inside your brain; to create or fortify your ability to succeed or fail.
Take advantage of the schematic of your thought process patterns found in this e-book. If you would like a more personalized look at yourself use a mental magnifying glass and place what you think about when you trace the thought process described in the brain pattern schematic; see yourself in detail.
Brain washing can be done in a variety of ways; for example as long as emotional triggers harboring negative energy are imbedded deep inside of your brain; like 911 video and pictures sharing images of tragedy and death or war zones depicting people tortured and mutilated or crippled; guilty by association these images shape your emotional state of mind naturally producing negative energy in your brain waves.
This negative energy delivered through implanted psychology also shape your ability to be creative; naturally shaping your ability to help yourself during a crisis. The newly introduced fail mechanism thought patterns consistently connected to previously anchored statements in your memory shape your core energy reproduction system running deep inside of your brain.
This self-perpetuation of video delivered in media and newspaper or online articles then acts as a self-fueling negative energy mechanism and as the days of exposure to the brain washing take place they become memories that are driving deep into your dominant thought programming autopilot using the Pablo’s dog theory within the subconscious brain; and as you accept the mentor you believe in; telling you the information you see to be true; your brain creates a familiar bond and adapts to seeing the images.
Perhaps why you associate a twisted psychological pleasure mechanism in your brain and you like to see the 911 pictures towers falling; because this image is associated to revenge implanted thoughts created by your mentor; for example President Bush standing with a fireman on a pile of rubble telling the world we have been attacked and the entire world will see our response soon.
Yet again another negative energy psychology trigger when combined; slides you deeper into a black hole of going with the program verses creating your programming questioning why the attack took place or how the attack took place.
If you’re a politician with financial interests in the oil market; using the fighting terrorism to gain political empowerment; you can end up using the terrorism to psychologically rally the people with more media delivered video propaganda behind the war; mentally brain washing the crippled masses; those who were mostly affected with the video machine propaganda.
This brain wash program now has the power to decline manufacturing potentials of a nation as creativity is targeted in the brain of the masses; along with higher inflation in energy prices created through the war on terror fighting the terrorism used as a fear monger weapons system on the public.
This all about making money so as the public losing manufacturing investment is transferred to other nations like china; again selling goods back to people that can no longer afford higher priced products due to inflation. The corporations at the top of this food chain make a fortune in the new country selling out the USA.
You anchored your country to the devastation negative energy and need to justify your actions taken so you shake the people even more for your support using weak restrictions in the banking sector triggering a housing bubble designed to spike GDP numbers in the nation so the taxpayer does not see the scam picking their pockets.
So the war on terror pictures are your proof to stay negative and keep you all trapped in negative energy if you happen to live in the USA. The taxpayer became like a hamster running in a political support cage with less water to run on every day.
The nightmares created fighting terrorism were intentional and in order to succeed required a brain wash program that could be used on the masses; using domination negative energy in the brain as the hidden weapon.
Decide if the information evolving through your mind is actually empowering you or actually through negative energy limiting your capability. You may be someone else’s visualization strategy target; and evil people may be more prepared people than you; and may be systematically destroying you internally.
Slowly one operation at a time, self-driven by your desire shaping your energy cycle in negative or positive energy reproduction cycles; you keep building your brain thought process energy running in auto pilot mode deep inside the brain; you create the operations in dominant negative or positive energy thought programming cycles guilty by association to education and experience in the environment.
Building Your Brain
A brain that is operational with too high in negative energy programming becomes a platform to create a self-centered person that must acquire huge sums of personal wealth and positions of power to feel normal and may do criminal actions easily to achieve their objectives. A brain that is too high in positive power becomes a self-giving person that seldom breaks the law however also has limited desire to obtain personal wealth.
This behavior pattern if in negative or positive energy also sets the scales on your ability to perform or create new ideas because a negative attitude possesses no creation capabilities that are empowering to that person without hurting others around him or her.
All your ideas and energy self-evolving can cripple you or empower you; and these ideas for the various foundations that become whom you are and how you lead or follow others associated in your world. You lead and follow as you evolve into society and into evolution simultaneously as a failure or successful person.
Empowering your IQ creation skill sets or decisions skills sets is possible through specialized education and training; and your ability to succeed or fail may be determined by how much you like yourself. This feeling needs to be large enough to feel you deserve better treatment from yourself mentally and apply education to empower your life.
Learn more about your operations manual for your brain is a simple way to empower your life. Who are you and what makes you do what it is you do; and why do you do what you do the way you do?
The self-reflections found deep within the learning curve; can shift your life and may last you a life time in new found pleasures and finances or stronger family ties building stronger relationships with friends loved ones and the faith. All created behavior created by you is self-driven for good reason, naturally by you; if in a pool of negative energy or positive energy.
When you take more control of your mind using positive energy you open the door to creativity using fresh psychology science; you’re natural thinking; are the brains patterns that self-empower you emerging naturally.
You can fine tune this level of personal performance internally through education and actually control the possibility to achieve 0 psychological science energy equations possibilities.
Every time you read the e book “Discover How To Control Ideas, Decisions and Affirmations” your abilities naturally grow and your empowerment work becomes easier and easier to accomplish safely. One day at a time over a 21 day cycle programming operation focusing on the positive energy created by reading the e-book until positive energy self-creation forms a natural habit pattern.
Your brain is trained by you; to interface naturally on specific empowerment information specifically designed to seamlessly empower your energy balance within your brains thought processes and through your mental operations capabilities working in real time.
The creative easy to read graphics design e-book specializes in the replacement of certain limiting negative insecurities or fears, rolling through your baseline mental operations platforms; and through your experience guilty by association self-repetition you replace negative psychological anchors and self-destructive planning operations.
The combination of all of the psychology science programming in the e-book running in your mind’s eye automatically creates the correct psychological empowerment code for the brain to gain this 0 energy resource knowledge. Educational programming automatically developing a safer and more accurate decision process or idea creation capability in the person.
You win more often by gaining the ability to train your brain after you complete the training exercises.
Positive energy based energy relationships with the universe are programmed auto pilot safely controlled by you.
Quantum Physic and Quantum Mechanics Formulations
Obtaining balanced in your mind creates more happiness in your life.
Developing the right balance of synergy capable of 0 energy balance in your daily thought process will naturally create cycles of personal genius. This new found intelligence displayed through empowered attitude; naturally may enhance your decision or idea creation skills; and through acquiring this empowerment tool you self-educate your brain; you create the genius within your thought process as you face daily challenges in your with your developed kill sets empowering your life.
Through the application of specific, formulated science it is possible to raise personal IQ or performance capabilities. Provided you can control the synergy cycles within your own personal mental fortress fortifying your connection with the universe and environment you evolve your life I daily.
Quantum energy physics is the transference of energy within the universe that is created every time you think or make a decision or take action, in a specific area of life you choose. Yet this formula in science is nothingness within nothingness because positive or negative energy is not a tangible by itself.
We all make up the quantum soup within the universe. Independent of each other and yet united as one; yet seamlessly together in a quantum universe energy balance; and this quantum soup energy balance is displayed with every miracle or disaster naturally created on earth.
This natural energy created by plants and animals and human beings creates a planet base synergy calculation sent through the universe. In my science I refer to this formula as the natural quantum energy soup mix on the planet.
The objective of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” is to create international covert warfare programs that seamlessly interconnect with existing warfare through a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” that can help shape the humanity diamond; similar to splitting the atoms in science successfully, however in this case; the mathematical psychology science formula is based in psychology science mixing with warfare strategy shifting brain chemistry in large battlefield arenas; slowly and carefully.
This universe energy interacting with earth is dependent and interconnected to your psychology science energy that automatically creates your vocabulary energy that shapes circumstance and events. The ability to shift this science is based on power; and in order to shift this power base the people connected to the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” must be the most powerful and influential people on the planet.
Shaping this ability in people to create the positive energy behavior patterns or negative energy behavior patterns shifts the masses energy of humanity; self-fueling the quantum energy control in the universe similar to a giant reactor located in the universe.
Through shaping cause and affect science on the earth through shaping geo political foreign policies; for every action taken there is an equal and opposite reaction created; so in theory can this energy shift in psychology science connection to humanity be controlled flowing from the earth to the universe; and by shifting the human resources energy generated on the earth?
In theory could the possibility of this science arise and naturally occur when you shift the death toll created by war in the environment; and would this science shape the death toll affiliated to natural disasters occurring on the planet?
Through psychology science shifting battlefield strategy through shifting the fundamentals of democracy; self-driven positive energy clusters growing larger daily can be created; just as negative energy psychology science energy clusters can be created.
Through shifting positive energy overloads or negative energy overloads on the planet is how I am hoping the shift the quantum universe energy base; with the goal of creating a 0 energy base balance slightly more positive reacting with earth daily.
By implementing psychology science and warfare strategy and mathematics through the internet communications; shifting the energy base of the planet is possible; programming the human resources through the encouragement of positive psychology science strategies or negative psychology science strategy sent through a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” works.
I hope to increase and guide the performance in government global war or terrorism policy through the use of positive energy and negative energy seamlessly shifted into their actions; interacting with each other; through the implementation of the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program”.

Every time the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” shifts war zone operations; a geo political operation naturally takes place; graduating that power energy base in the region within the larger region to organizations and people that operate at a 0 energy balance geo political policy and procedure.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” requires energy in the environment to operate and this energy can be spiked through counter strike warfare strategy implemented seamlessly into the battlefield environment.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is a covert weapons system that is invisible to the naked eye. The quantum soup that is generated through this science become the new battlefield and is energy shifting is based upon everyone’s flavor shared within the universe.
This geo political power shifting is similar to a game of musical chairs based on the player’s ability to lead their region of the planet closest to the 0 energy base balance psychology science formulation.
Through the implementation of this science “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” the battlefield changes on the earth; because the new battlefield is with the universe energy base interactions with the planet; so in the bigger picture; those whom believe they are powerful on the planet; well perhaps; they are not really as powerful as they believe; and in a relatively short span of time their geo political power is shifted on the planet to coincide with the 0 energy base balance formulations.
Examples of energy shifting empowerment are the Warren Buffet preventing starvation by dropping in 48 billion into the Bill Gates foundation. This was a huge quantum energy sale that will felt in the universe for years especially with Bill Gates and his wife work full time in philanthropy work saving the children from negative energy overloads shaping starvation environment.
The heaven verses hell connection on the planet; the universe created earth to be a paradise in the universe; so people working against this science like Dick Cheney face unsurmountable powers filled with short term financial gains that drastically reduce that nations they represent power base on the planet.
Yes; in the case of Dick Cheney warfare can be created; and through a blackening of the sole to assimilate Satan; through empowered greed shifting naturally through enhanced corporate greed behavior patterns; warfare in another dimension in the universe can target a nation; provided the operations created by the leader of the masses destroy the planets environment; and if this program is created large enough combined with warfare shifting death of human life on the planet; the cause and affect reaction from the universe is just as massive when combined with the blow back energy created through the implementation of the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program”.
Programming your auto pilot inherent actions positive will cluster with other people’s positive energy creating reactions positive within your geo political operations system and into the economy operations safely.
Streaming data continuously for a year to create the guilty by association energy transfers “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” deep within your subconscious brain of that person I am empowering in that moment in time.
We are all constantly creating positive energy ideas evolving through your sub-conscious mind and deeper into the undercurrent of your quantum energy cycles shaping your mind’s eye operations, while forming your personality and actions negative or positive taken into the economy.
Chapter Three
Quantum Energy Equals Choosing A
Energy Formulation Negative or Positive
Planet Genesis Operations Empowerment In Positive Energy
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” designed by Perry seamlessly works with influential people who lead large organizations of people; and these people are the people that control the mass population; and it is the mass population that can create the energy required to shift the energy base of the planet naturally building a paradise or hell existence on earth.
“Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” agenda primary focus is to attain maximized performance of operations after completing the interface properly balancing zero energy into that person’s quantum energy decision powers through the implementation of the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program”.
This “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is one of the major keys to the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” agenda that require giving away strategy free into the environment filled with intelligent ideas; in return for positive energy or negative energy operations produced within the environment.
Working in intelligence foreign to them I do their job briefly empowering their outcome through positive energy free ideas, guilty by association to positive planning and energy creating stable long range abilities in activities for that person. Going through the wall in cyber space creating the Quantum energy clusters I wish to change into quantum energy, 0 energy balances in ideas or decision creations.
Seamlessly empowering a safer more profitable evolution cycle as that person creates natural decisions or ideas they implement in the environment.
After the idea or decision is created deep within the universe or deep within a person’s mind my job is complete protecting that sole from negative energy. However negative energy is part of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” agenda formula to insure a specific bigger picture result is achieved; and this negative energy is self-generated automatically when the positive energy empowerment is regulated or temporarily removed.
People and animals or plants are constantly creating energy emissions into the universe. Through circumstance and environment shifts the natural energy baseline creates negative or positive programming by that environment.
A synergy is naturally generated in the universe energy band surrounding the earth that intertwines in energy seamlessly connected to the earth; that is naturally producing unbalanced energy cycles creating the planets death rate affiliated to natural disasters if the energy balance created in the environment is too negative creating death rates through war or terrorism; or in my theories paradise if the energy is too positive naturally preventing death rates affiliated to environment disasters.
As the psychology science used by leaders in the world shapes foreign policy shifting the energy balance on the earth; through decisions create with foreign policies affiliated to corporation’s desires to obtain wealth; energy through action taken by the mentor either collides in the universe in a negative or positive energy balance. This energy balance flowing through the environment affects the earth’s ability to evolve safely empowered and peacefully supporting a larger population.
The real trick in generation of paradise is stabilizing the energy in human beings that supply the universe with this ever changing invisible energy balance.
The power of the universe can release energy on the earth creating devastation or paradise just as it is written in the books of faith religions; however the death rates affiliated to the natural disaster also has a counter balance formula created by the human on the earth killing or preserving human life.
The negative energy or positive energy shifted with psychology science creates a balance of energy in the people leading the world; and when this balance is controlled by greed; a natural negative energy; shifting government policy created by the human being; the planet suffers along with the inhabitants.
Negative energy can be expanded into society shifting the criminal environment larger than the law and order operations; and this destructive operation can be used as weapon to destroy a region; naturally generating vast sums of wealth for people that use this science for personal gains. Example Saudi Arabia can obtain vast sums of wealth through the destruction of Iraq.
This science can be developed even further shifting vast sums of money away from the middle class destined for the elite rich.
Again this science can be used as weapon system designed to covertly cripple a nation’s ability to maintain a super power status in the world. Provided the operations are seamlessly implanted within that nation; and then implemented by the people over loaded in negative energy placed in charge of that nation; selling out the nation’s wealth.
The few at the top take the wealth of the nation crippling the middle class and the ability of that nation to maintain the super status; especially if tourism is sacrificed while the manufacturing is also sold out to other countries; by the leaders of that nation leading the corporate leaders of that nation.
No question the few at the top take the wealth and in doing so commit the crimes against the people using the science seamlessly given to them free of charge.
This is what happens when cross the wrong people and treat them as an asset verses a paid resource.
The laws of Psycho Cybernetics and Nero Linguistic programming create the psychology shifted by science grandfathering in the energy balance shifting decision; we create thus the largest trigger sending energy into the universe simultaneously back onto the planet.
Iraq verses Katrina verses energy.
Combining the different sciences within various mental platforms within your mind; the psychology science delivered seamlessly through computer communications program works at no capital costs capable of bending your energy creation abilities positive or negative.
Working in peer to peer computers programs globally through a giant internet web; the seamless corporate self-destruction warfare operations spread like a virus through the elite rich controlling the wealth generation of a country. 17 trillion in debt verses 17 trillion dollars in country assets.
Igniting my positive energy quantum energy generator created in self-propulsion synergy sciences was reversed and used by the rich elite and leaders previously overloaded in negative psychology science energy.
Spread through peer to peer computer file sharing within the internet free. A positive energy performance creation computer e book program that shapes your mind more productive working naturally with your core path for learning education faster through the natural learning sciences you use deep within your mind. Natural and creates a specific targeted effect in a universe created quantum quirks creating positive energy. Stimulate universe paradise strikes on the planet rather than a devastation strike on the planet. Actually control this energy working computers.
Science loading the universal 0 energy balance deck. Creating contact at a higher intelligence level within the universe driven through computer programming positive quantum energy balances in large numbers of influential powerful human beings. Simultaneously and invisible to the human eye yet seamlessly shaping the quantum energy decisions of the most powerful people in the world wielding the energy creating disaster or paradise on earth.
Constantly decreasing or increasing the negative or positive energy power of the energy sent to the universe to attain a 0 balance energy paradise.
Through a free computer program in peer to peer internet the computer program legally driving the evolutionary ship creating the safer evolution path in human beings on earth. The computer program will continuously add positive energy to the universe energy base as we all move through time moving energy in time.
Slowly shifting and moving in more reality cooperative positive energy base into the universe.
Sounds strange for people to making friends with the universe and start specifically focus on working through positive energy programming. Remember for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction energy reaction.
Auto pilot building the naturally energy flowing through the universe that may control and shape the climate on earth naturally, shaped by the universe interaction with earth is my goal in operations of the Planet Genesis Project.
The planet genesis project is a compound positive energy generation of positive energy affecting the positive energy concentrated in quantum energy choices naturally creating bands of positive energy or negative energy through the universe.
Constantly creating the fix solutions for the global crisis operations experiments with fresh ideas and solutions to crisis actually simultaneously moves Planet Genesis Experiment Operations along carefully.
Naturally creating positive energy operations empowering positive energy directed performance formulas within idea concepts that are built in positive energy guilty by association operations.
(8000 emails)
Sending these invisible multiple platforms of science clusters in energy, into one sciences experiment after the other using the powers of all sciences combined in a one giant 3 year working positive energy experiment. Working 2 years in
creating the core positive energy creation computer programming books and then take these books into a web site free for society and share the m peer to peer in the internet. Then I went to work to create the 1 year in operations experiments changing our energy from negative to positive.
Working invisible in the environment monitored by government watching my work online while I am empowering the faith with super powers, built for the hands of faith to control enough positive energy to genesis the planet again interacting with the universe.
Bridge the gap to faith and science empowering the faith to win the fight with the devils negative energy. A spiritual energy war fighting the devil on the planet using seamlessly free computer coded energy conversions.
The idea is to create an army of people whom are preprogrammed to become positive energy genius.
Empowering faith with more powers on the planet creating the quantum quirk positive quantum energy balance psychology programming, combining integration in the situation. Winning long term requires compounding positive economic intervention influence ideas. This bait in economics strategies allows the door to open to influence those targeted for support based on the energy being wielded by that person at the time of my invention legally to help a friend empower energy to escape the ties to the negative energy devil chasing them in their world and mind.
Automated faith delivered through computer and not personal or through global government structures empowering and streamlining energy.
Sending positive energy into their citizen’s mind is a way to naturally play a seamless role in shifting environment energy while mentoring a leader or friend away from stupidity negative energy actions or policy.
Safely empowering earth into the energy base universe daily through quantum energy balance programming operations created legally using computer and slowly day by day feed the universe.
Quantum physics is about nothingness within nothingness and finding the positive energy to create 0 energy creation pioneered through education. How do you balance intelligence in planning or operations without this 0 energy programming?
Naturally creating cycles of positive energy that are naturally empowering citizens or soldiers will save human life. We all can play a role united as one behind faith by creating energy cycles on the planet in positive energy.
We all can play a role united as one behind faith by creating positive energy cycles on the planet in government policy positive energy 0 energy operations.
This sounds a little strange so let’s examine the statement. Quantum energy is invisible to the eye because is the act of decision creating energy flowing into the universe.
The 0 energy balance is in psycho cybernetics and Neuro linguistic programming creating seamless free education created by computer graphics designed computer built programming books.
Through peer to peer computer programming this cycle grows daily slowly. These psychology books are designed to create the safest quickest possible way to attain 0 energy based thinking in your own comfort of your privacy and home. The ideal set of stepping stones designed with an undercurrent of positive energy psychology. Working in computer graphics design programming I thread psychology carefully into the vocabulary and energy creating the pictures and feeling of positive energy. Why the books have dual programming capabilities.
Text at the top programs one operation while the text and picture pioneer another operation into your mind simultaneously creating the boost in 0 energy creation naturally. There are at least 5 codes running simultaneously in the psycho cybernetic, Neuro linguistic computer books bring to the table. This graphics design created the positive energy environment to attain a psycho cybernetic, Neuro linguistic 0 energy connection in positive energy.
Streamlining performance into a computer program that is loaded to take the new psychology energy creation program on the person safely and naturally board mentally.
Actually preprogram retention capability potentials mixing the quantum energies and sin energies in that person in a programmed positive energy decision in harmony with faith and the universe.
Build environment in the personal home to maximize the connection on impact of the new energy programming. Specifically targeting values associated to vocabulary created and processed to take personal ownership.
Actually manufacture paradise on earth through empowering positive energy operations in government policy and citizen empowerment programs free.
Working further than most scientists with objectives of connecting faith and science or eliminate drought or global warming using the universe abilities and energies to empower the planet genesis safely and naturally.
A 3 year testing program designed to make an impact in trying to influence the rebalancing of the positive energy. Naturally over time create an over balance in positive energy sent into the universe verses an overabundance of negative energy.
Devote time to freely empowering all human beings roaming the planet safely and legally within the laws of my own democracy. I live inside of in Canada. He or she will empower themselves naturally.
When people pass on the positive energy computer program down generation to generation the activity is creating natural synergy positive energy programming in the universe. The people touched by my free wisdom in peer to peer computer programming may also share the programming with family generations. They in turn may naturally empower the energy cycles producing positive energy paradise into the planet.
Using quantum energy focused into creating a new paradise on earth. Eventually creating enough positive energy a universe chain reaction occurs naturally and a duplicate universe with a second earth that we can travel to while residing on the planet. Traveling in quantum energy self-fueled through the new positive karma that is generated through altering to 0 balance idea and creation skills in positive programmed energy. Teach a person to fish not just give them a fish.
Or are these theories even possible?
These are claims that I wanted answers too pioneering the universe and another reason why I created the Planet Genesis Project Operations Experiments.
Code name ……………………..President Fantasy Spy
(A fictional book legally working naturally as a legal cover to empower peaceful resolutions reshaping war or terrorism through empower guilty by association economic development programs connecting careers to charity promotion in
Hollywood or through musicians) (Free ideas program weaving charity into the natural energy operations cycles of earning capital.) Or influence news print or
news networks in similar positive energy education programs incorporating free news as the delivery mechanism, to legally and safely grandfather the auto pilot, positive energy programming psychology platforms back into the industry safely more positive than negative. When I started the newspapers were losing reporters on the battlefields and my program ended those casualties by reshaping the energy being wielded by newspapers. Industry by industry I surf the under current converting energy industry by industry.
The USA empowerment program designed to recoup turmoil in relationship between Canada and empower the USA operations in general.
Empowering the Middle East will take many positive energy ideas and in doing so will auto pilot shrink the negative energy that is crippling the USA psychologically auto pilot.
Shrinking the violence using quantum energy formulations preprogrammed into daily operations to create 0 energy thinking injections covered in economic gifts in sweat labor planning ideas.
I used my raw intelligence at the table fighting successfully for faith one operation after the other wielding love, understanding and positive energy attitude guilty by association.
Creation working for the hands of faith with no capital operating through the universal positive energy channels empowering the positive energy base of faith. Fueling my natural energy and personal abilities with every positive program I create and send.
Secondary Objective
To collect softwood payments I created psychology operations fixing dilemmas facing the USA and through improving public relations a better attitude and 0 energy balance decisions. I went through the Prime Minister’s office in Canada (Paul Martin)
For a fee of 1-10% of what is recouped from the USA after the program eclipses successfully.
Writing 111 chapters completed @ 5000 pages. My job completed successfully and softwood debt has been collected by Canada. 1.4 gig of operations experiments converting negative energy to positive energy operations to achieve the results. Not to mention the billions the USA saved wielding my strategies and another reason the debt was cleared.
Because the program is new and the science combinations are new the research will take years to monitor and verify as the program takes a shape all of its own naturally flowing through the universe.
Specifically targeting the people and infecting them with positive energy strategy that save life and made money. The West had a chance to recover a positive energy strategy creation base through my Planet Genesis Operations objectives collectively through hundreds of actual life and death experiments. Working with technology sciences and a computer loaded in software I went cracking quantum energy diamonds in some of the most dangerous minds on the planet.
Operations my own country did not have the skill sets to accomplish properly without my intervention.
In my opinion these operations created a shift in the quantum energy universe and decreased the number of Hurricanes in 2006-2007. Canada for the first time in years has recorded better wheat crops.
The Planet Genesis Operations Program started shortly before Katrina and operation by operation has grown globally to produce no storms that damage the USA this year.
The positive energy conversions within the industries have created the positive energy balance in the universe.
Especially incorporating the program in countries connected to the quantum energy reprogramming cycles.
Quantum energy has different powers and as the experiments unfold, you see firsthand the conversion of negative energy to positive energy in the covert operations. Objectives in Planet Genesis Operations revolve to create operations saving people from dying on the battlefields in the Middle East. Doing this legally and safely catching the soles and keeping it alive before they die working in negative energy, in education rather than cybernetic violence; legally working empowering and adjusting the government energy policy creation strategy as close to 0 energy as possible in the operations to focus on positive energy.
The experiments are designed to see if quantum energy can be shaped to empower G8 leaders seamlessly and at the same time create paradise on earth rather than death or self-destruction cycles.
For some children or people close to the science experiments living in war zone locations where the experiments were performed, the experiments were the difference between life and death or destruction of the buildings they reside in or do business in daily.
At times an actual digital message through my network implanted enough positive energy to breathe human life back into the soles slated to die on the front lines. My work served as a shadow and reminder to leaders of our democracy and to safely adhere closer to working within the true democracy law and order in political policy creation.
Dog fighting in cyber space to achieve peace and empower people safely and legally. Simultaneously protecting soldiers on the front lines from prematurely dying.
Participation mentally happens on visual contact by first acquiring the books and through this mental energy replacement transfer the positive energy e books into your mind that have managed to find locations in cyber space. That the digital robots could land in safely and influence policy changes in terrorism operations in negative energy naturally creating the implementation of positive energy into operations. The project genesis experiments are the most exciting science experiments in quantum energy realm I have ever witnessed or personally created to experience. Millions of digital robots released on earth automating the planet seamlessly within the realm of cyberspace shaping human evolution.
Working in sweat labor in the shape of free ideas to create the mental connection of power united as one. I created a cyberspace network and designed a Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro linguistic quantum energy robotic digital striking tool seamlessly to create positive energy in the face of certain death. Reverted society and government policy back to saving human life while promoting the existence in human life on the planet through empowering the compound science inside of the creation of positive energy. Creating situations in positive energy injected peace rather than negative energy domination death.
Working automated in computers systematically growing and shaping many aspects and facets of quantum energy decision. Information created for a specific purpose. Self-deep implanted by the person themselves looking to become more intelligent or productive. As the information takes hold of your mind’s chemical shop the information automatically creates pleasure chemicals that are naturally
Serotonin releases stimulated deep inside of your mind. Deep inside of the sub-conscious mind’s the chemicals are released as the beauty unfolds in the mind’s eye the visual imagery can naturally opening the sub-conscious door naturally.
Providing a naturally educational experience created brain chemical Serotonin release during visual exposure.
Faith is the positive energy we store and wield combine with the emotions to create synergy of the positive energy that we naturally create wielding our quantum energy decision powers guilty by association.
The positive energy conversion war e operations were designed to create peace and empower the world to create the edge for faith within the universe to compound the positive energy into a paradise on earth. Working in the universe to create paradise on earth is a two way street in power. Compounded positive energy sent directly through the universe to the reaction for action. Targeting and farming positive energy abilities into random brains incorporating a manual empowering genius in all who were exposed to self-generation positive energy programming. The cybernetic mental plastic surgery quantum quirk tools designed for any person to play an active role in the creation of paradise on earth in the Planet Genesis Experiment Operations.
My work is a combination of all the science home school programming creating my own version of a master’s degree. I have studied in psychology, science and computer programming and graphics design and economic global development. Quantum physics operations within my own science combinations. In theories and experiments my operation runs seamlessly larger every day.
Working in human computer interface quantum energy star wars operations designed to create human and digital robotic psychology interface platforms in cyberspace. Human sole stations designed to empower positive energy faith into that person’s mind on contact free.
Human computer interface creating a natural intelligence storm of quantum energy star wars operations that seamlessly implant my name into building intelligence into the genius within the planet. My stamp in the creation of a positive energy based universe quantum energy generator in human potentials energy. A web of systems connected to different dimensions in the universe using science energy coding to determine the path of quantum energy creation in that persons mind interacting in karma universe energy safely. The best natural environment to wield their natural synergy curiosity inside a positive attitude is through empowered learning.
Combined with the no cost programming self-control through education, controlling decisions energy potential quantum energy balance capabilities is very possible. Writing the correct computers codes to achieve peace upon earth in harmony with the universe. Naturally shifting the quantum energy of whom ever the network contacts.
Compounding positive energy into positive energy adding to the programming synergy created in new behavior naturally increasing paradise opportunities for earth. Self-automated experiment created peer to peer offering free bait human computer programming. The program paid to download on their cable high speed or telephone modem creating the natural driven energy to download free on peer to peer and do the education. The person invested labor and in the energy game and that labor translates into energy in the mind to do the education.
They obtained the psychology programming fair and square using sweat labor to obtain it themselves free and will do it step by step naturally investing in new education to empower there life and family safely. Lack of humor is failure to see the positive and the brains of people in cyberspace can use the mental support found in peer to peer programs wielding fuzzy logic creating self-evolution quantum energy balance in humanity seamlessly.
I empower humanity safely using computer coded positive energy mental energy programming on contact visually.
Seamlessly imbed strategies to create positive energy programming within that person doing the educational work. Through the implementation of Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro linguistic computer coded digital mentors in the shapes of PDF books. Working in media formats like PDF e books wielding mental programming in the books.
In all the experiments I conducted the fighting to save lives is always the top priority while spiking the quantum energy universe equations positive energy balance of decision using psychology. One by one in a graduation program I will grow results safely and carefully in our evolutionary cycles of humanity through computers and universal pioneering in cooperation with governments seamlessly.
Nothingness within nothingness operational empowering positive energy cycles in people that naturally empower faith and earth into safe harmony with the universe.
These quantum energy programmed robots are my cybernetic soldiers designed to level the energy playing field with faith at the helm and not the devil.
My air force plane is a computer and computer networks equals travel.
Invisible operations similar to a stealth jet in flight. A cybernetic digital robot air force I created in genius sciences coded programming.
See why I can go to war backing up soldiers or woman and children in the Middle East or why faith or I win writing the work and so do you.
Or your operations can build a body bag city with the negative energy devil.
Handmade quantum energy influence created through cybernetic programming robots flying through cyberspace computer networks. Safely creating fresh ideas and logic transferred into the quantum energy balance in the mind. Naturally successful and traveling digitally through computer into the mind’s eyes at light speed.
Working auto pilot at no capital costs, the work created naturally attaching to the brain of the recipient safely reprogramming policy or decision or idea on visual contact.
Creation implanting skills to convert negative energy to positive guilty by association visually and naturally chemically in the mind upon the robot landing and making contact, one email destination at a time. Empowering that person rather than fight in negative energy trying to kill each other. Moving psychology cybernetic digital mentors safely into the environment, digitally designed to diffuse war or terrorism or starvation. Planet Genesis Operations is capable of producing a safer mental state of mind. Normal 0 energy quantum energy decision implanted while reading the data.
Creating a peaceful existence with you and your enemy in a naturally environment unless provoked in negative energy again. Seamless positive energy, peaceful or love generation stimulating positive energy mental interactions.
Clustering the 17 Dimensions
I hand built into my quantum energy decision star wars systems interacting
positive energy conversion programs applied seamlessly free of charge at no capital costs. Constantly creating quantum energy operations structures of 0 energy balance bathed in positive energy.
These influential information robots can create my own fleet of invisible energy mystery ships. On my command that come from nowhere in nothingness and engage the target in question.
All systems operational through seamless interconnected dimensions I created using my sweat labor and genius in code programming legally.
Creating an invisible quantum energy 0 energy decision star wars defense system.
Wielding cyber knives of love reshaping your mind on contact and only if confronted through crime or domination or negative energy.

Capable of channeling vast amounts of positive energy through security influence globally simultaneously. Seamless invisible war operations to back up soldiers or civilians that shape victory naturally created on the battlefields, without direct communication with any person on the battlefield. My mutual victory operations require no body bags or capital.
Without direct communication with any one directly I created my program in molecular energy transfers safely.
The power band can work as one or all simultaneously connected creating new
17 dimensions of controllable positive quantum energy creating influence simultaneously creating instant power in wielding war or self-defense.
Science compounding inside of multiple science clusters positive energy based and designed to create paradise on earth. Convert to positive energy those destroying the possibilities of paradise on earth wielding negative energy in war or terrorism or starvation. All human made positive quantum energy karma. The earth and universe connection with faith creating positive energy is the objective to improve. Create energy calculations designed to slow the devil being created naturally through negative energy creating self-destruction of human beings and possessions.
Quantum negative energy flowing is the devil and quantum energy flowing is faith. Why it is said, man works with the devils hands or the hands of faith every time he thinks or takes action.
One of the objectives in this operation is to create a seamless quantum energy reactor self-propulsion generator creating positive energy decision in the universe. A computer peer to peer program that free of charge and recruited by search engines globally. Creating positive energy that self-generates positive energy to stabilize the earth universe connections empowered safely through the Planet Genesis Operations.
A self-driven positive energy computer self-propulsion system directed through a free computer coded peer to peer connection or web site or cd. Through peer to peer computer sharing in internet the computer program simultaneously creates a secondary inherent propulsion system of positive energy shifting into the universe consistently. My quantum energy 0 energy stabilized dimensions all function in positive energy programming and grow daily safely. Improving performance in the dimensions or creation through positive energy based operations being created globally.
Setting off a natural quantum mechanics positive energy reaction when people act out the new positive energy skills rather than the negative energy skills, in their behavior patterns creating actions of energy simultaneously, as the earth and the universe empower each other safely using science naturally, building a paradise on the planet.
Creating new behavior energy reactions to environment in that persons mind on visual contact. Self-created cognitive repair applied in midair through implanted specialized education on computer or paperback book or video DVD.
Acquired and educated instantly on contact into the planet genesis operations experiments.
Through the eyes programmed energy driven evolution safely through the computer interface coding program touching government policy creation energy base formulation protocols in setting new policy.
Quantum mechanics behavior actions are shaped naturally using that person’s time and energy at no capital costs. Simultaneously naturally create the secondary invisible quantum energy propulsion system that expands the universe control potentials or potentials of the person’s decisions idea creation platforms being programmed seamlessly.
This chain reaction started by an autopilot cyber space PDF robot when the positive energy sent by the cyberspace digital invisible robot influences people making battlefield or government policy decisions. Spreading positive energy influence across the world guilty by association seamlessly and safely into the minds of people in need of new ideas to create peace and win fighting war or terrorism negative energy.
Automatically digital mentors are sent out to fight for positive energy in the mind of the candidate receiving the robotic PDF book. In through the outdoor; and designed to custom around canceling out the negative energy on contact in the mind’s eye, emanating negative energy from earth into the universe. Operational in that said person mind contacted on contact instantly mentoring the information process.
The universe quantum soup energy, producing the Karma energy effect, will either create paradise or devastation on planet earth.
Solely dependent upon the energy influence karma cycles created by man or woman sent into the universe in the form of energy created through the implementation of the philosophies they hold so dear. Thus for action a reaction of equal portion and energy base hits the earth simultaneously.
This cycle energy created by humans operational on the planet, produced individually by human natural sources, creating negative or positive energy on the planet, may control the key to our planet genesis operations to impact the earth using universe energy safely.
This is why the cybernetic coding is so important inside of the computer programming on the cd in the back of the book.
The experiments in President Fantasy Spy are actual experiments created in quantum energy experiments designed to seamlessly increasing standards of living through providing a cyber space platform to create the 0 energy concept quantum energy influence experiments. Shaping genius in decisions or idea creation balance experiments on contact customized in real time. Creating a natural guilty by association to the genius providing solutions to current global events as covered in the President Fantasy Spy Books.
At the time the experiment was created, the energy based on global events naturally in midair needed an upgrade to prevent the energy colliding on the planet globally. Target of energy reconstruction programming at take it in midflight. Like a robotic cyber space hawk attacking and killing the negative energy on contact in the brain of that person receiving the data robot.
Pleasurable positive energy logic placed in the mind’s eye on contact.
A computer program with just the right mixture of energy influence programming to create the 0 energy decision or idea creation in that person on contact. Not too negative and not too positive in the mental programming or the decision your creating is inadequate and usually incorrect creating more damage than good.
Why I just rewrite the mind to a higher performance level in my enemy IQ and create a friendship in peace through guilty by association positive energy or personal empowerment gift. Building bait for peace in safe mutual victory platforms designed to create capital and then accumulation in mutual prosperity adventures safely. These are some the successfully accomplishments of the experiments changing out negative energy found in the books of the President Fantasy Spy experiment operations.
Creating a more powerful capable brain that is too smart to fight violent, involves creating weaponry to create the changes in thought process desired on visual contact.
Weaponry that runs seamlessly globally providing the tools for people to self-brainwashing that person into a 0 energy balance quantum energy and unable to fight using negative energy violent or primitive behavior patterns.
Created through quantum mechanics systems shaping choice and physics energy formulations wielding psycho cybernetic, Neuro linguistic programming on repetitive contact exposures to the art.
This new design of human interface attack is my version of Microsoft tools mentally soft cased into digital weapons for fighting globally if required.
Is possible to shut down war or terrorism or generate mass wealth for the starving children dying around the world.
According to the experiments yes this has been done successfully. Controlling this operation safely in another person’s mind may involve masterminding in computer human interface operations that incorporate psycho cybernetics, neuro linguistics, that naturally shape quantum energy platforms floating seamlessly in the war zones leaders mind’s. Cyber-war designed to fly an invisible positive energy quantum energy force field of cover over the soldiers.
Nothingness within nothingness and yet the most powerful weapons on the planet today.
I create the Quantum energy star wars operations and throw them like quantum wizard energy balls, shaping on contact fighting everything from war to terrorism or starvation as displayed in the President Fantasy Spy Books Experiments.
Creating the right mixtures in psychology implementing behavior and chemical balance is critical in shaping any person’s mental makeup. These powerful tools control these levels of human energy creation seamlessly on contact through education after repetitive visual exposure to the material on your computer program 1 to 5 or 6 times will empower that person toward positive energy and peace naturally.
However this is a computer coded program built for the Planet Genesis
Operations and is only designed to peacefully empower the world legally.
Operations in energy behavior modification created to fit this void taking actions using 17 dimensional quantum energy cyberspace based platform. A platform that I custom designed as a set of influence interactive armed mystery ships. Capable of empowering an organization guilty by association on contact in time of battle for positive energy supremacy.
The energy conversion war operations involved experimenting in energy transfers before soldiers or civilians die on the battlefields, as a result of the negative energy overloads in government policy war creation or terrorism war planning.
Transfers in energy that were needed to create food to feed starving children or dying children in war or to end terrorism or war as it is known today. In the womb of the positive energy faith universe creation combined with science, the start of the thousand years of peace is born. The ideas to empower in a four part strategy crafted in wisdom and a higher level of understanding of our own evolutionary cycles will stand tall for thousands of years. Created by science interacting with positive energy faith to develop the understanding of how the devil creates the negative energy power destroying the planet and people.
Then these findings needed experiments and results needed to become perfected. Designed to incorporate computer human interface operations safely without casualties and test the theories of human sanity on the battlefields.
A universal soldier to hand create the plane and missions tools and cyberspace weapons in sweat labor and raw creativity. Then fly the internet missions into a cyber space battlefield dropping cyberspace programming psycho cybernetic,
Neuro linguistic robots into strategic locations seamlessly within the killing fields in the Middle East. Every fight is for energy supremacy in a cyber-cage and win lose or draw I battle.
Creating quantum energy weaponry to create the paradise energy will involve going into a cyber space rabbit hole to make the seamless weaponry.
Mixing computers with quantum mechanics and Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro linguistic computer code programming computer software. Combining economic development program creation systems and graphics design art psychology empowerment.
Combining these science fields into one field named quantum energy star wars operations. These experiments in science war or terrorism energy conversions may hold the keys to our solutions in creating a planet paradise scenario or the self-destruction of the planet if the weapons fail to create the quantum energy reactionary mental explosions or empowerment to overpower the negative energy in government policy creation.
The tools created need to be so powerful they can legally shut down war or terrorism and simultaneously feed and protect children in global hot spots.
The program needs a trained candidates and why I involved government security to monitor the work seamlessly. I qualify for the computer interface operations and successfully accomplished ever mission I flew.
My back ground for training is 20 years of education combined with 6 years on operations that started after 911 fighting the Afghan war as a seamless strategist planner support knock.
I love to fight and I am excited the planet genesis operations have a war platform for testing weapons operations energy transfers.
The President Fantasy Spy books proving my claims legally will be the real test of all the science behind the quantum energy star wars operations. First I will build a quantum energy star wars system capable of energy change out in midair.
Building a computer warrior with universal interface powers combining human interface psycho cybernetics and Neuro linguistic programming capabilities spreading Neuro linguistics behavior patterning through the computer digitally wielding a PDF robot designed in a seamless network and into the battlefield decision maker’s minds. A 21 Century universal soldier interfaced in computers and science. In my own experiments I use myself as a candidate for the experiments in becoming the first 21st Century universal warrior. Empowering the country in advanced security digital robotics capable of creating more economics than he or she costs to operate without the digital robots fighting. Military, air force, navy crack to advanced security tools that create independence through human interface computer generated quantum energy star wars operations rather than domination negative energy exclusively.
Why I created the window insulation program using military or air force or navy to train at make money military operations fixing country energy conservation issues learning to go through the civilian wall training for penetrating economic markets overseas.

You can see the computer interface operations potentials and can experience the power of these empowerment tools first hand reading the President Fantasy Spy fantasy fictional covert operations books.
When going to war all aspects of the computer programming capabilities must be onboard and operations coding finished complete before operations are launched. Once we start I must win every dog fight I enter no matter how big or small the enemy I encounter.
I created a cyberspace online quantum energy octagon for fighting energy conversions to 0 energy capabilities. Hand to hand combat for IQ supremacy or 0 energy decision creation skills. I created this environment for war by inviting security agencies to bug my operations connecting me to them seamlessly. I made it easy to hook up and find me now. This test was achieved when I started my operations through Paul Martin. I wanted to sure I was online so I tested by speaking out loud in my room (that the house needs to be swept and they did covertly in every telephone jack in the house the next day.) Cable or telephone check was required for our house.
Break the laws of democracy constitution or make a mistake and they will take you to jail or my only real variable being taken by a global assassin from the terrorist organizations sent out of the Middle East.
Incentive not too error because if I fail and anger the wrong people they may shoot me like a dog on the street and drive away and fly back to the Middle East quietly. This cyber space octagon in cyber space is a fighting arena created to do IQ battles for control of the military policy or the most vicious terrorism political policy in creation and through a cyber-war the war/terrorism operations in the
Middle East evaporates if my operation works properly. I will need to fight war and terrorism and starvation in one dog fight simultaneously lasting 8000 emails and
111 chapters in the President Fantasy Spy book operations. Fighting for the safer humanity evolution energy based on science and the children’s rights for opportunity or prosperity or safety in general. I must win every energy battle in cyberspace if I expect to change the quantum energy in the universe, effecting earths evolutionary processes into paradise rather than self-destruction.
The experiments therefore are dangerously real and should never be tried by anyone reading this material. Unless you have the Presidential security clearance I do seamlessly and that is doubtful. However possible as time goes on and this specialized training is shared with other people working in national security operational positions or citizens around the world.
The 2 President Fantasy Books on your cd are actual live experiments that created actual success or failures globally. Both books about 600 pages of research.
The network to use the universal soldier was built to win the fight against war or terrorism or crime and starvation and provide the forces with advance weapons training in a catch and release program designed to improve national security.
I have included about 1200 pages in experiments on the cd in 2 e books.
However there are 5 books in total. Experiments operations e books that you can download free at Demonoid is a free download Bitorent peer to peer file sharing program that has the experiment records on hand to download free globally in real time.
The experiments fighting in war or terrorism are listed as books named President Fantasy Spy 1-5.
I work in quantum energy operations using a fantasy fictional books that appears real and uses the energy they carry in my energy transfer information change outs legally. Art is my work and still legal to display free according to the constitution. I have stopped you from bastardizing the constitution further or my work would be illegal.
Everything is energy test transfer and is legal shadowing terrorism and war in fictional fuzzy logic fantasy e mails compiling tested experiment one at a time. Even if you win fighting negative energy you get nothing other than increased karma energy and if the energy sent was positive then I will receive positive energy powers and a stronger safer country to live inside of globally. If you lose they take you away or take your life away to a jail. The global stakes are very high and powerfully dangerous.
Even though the experiments did not involve being on the front lines of war or terrorism in reality, the danger was as higher for me with the security I run on my body. I walk no vest everyplace I go alone. However the operations are all run on the quantum energy battle front lines of war and terrorism or starvation and that is real. Working in many areas of energy change out, will add fuel to the quantum energy generator. I built fuzzy logics combination quantum energy creating a natural energy reaction reactor in my 17 dimensions creating natural synergy positive energy to self-evolve the positive energy programming. The computer programming self-clones positive energy and is created to provide vast amounts of endless computer self-generated positive energy to empower faith larger than the devil in the universe or on earth. Creating Digital Mind Coach programming free on peer to peer Bitorent programming is the quantum energy generator core of evolution.

Working with Live 8 members and Oprah online rebalancing positive energy cycles growing in society being mentored through MTV or Hollywood became much more realistic.
Or in conjunction with Bill Gates in the internet friend of Warren Buffet empowering the cause to help humanity. At times this work has been powerful and rewarding for the impoverished people on the planet. Bill Gates Synergy positive energy turned into 48 billion dollars for a human resource humanitarian funding for starving children.
The psychology programming books influence the shift in the MTV policy setters in that industry. Creating a positive energy program delivered to musicians through the Oprah emails sent online. Through these beautiful people working in the background they influenced others like them to write music format procedures for musician successful growth in general. Working with ideas out of the
President Fantasy Spy Operations Experiments operations as ideas was suggested to be written by musicians that empowers rather than creates a world of fear.
Rewriting the policy and procedure created by the negative energy environment to create musicians and Hollywood actors that believe in charity and ethics empowering humanity with positive energy.
Shifting the people naturally with love in the music and movie industry closer to charity with every email sent to them through Oprah. Emails that legally empower there career through interactions with positive energy humanitarian charity energy fresh ideas.
You can read all about the interaction in the President Fantasy Spy books located on the computer cd in the back of this book.
Automating Faith and Science Safely United As One
Faith driven positive energy becomes a habit in the mind and becomes much simpler to accomplish challenges safely. Creating accountability to actions you take naturally when you program your sub-conscious mind and dominant thought programming cycles. Inherent deep within the mind’s eye is your personality.
When you’re working preprogrammed into positive energy thought pattern programming at the sub-conscious level you naturally succeed more often.
Every time we create an idea or make a decision and then take action this auto pilot programming, we rise to the challenge arming ourselves with our favorite dominant thoughts. Deep within our mind’s eye we first rises to the challenge in the surface of our mind’s eye. Invisible energy taking shape in performance creativity possibilities stimulated through focused mental patterns not available before the education. Winning or losing based on energy wielded is the reason why programs fail or succeed.
When the bottom line of our accomplishments or ability to create strategy successfully is analyzed, under an independent psychology psycho cybernetic, Neuro linguistic audit the facts in science created to match the track record operations they become 0 energy reality. A study found in the background of the President Fantasy Spy Experiment Operations explaining the cracks or capability describing capacity tested of true ability in the current energy placed within policy of a democracy government operations protocol.
Either faith driven or devil driven behavior appears incased inside of the energy you wield deep inside of your behavior. Naturally creating the death or destruction or food for the starving and paradise on earth when certain people create energy clusters by combined energy within your administrations capabilities based on science education. Energy in control or out of control feels the same for that person and creates this behavior, be it criminal or legal based on negative or positive energy wielded. A large part of choosing a path is based on your anchored dominant thought patterns creating your human resource energy base operations. The natural quantum energy operational in programming through computer our sub-conscious programming that makes us unstoppable genius or fool.
Deep within your mind’s eye, the faster the government can use negative energy behavior and negative energy policy programming, naturally in building government policy, the quicker you create more illegal behavior naturally and cripple that nation or empire.
The more negative the behavior patterns and conditioning placed into the natural operations procedure of your mind determines most of your life or business. The more ground you take naturally as you lose or gain based on the energy you wield out of you sub-conscious anchors and programming.
As you graduate naturally more negative internally the easier it is to do the crime.
Naturally creating the eclipse in the quantum energy cycles within your mind’s eye and completely cornered mentally over time and against your will becoming a hardened criminal. Created a natural criminal energy reaction when terrorism negative energy fortifying negative energy domination and created wars on the battlefields. Hunted by the law naturally negative energy created, cloaked human invisible devil walking through the world wielding death into society rather than opportunity.
Negative energy auto pilots the mental shrinking process of the positive attitude in the mind’s eye slowly taking away logic abilities and options to choose the positive in creativity.
Positive energy works opposite of negative energy. Positive energy gives you the hands of an angel. Helping yourself and family while working in the Slowly destroying the person bathing in negative energy, almost like a mental body wash acid eating your brain daily on contact. Slowly and carefully internally crippling performance ability or creative skills or an ability to win without aggression in that person effected. If the negative energy influence is done daily that person will rewrite the mind’s eye performance productivity of that person they influence most. Sending all involved around the key players guilty by association into a psychology canyon massacre negative energy base formula naturally. Eventually fighting themselves until the negative energy creates a strangle hold on their brain. Producing the lack of ability to find the positive in any situation or a reluctance to take responsibility for one’s own actions is a slippery slope down the slopes of mental disability.
Evolution of humanity legally and safely is not easy to create safely without all of the sciences on the earth and universe working in harmony. The more you use positive energy programming and planning, the more creative and capable you become naturally.
Providing the opportunity for any person to gain the right positive energy programming is a lifetime gift. A mental schooling in a manual designed to empower and protect the quantum energy flowing through your brain.
Emotion and strategy directed inside of logical based positive energy can empower any person’s lifestyle or country safely and legally.
We create these mental platforms of decision and strategy creation within our mind’s eye through our inherent skills and ability to visualize events or potential events through our mind’s eye. If this eye becomes damaged in negative energy overload guilty by association internally through government policy and in the environment simultaneously the decisions and ideas created move into negative energy criminal water actions rapidly.
The brain either functions in a negative energy base or a positive energy base.
One strategy empowers people and the other strategy shreds people mentally.
Negative based emotions found rolling through your mind and then actions are slowly formulating gay behavior deep inside your mind eyes, of your next generation of offspring. Visualization of positive based emotions rolling through your mind forming your visualization through your mind’s eye creates safer healthy offspring.
Negative energy emotions identified by words like greed or hatred or anger or jealousy are used by the opposite sex parent creating a deep seated hatred for that sex and not the bloodline tie they have to love as family tied to the negative energy domination abuse.
Paradise in reality to grow up however housed in a negative psychology quantum energy mental cage. Over long periods of time the dominant thoughts are programmed in homosexuality behavior to love the other sex more than they should. The longer the child lives susceptible to this unbalanced negative energy influence behavior the more natural the hatred to that sex mentally abusing them in negative energy tactics and strategies becomes. Natural negative energy environment in news, television or books stimulates the outlook of that child and in this quantum energy creation reaction the mind’s eye goes negative. Slowly shaping the child more insecure in behavior patterns as the negative energy behaviors guilty by association is developed and actually infects the healthy growth of that child. Finally the child becomes overloaded and the controls of quantum energy 0 balances go negative energy in the child naturally, slowly collapsing the child’s ability to normally defend its self through lack of self-confidence, against dysfunctional sexual behavior showing up in life later.
Program anchored in the hatred of their negative energy programmed dominant thoughts wielded guilty by association on the child by the parent and government building society created through domination neo conservative leaders.
What the church needs to know about science and psychology before they condone more Conservative or Republican leadership in the democracies they wield in the Western or global world. Why build the gay population larger wielding government policy globally with tax payer dollars? Personally I respect all people and treat all people equally with love in positive energy.
Positive energy can also manipulate people and create emotions empowering love for you naturally. Positive energy emotions cluster into even more powerful positive energy especially internally within that person. Positive energy when played on you naturally, by your own behavior creation strategy and operations planning, create a higher self-esteem within that person daily and secure behavior programming in all areas of personal emotions colliding in negative energy conflict designed to create 0 readings in mental quantum energy decisions or idea creation is most powerful.
Positive emotions are peace, faith, inspiration, creativity, naturally creating a healthy above average performance behavior.
In harmony within our mind’s eye using visualization in a positive energy undercurrent we think and believe we are take the correct actions naturally creating the synergy tied to the quantum energy decision in our mind’s eye.
As a result creating a compound positive energy effect in self-empowering their lives safely. Or a compound negative energy effect self-crippling effect diminishing attitude creation skills or performance abilities slowly of themselves and all other working in their grasp.
Working within legal democracy laws and guidelines, the Planet Genesis Project, seamlessly creates a legal positive energy digital platform in computer internet networks designed to create tools to do cognitive psychology modification empowerment themselves. This educational set of empowerment experiments and information is specifically designed to empower positive energy changes in the terrorism or war or starvation influences globally.
Sharing positive energy empowerment ideas with the politicians or musicians or newspapers or Hollywood or news networks create better society policy in psychology programming energy. The people wielding the negative energy domination the most into actions were those I influenced the most with the Planet Genesis Operations.
The Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro Linguistic computer coded program created in computer PDF e book is a graphics design art, PDF format and is designed to shape empowerment seamlessly on contact through delivering specialized education.
Operational auto pilot deep within the sub-conscious mind we wield our quantum energy decisions. This happens automatically when people decide to use the digital programming in this book series to empower their lives systematically.
Naturally working inside of a computer driven energy conversion program specifically built to converting the negative energy people experience online or in life.
Deep inside the sub-conscious mind we start to form the visualization through the mind’s eye programmed into positive energy operations internally deep in the subconscious mind. An actual computer programs that fast tracks performance or creativity skills in the human mind.
Understanding our connection within the universe makes this very important to any person living on earth. Wondering about the connections of heaven and hell or how man or woman actually manufactures either condition wielding terrorism policy or government policy in the work they do daily.
Everything happens in our life for a reason.
I believe we preprogram our own quantum energy balance with the universe.
Creating 0 quantum energy decision or creation skills in people is possible today.
Working in multiple sciences simultaneously a new science is created in the science clusters and through this science pioneering, IQ elevation programming, the fact that it is possible to raise IQ through stabilizing the quantum energy attitude stimulation of higher IQ person naturally is also possible.
Planet Genesis Operations are created naturally within that person’s world of building solutions to challenges they encounter living life. Like a digital guardian angel created to implant positive energy leadership skills into that person safely. A computer guidance system sharing philosophy to live your life tied safer to the universe energy shaping the karma you learn to love or hate depending upon the energy base you created that created the karma energy. Quantum energy empowerment philosophy and psychology delivered online to you in the shape of a PDF e book free during experiments.
The computer program is designed with an automated computer coded quantum energy guidance system that cancels out negative energy programming on contact. A computer fuzzy logic self-propulsion set of systems that will seek out and find people looking to grow more powerful wielding positive energy strategies on the planet. Seamlessly alter their negative energy levels safely through specialized education, applied by them-selves twice weekly, for a month, 3 times per year.
A generic human computer empowerment interface program designed to empower humanity safely. This computer programming opportunity is delivered at no capital costs producing a more positive energy based sole. Walk the stairway to heavens eternal lifetime’s returns; you receive operational with a higher IQ and stable foundation to build positive quantum energy ideas or decisions.
I write the coded computer program. Wielding empowerment education designed to shape the appropriate changes in energy patterns of people interested in changing for the better.
Psychology programming that can make you smarter and happier within you. You through your desire to win and do the right thing will naturally change on contact.
Instantly on visual contact the computer e books programming starts to apply mental Psycho Cybernetics with an undercurrent in neuro linguistic programming coding your habit pattern safely as you start viewing the pictures and reading the text written. Personal psychology empowerment computer programming information to protect people from negative energy influence within the environment, while moving in a direction naturally guiding safe psychology policy creating people as healthy angels rather than dysfunctional devils on the planet.
An advanced procedure in behavior modification designed for people with a desire to succeed more often working with the hands of faith. Wielding love or happiness on themselves and others they come in contact with daily. Project
Genesis Operations create a stronger tie to positive energy that is faith based.
Experience the freedom, peace and faith working scientifically break ties in the sub-conscious of soles touched with the negative energy influences of the devil.
Digitally helping to create a positive energy faith driven society, evolution free from desperation created through the lack of education explaining the dangers of negative energy.
Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro Linguistic computer programming the quantum energy human interface operations on the planet connected to the universe; combining many varieties in leading edge science combination platforms, shaped this program to empower humanity digitally systematically through the internet.
Operational crafted in art creations in easy to understand educational science operations. Specifically empowering the sub-conscious mind positive automatically deep within the mind on contact. Yet this energy is invisible to the naked eye, naturally creating the polish on your mind’s personal power potentials.
This is easier to understand after you do the education on the cd explaining how to exercise your brain into more positive operations, operators manual.
Your mind’s eye brain functionality can be empowered through acquiring the specialized education, designed through science to empower personal potentials and capabilities creating more power naturally and safely.
Experiment results self-evolving flowing through Bitorent networks globally on Naturally placed into society empowering all faith seamlessly with science empowering the faith they choose to follow. Positive energy is positive faith driven energy no matter who you choose to worship.
Flowing through the internet at light speed doing faiths work seamlessly in thousands of Bitorent program platforms. Internet mail delivery systems that exist within the internet and they are all free to the user.
I have many tests operational on many computer Bitorent sites I have never networked. My primary site I tested is named and to date has over 32000 downloads within the past 11 month of operations.
Bitorent or the web is a weapon used to spread anything into humanity.
Just like the kiddy porn web sites I do not like. Shared programming on other web systems throughout the global internet to encourage imbalanced in people to incorporate negative energy decision making cracks.
However I have no stats to see if people move away from kiddy porn after being reconditioned safely in the internet through this Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro
Linguistic computer graphics design empowering program.
Kiddy porn is a transmittable digital mental sickness that takes the shape of the behavior guilty by association when people view the pictures. After you have been exposed to the pictorial violations on children for a short period of time it becomes harder and harder not to act out the behavior you learned to enjoy.
Guilty by association the behavior is taken over and grand fathered into that persons thinking quantum energy.
The mind’s eye learns best with pictures and why the spread of kiddy porn through the internet happens so rapidly. You’re marketed and digitally farmed in a program designed to control you until you go sick. Once you’re sick with overloaded negative energy stimulus, you associate a dependency to the extra exciting bad situation and are a digitally addicted customer created by professions. People looking to make money through the exploitation of children or through war triggering the creation of terrorism is classified as mentally ill behavior in most mental hospitals.
Destroying the love or positive faith energy in the mind of people they affect or touch, programming society and friends or family like a devil.
Why I quietly spiritually build an independent army to fight the devils negative energy through computer programming. Fighting for humanity spreading my empowerment work empowers faith within the universe every time more positive energy is created.
Within my President Fantasy Spy synergy quantum energy, an actual energy was created when people whom believed the work was not fantasy within contact bed, seamless overseas, operational only when I can figure out ways to help the children create employment or a world less violent and safer within the Middle East. These people live invaded surrounded in Western terrorism negative energy and Middle East negative energy terrorism. Sounds bizarre until you do the math in science. Guilty by association fighting the negative energy terrorism created within its own energy reaction building synergy until the act of daily exposure creates the twin negative energy terrorism cell within energy. For within the laws of science for every action there is an opposite and exactly the same reaction.
Diffusing the West and the Middle East terrorism networks is my goal and then rewrite the onboard mental programming. Quietly legally in covert operations I move in and out of the region safely transferring out the negative energy guilty by association wielding a fleet of behavior modification PDF robots. Working daily empowering love and harmony through my art expressions or economic strategy ideas to feed the poor or help the children grow skills and create a future in their eyes safely. Graphic artist exposure globally is possible within the internet.
Sharing my artistic expression free online, legally and carefully converting terrorism negative energy behavior guilty by association into positive faith energy behavior after viewing the art.
The jihad self-fuels the terrorism and the negative energy domination strategy self-fuels the war. Theoretically in theory mathematically capable of overloading the environment negative and into cycles of perpetual devastation.
Flooding the world in free PDF psychology creating positive synergy will stimulate positive energy ideas that create peace guilty by association naturally empowering faith to grow safely.
Fighting the devil in negative energy terrorism is best performed when through healing the mind covertly, transferring out the negative energy for more than 21 days cancelling the negative energy and making it almost impossible to kill, unless provoked on either side. During the energy transfer seamlessly within the mind, the mind is raw and fresh from war and the mind in vulnerable to respond to negative energy automatically. If for an extended period of time the person can live happy setting new habit patterns and dominant thoughts that person can become healthy again, without the negative energy in their mind. Impossible to kill innocent people loaded in positive energy that stimulates creativity especially if you believe in faith.
That’s when one side or the other is mentally ill neither will not stop killing and actually go out and create mass slaughter using guns or bombs.
Creating grounds in negative energy domination operations only yields failure or temporary success and then you turn the negative energy on yourself, guilty by association when left alone. This outdated war strategy created the jihad that fuels terrorism and actually created the grounds for jihad against the world and specifically the USA.
Why my positive energy ideas or operations in delivering art globally never leads to death or create death after the PDF digital robots are released systematically. I never recommend negative energy designed to kill people because you build the jihad momentum simultaneously larger as you kill the negative energy creating jihad larger and larger. Huge body bag counts on both sides of the war.
I ask other people I have never met personally online to help me help feed hungry children or save soldiers from dying or to rebuild the crippled negative energy bed in the Western world. I actually know how to help the children globally. Other people have helped the digital programming succeed and started trackers and seeds in many Bitorent networks and industries.
Operational for 11 month and growing at about 200 people per day on the one Bitorent sites combined.
Over 1 million PDF robots are released to date Nov 11 2006 capable to seed
Bitorent networks or fueled through multiple search engines online.
I track at in the internet. Google directs you to the trackers online in Bitorent as they did my web site for a year of operations.
Positive energy will be wielded by humans globally guilty by association. It will be easy to see the devils negative energy compared to the faith positive energy. My goal is to see positive energy guide the planets evolution with the universe.
Positive energy computer operations naturally creating operational platforms empowering stability within mental quantum energy cycles, free of charge peer to peer.
Positive energy clustering naturally on the earth, one day soon will be empowering a multi faith spiritual army and not the devils negative energy ways splitting the faith and using humanity against each other illegally and immorally. One spiritual battle at a time, I rise alone like a gladiator protecting the faiths positive energy universe base potentials, shaping universe connected to human quantum energy decisions.
Positive energy computer programming human quantum energy creates a synergy that can actually build empowered karma for the soles of the planet slowly and safely connected to the universe.
The computer programming is similar to a cybernetic computer driven exorcism driving out negative energy on contact deep inside of the mind. Computer programming changes the mental negative energy base that is systematically crippling that person wielding an overload of negative quantum energy decision or idea creation cycle.
Negative energy also slowly eats the ones that person is connected to emotionally within his or her life. Daily making others guilty by association similar to themselves, especially if they are the stronger of the two people and then the children well they also get affected developing a healthy gay or non-gay personality. Constantly infecting others as the negative energy follows from that person into other people whom love or care for them. This negative energy can now enter other people freely and invisible and slowly cripple there positive attitude and slowly hardening the sole negative into criminal devil like behaviors.
When clustered with other strands of negative energy, the negative energy expands and moves faster silently into society creating death or crime throughout society.
A sickness transferred attacking the mental attitude like a virus designed to tear healthy humanity and the person affected by the negative energy base limb from limb.
Shaping corporate or political policy in multiple industries or governments
globally, systematically wielding positive energy influence eventually lighten the tax payer’s bill on these adventures strip mining our democracy within cycles of negative energy stupidity.
I create small independent computer programs that empower positive energy to limit the negative energy rolling across the planet unstable. I create computer PDF robots from scratch, delivering a specific positive energy impact through education to empower those involved, within the specialized educational program. Computer programming designed to empower positive energy faster than negative energy on contact.
The PDF robots placed in the hands of powerful people globally may empower them personally?
The free ideas within the computer graphic design art programs will help shape a peaceful evolution cycle within the mind of the person viewing the information, focused covertly into positive energy directed evolution cycles.
My goals to create the education within literature books that naturally create the next evolution step for humanity, creating more powerful positive attitude intelligence within human kind.
Through guilty by association psychology patterning, I create financial empowerment for that person. Using the education grandfathered into the experience in the art work. I design this art work to reshape there karma and quantum energy potentials guilty by association of positive energy cycles.
Naturally empowering themselves and those they communicate with daily.
Actually buy back the sole for that individual by designing free for them programs that graduate them naturally toward faiths positive energy safely.
The objective is to increase a person’s pleasure systematically trained them seamlessly to use their own powers more effectively, through education to empower IQ enhancement potentials.
Build the cyber space positive energy base designed to fuel positive attitudes creating more positive attitudes fueling faith naturally within the universe and hopefully the earth will become a paradise full of safety, opportunity and wisdom expanded by our liberty and desire.

My network of quantum energy focused empowered people is full of influential angels. People that used to be trapped within negative energy behavior patterns have replaced the behavior manipulated by the negative energy rolling in cycles through their mind and heart.
Shaping a 0 balance idea or decision in quantum energy is the key to cutting operational expenses in any company or organization, guided though achieving the perfect performance in human resources creating an empowered cash flow bottom line. Transferring those newly frees resources into new departments that empower and free more opportunities and spawn continuous cash flow evolving new programs in a successful habit fortified naturally all of the time. Positive energy can be manufactured just like negative energy can and then used to move money or environment through wielding specifically designed books creating hooks and levers within the digitally manufacture empowerment tools. Tools that actually shape the influence of the people making choices in what policies work and what policies do not work safely and naturally create the growth of that corporation or country. The longer you work in positive energy the stronger the quantum energy connections can become in that person and organization guilty by association.
Computer programming designed to naturally empower safely through the painless fun rebalance the mind’s negative energy masking reality violent and naturally creating more negative influence into further economic failure, tied deep inside of the mind and people following the corporate mentor leader.
Negative energy can create the overload that created the natural cycles of synergy of negative energy.
If you experience negative energy source in any situation it unpleasant and usually painful and self-perpetuates even more negative energy, unless you replace the negative energy emotion with a positive energy emotion and self-fuel the operations preprogramming the environment through other people like family and friends or staff to be extra positive themselves, around the one effected on the spearhead of leading operations decisions.
Based in negative energy domination psychology programming, a person can naturally become preprogrammed in negative energy. When this finally eclipses into an overload in that person’s mind, the work they create naturally works like an expensive shooting stars. Bright and self-destructive within themselves and all they touch and eventually developing insecurity cracks that change decision platforms within all mind’s affected. Unlike the digital books on your cd that build positive energy within people at the end of this book.
No matter what type of negative energy you wield the taste is the same and the failure rate is predictably the same.
Do unto others as you would have done to you in your own karma.
No possible success has ever been created through the exclusive implementation of negative energy domination, negative energy strategy.
Understanding how people see you if your wielding negative strategy, involves you meeting a person just like you. Using your tactics on you in order to teach you an educational lesson in behavior management. A person more dominant and negative or using profanity is equivalent test. Actually insulting you and through this activity will allow you to experience first-hand and see with your own eyes what you smell and look like when you operate.
Or you live blind to your own reality and wonder why people hate you or simply avoid you and your negative energy cloud. A person can actually be created naturally if the terrorism strategy is better than yours, to act as a covert weapon against his own country or company as an enemy within his or her camp. A walking mental virus creating a natural mental plague within your own world, making the administration and all they contact within the country and family ill slowly.

The more the fight for peace, the more you wield negative energy and the more they fight mentally at each other becoming sicker with every negative scare operation taken daily against each other or in response to environment terrorism negative stimulus. Automatically the mental functions in decision is altered and mentally internally rewrites the occurrence of a specific dominant thought autopilot, to back up exterior verbal exchange through current mental programming internally.
Naturally replaced dominant thought negative thoughts of previous circumstance in failures, previously experienced by that person, cancel the hope of positive energy guilty by association, spoken about through reflective conversations, thus changing end decision to fall within the negative energy parameters guilty through association, yet controlled equally painful or pleasurable based on energy wielded through the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind.
The attitude positive or negative we wield controls 80% of the destiny we create naturally, as a person evolving through evolution within the universe. Paradise on earth or a living hell on earth based on quantum energy decision potentials becoming stable performing 0 energy balance decisions or idea creation.
People in society can slowly lose this balance and naturally become a walking psychology negative attitude plague to all those whom surround them daily.
Wielding negative energy leadership in your own family or country is wielding your own demise. As soon as the leader goes negative energy you start your slide in empire strengths through the self-demise implanted in those, whom trusted the mentors 0 energy quantum energy decision or idea creation capabilities.
Through fear of losing what you have in money, negative energy walks into your life and takes over your negative energy mind’s operations grandfathering other emotions naturally like greed or anger or hatred or frustration.
Just as a positive energy attitude is the source of unlimited happiness filled with in inherent pleasure in building a stronger wealth into society and faith through attracting emotions like love or understanding or sexual enthusiasm to love your mate honestly.
Realize how important it is to your sole or personal life to attain a 0 energy level of quantum energy decision or creation operational energy naturally flowing organized and focused within the mind.
Naturally relating to empowered performance or potential happiness achieved within the environment exchange of energy during the accomplishment undertaken.
Many levels of energies exist under and over you and are operational within energy bands revolving all around your body, invisible to the human eye.
Not just an energy aura in theory, in fact let’s put credibility into the issues, of what may be inside of the aura within your own sole. Sounds a little far-fetched so look at starting the education with a working example in your mind.
I believe animals can see this aura and why they run from some human beings, verses come to others naturally. What energy do animals see we do not yet understand?
Let’s make an aura stronger using negative or positive energy, based on your thought patterns clustering through your quantum energy.
Close your eyes and think about what you were doing in activity ten minutes ago. Remember using visualization and memory try this exercise in positive and negative energy examples.
Create the first exercise in the mirror using a camera unaware of you being videotaped.
Read the facial expressions and different eye pattern movements as you form the energy negative or positive within the mind. Visualize what you looked like inside of your mind’s eye negative or positive energy based. See yourself in the different activities and can you see this clearly in your mind’s eye performing failed activity clearly?
Notice the pain or anger or hatred or frustration doorway the negative energy came through in your mind’s eye?
Do you see the pain in the negative energy base within your mind?
The sadness and pain you carry hurting you daily, as you maintain the self-fueling exercises to keep the issue alive in your mental satchel.
Carried in a mental work out within a satchel, you placed anchored in emotion on your back, constantly like a magnet pulling you away from 0 decision or creation capabilities.
Naturally swaying decision within the quantum energy programming staircase you build naturally harboring the issues positive or negative.
Constantly placing energy recharged through experience and then into your core dominant thought programming cycles naturally that actually creates self-driven synergy cycles to attack or empower your mind connects to karma within the universal laws of karma.
A sole in training to be a walking devil or angel growing in cycles of self-perpetuation energy constantly toward a negative energy dominant thought programming cycles every time you act or positive energy dominant thought programming cycles every time you act.
The choice is always our own to decide, based on the quantum energy flowing in balance through the decisions created deep within that person’s mind.
The mental imagination visual screen is in front of you at your forehead level and is visualized within the mind’s eye playing within the theatre of your mind and is located in front of your forehead at eye brow height. Sound interesting well let’s look at another example inside your head again.
People and animals or plants house all kinds of energy inside of this quantum energy band intertwined through cells in some cases or as complicated as the human mind. Built with your own your mind’s eye and intelligence to use it safely or dangerously depending upon the core energy base you choose to build your mental ideas with based on your preprogrammed dominant thought patterns and mentors or even music you like or hate.
Another word used to describe the mind’s eye more comfortable is your imagination skill capability.
Your life is your oyster of creation and your own pearl to enjoy on the planet, given to you through the hands of faith within the universe.
I believe it is possible to grow larger implementing positive energy and actually personally create an energy window designed to walk the staircase to heaven peacefully when we pray and honestly ask faith to help or empower us safely.
Behind your head on the lower right side of your mind’s eye, people tend to naturally house the people you dislike on the lower right backside of the brain.
You house the people you most like on the left back side of the mind’s eye. So with a front mental image visualization screen displaying our imagination and a couple of housing chambers we are starting to create a small partial picture of personal aura systems. A mental chamber of systematic mental function networks flowing within the inside of the mind. Intertwined energy synergy created and placed within networks of energy flowing within energy fields of dreams outside of the mind and body. We are a complicated creature capable of more than we understand.
Imagine a person and see what side of the brain the image is placed in your own mind? I believe the aura calculation may be dependent of being left or right handed thus reversing the good sides of people in there mind’s eye. Only theory designed to help understand our species potentials in detail.
Explaining potential answers to why the images in our mind’s eye may be stored on either side of the back of the mind. Results may vary depending upon the person’s abilities to visualize imagination skills.
What are you looking at in the top left corner of your mind’s eye when you’re trying to remember something in a conversation or planning a strategy? The data energy you’re working with is invisible and operational in the aura operational within the imagination of your mind’s eye correct?
So we add another mental storage analysis work bench chamber where we look up memories to interconnect with the dominant thought programming cycles wield interconnected within the synergy created operational visual mind’s eye operational within the brain.
I guess the energy ideas are not so far-fetched after all.
Depending upon your focus and personal education, directly relating to 0 quantum energy decision or idea creation skill, energy creation capabilities and performance levels are created.
The negative energy destroys personal clarity power leaving you chasing deception after deception in negative energy self-fueling your demise naturally into corruption, like the devils negative energy would. Naturally creating structures within that persons mind using their own synergy to manufacture deceptions, constantly creating personal malfunction, while building a negative energy platform seamlessly within your mind, one lie upon lie.
Lie after lie destroying that person’s mental positive attitude energy state of mind.
Rotting the sole guilty by association reshaping the quantum energy balance into a walking human devil, sneaking around the mind waiting to destroy their life and family’s life.
Negative energy itself within its self is self-destruction programming and why they use negative energy overload psychology to create a suicide bombers in the terrorism world or a hooker on the street. Programmed to kill them or do prostitution online as negative energy fills the sole and carefully rips a person or a nation limb from limb.
This is fast tracked when the negative energy programming kicks into behavior after the negative energy programming base is tied to making money in the economy or winning elections, ripping the country apart daily and naturally.
Selling fear to sell news cast or newspaper or votes and why I changed the written energy base guilty by association in so many areas of country operations. In fact the news people and reporters and soldiers and civilians were dropping like flies on the battle fields when I reemerged within the environment through the
President Fantasy Spy Books.
While crippling their empires systematically in line with the security policy designed to win elections. A self-fueling fire I put out guilty by association in the experiments found in the President Fantasy Spy Experiment Operations.
I created a formula incorporating a 4 part psychology strategy that I used in energy conversions in the war to protect soldiers on the front lines.
This strategy is much more capable of creating mutual economic development and an end to terrorism or war or starvation because it all based in positive energy.
Not in a day however in 10 years we may have a paradise on the planet free of global warming and dangerous storms, if the strategies of positive energy programming humanity through education take hold globally?
Positive energy programming in the mind’s eye legally and safely lays the tracks for the paradise, prosperity and happiness in the world.
Working positive energy peacefully we can all play a role together safely building a safer world legally united as one, independently free from each other, empowering our democracy.
My goals are to see tax payers better represented by politicians or famous public mentors through the implementations in positive energy based operations.
Positive energy guilty by association flowing through government policy will eventually take hold if I keep a positive guilty by association to intelligent choices.
The more people understand about the human mind the safer societies can be created. Implementing this strategy formula based in positive energy into policy creation is the only way I see to shape war or terrorism nonviolent. Killing is a mental illness if you ask any doctor. Failure to find the positive in a situation or failure to take responsibility for failure are also signs of mental illness moving into the mind. The next phase of mental illness is taking steps within that person’s mind designed by them self, to reverse the mind’s operations of the goal setting mechanism deep within the mind. Failure to find the positive creates a mental platform of depression creating the mind to kick in a protect them emotions. The mind accomplishes this by triggering memories of when you were successful. As the days go by one by one you naturally learn to journey back into your mind looking for pleasure, eventually you can go back into your mind easier and easier to your favorite successful past times. Like the path of the water the human mind naturally takes the path of least resistance gaining pleasure.
However the entire time you gain the pleasure you feed your mind dopamine out of your brain naturally as you quietly autopilot the natural erasing of personal ability to set goals successfully in positive energy and as your mind shrinks within the design of your habit patterns, you soon arrive at the mental hospital in need of behavior modification or do my cd in the back on behavior modification because hospitals house and do not repair this glitch in the mind, in fact you’re laced with drugs until they overdose you naturally to determine how to control you medically chemically, a medical cash cow coming in to the private education of the mental health medical industry world. Without vitamins recommended in this book you stay unhealthy and die as a cash cow for the health care system.
Especially when planning military or policing or homeland defense policies operations based in negative energy domination fighting negative energy terrorism exploding in the human mind creating stress battlefield disorders, are jeopardizing soldier development due to this dysfunctional strategy creation behavior to win elections creating terrorism rolling through certain government departments.
Peace Empowerment
Peace empowerment involves creating a business plan connected to corporations within economic summit programs designed to stimulate employment. Operations like the 4 corners summit discussed in the President
Fantasy Spy experiments. Experiments that actually involve empowering your enemy safely through guilty by association positive energy creating mutual prosperity and peace, while convincing the enemy to become your friend and control his forces to insure the forces do not go to war with you.
This is what President Fantasy Spy Experiment Operations to genesis the planet safely, discovered within the research fighting in combat on the cyberspace battlefields.
Providing a path for the enemy to become a friend and share strategy and ways they can wield positive energy peacefully empowering you both legally. Why I created the quantum energy star wars programs incorporating cybernetic soldiers robots that do this peaceful peace keeping negotiation seamlessly properly programming peace within the brain on contact.
Placing the negotiations suspended in time, briefly using a psycho cybernetic behavior modification PDF digital mentor digital robots, (loading the psychology environment deck positive before negotiations are finished running within your mind within the book), until the package is implemented properly by the correct departments wielding positive energy operations.
Building the right treaty in the next steps accordingly to safely build in a positive energy environment creating the peace prosperity combination treaty, you both create that mutually and evenly benefit both parties independent of each other safely. Creating the most humane science effective security strategy through multiple sciences programming threaded into computer coded PDF digital robots programming positive energy into humanity, will implement the focus of beneficial positive energy environment conditioning prior to negotiation starting, naturally providing a safer security for the country forces or civilians working within the environment, on the ground. Be it living in a war zone or moving in or out of the war zones creating new political positive energy mutual gain empowerment policy. The PDF robot is a big negotiation tool key in setting up the proper positive environment in negotiation, setting up the country or personal karma science interactions working in line with the laws of multiple sciences and the laws of evolution still being discovered within our universe.
Creating a better answer than a negative energy sanctions done alone to encourage change within that person’s behavior and opening the door to investment and foreign GDP interaction or tourism and then immigration expansion.
The soft knowledge genius crafted into the E books may empower even more economic prosperity, provided you use skilled people on computer to properly acquire the new skill sets at their own pace safely.
Rather than creating more unprepared computer people in a cyber-war that controls land wars.
Arriving prepared to create happiness and pleasure through mutual victory operations rather than war operations.
This new strategy implementing peace empowerment concepts also creates a positive quantum energy effect for your forces on the ground working in the fresh environment energy. Implanting positive energy programming using computer driven quantum mechanics to win safely in there minds of the citizens on the street.
Quite honestly why the body bag counts dropped instantly when my operations are functional in the Middle East war experiments I designed to end terrorism or most wars guilty by association to an overflow of positive energy peace empowerment strategy. PDF psycho cybernetic wielding; seamless positive energy changed strategy created the synergy naturally guilty by association shaping peace on contact and through applied education naturally empowering the genius in the minds of people viewing the information into a positive energy mental overload shaping the quantum energy balance back to zero for the time they review and keep the archive for self-improvement. Controlling the peace outcome on the battlefields daily, within the wars on terrorism or Western war waged in retaliation is possible to do safely provided you can create through wielding positive energy creativity ideas, legally empowering those mentally disabled through a sharing manual on the brain targeting the implementation of specialized knowledge threaded through visual psycho cybernetics and neuro linguistic habit patterning placed in picture art to enhance the transfer of knowledge into the mind yielding an increase in positive energy. People learn in pictures and through picture association in the mind’s eye naturally create the easiest path for the mind to load the sub-conscious programming platforms wielded by the digital behavior modification robots.
The visual stimulation will create prosperity or peace for that group safely releasing dopamine within the brain for those in mental desperation unable to generate positive energy strategy or build pleasure into lifestyle for the people they lead due to over exposure to negative energy creating the acts of desperation in a cycle autopilot acting out violence to negotiate?
Are you ready for a thousand years of peace courtesy of science aligned with positive energy faith fighting the negative energy devil to create paradise on the planet or peace within humanity?
How can you play a role?
Incorporate the cd programming in the back of the book and become a positive energy drive sole self-fueling your success. Become your high performance resource to any organization planning to spend time and spend money training to hiring you. Positive energy is faith within its self when you wield the hands of faith helping a sole in need and this I believe is part of a peaceful pass after you naturally pass into the hands of faith. Moving energy into the universe out of your body and into eternity energy, flowing within the universe and later in time sent back into human or animal life form energy onto the planet in another life form.
If you’re a human hunter or you are an animal hunter you will be the hunted mammal in the goes around comes around science and human or animal may not live long lifespan next go round shortening the energy in positive energy of your sole with every go round. Empowering the person’s sole healthy and stronger through positive energy mental programming faith or sick and weak through the devil wielding negative energy mental programming just based on the laws of science.
A mammal is a creature on the planet that is part of evolution universe science no matter where they live or what color the skin may be.
Depending upon the source quantum energy balance within the person or in origin, exactly the same and yet blind to us all will happen in the laws of science. Yes everything in evolution is based in energy we do and for that reason counts shaping our lives and through science we kill ourselves slowly through ignorance we see as bliss. I personally do not believe energy at the cellular level is any different, be it in a plant, animal or human energy formed within the universe. In science what goes around comes around and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, created within the same core energy formulation, inside of the creating of that energy reaction at the time.
Working within a strategy fueling positive energy, creating directed programs that naturally create vast amounts of pleasure for the players involved you’re seeking support from will create success most often over a larger time frame than normal.
Working outside of the mental mind idea creation box of normal thinking patterns, creating positive energy overloads created safely and honestly (within the universe you self-perpetuate positive karma through the synergy transfer) naturally cracking the diamond of opportunity. The more legal and overloaded in positive energy creation the longer the operation evolves into pleasure safely and not negative energy war self-fueling war in an energy clash within the universe building karma of negative energy proportions unseen to the human eye and yet real in fuzzy logic precision when experienced in the “chain reaction” synergy reactions.
Operations created in positive energy format naturally expand human resource creativity and success potentials. Naturally, incorporating a synergy effect within base operations called quantum energy and when properly created, can create self-propulsion of your own forces creating positive karma autopilot similar to compound interest.
Wielding and incorporating seamless universe energy bands creating positive energy cluster bombs of prosperity and opportunity rather than Katrina levels of self-destruction. Reverse energy directed control operations in positive energy currents rather than individual partial negative energy free space. The Project
Genesis Operations Experiments created a wave of positive energy and added self-propulsion self-direction device to empower people mentally and by clustering the positive activities guilty by association created programmed success strategy seamlessly together into one productive web operation.
Controlling the personal power base within the web operations relies upon 0 energy quantum energy decision abilities naturally creating the flow of positive energy creation ideas or strategies into the global network operations.
Quantum energy computer programming mental genius human cloning theories to self-empower one’s self through a program designed for civilization taking the next step into a safer peaceful evolution globally, independently free of each other’s con games through attaining a higher education of their own mental potentials or personal mental control mechanisms they can develop safely, found through education created in experiments in society through science, creating the opportunity for people to solely independently obtain free to learn more education if they choose to win more often.
Integration is designed and created to make money within the negative energy disaster operations and is only possible to create empowerment solutions through 0 energy quantum energy decision working safely within positive energy based strategies creating operations.
My network, quantum energy star wars influence global program is a very fast, powerful computer program mixing science and economics and peaceful security safely globally.
People are always working within their own levels of personal quantum energy balance within their mind’s eye.
As a result of synergy being created through your own energy base planning a person can take themselves and others apart naturally or put you on top of the world naturally. Personally I believe the core or key to independent peacekeeping is low capital cost security force operations created to generate a cash flow security program.
Change the environment energy positive systematically and reduce forces in a sliding scale as environment turns positive and shift the resources into safe locations empowering troops naturally and the country they represent peacefully.
This economic development combination strategy planning involves growing marketing people within the forces looking to occupy a region rather than violence (President Fantasy Spy is an economic development programmer as well, correct and why the operations succeeded) and within planned positive energy operations naturally create the security covert operations within the military, on the front lines of an economic war.
Why the body bag count drops instantly after I launch my quantum energy star wars behavior modification programming into the war zone. Planet Genesis
Operations Experiments are operational within cyber space and making your own forces safer through injecting an overload of peace logic energy delivered through computer, safely into the minds of people making the decisions to kill or stand down upon the battlefields autopilot saving human life as a priority when mixing the war strategy with economic development strategy, safely within positive energy psychology vocabulary created to print influence mentally toward peace empowerment programming onto the back of the mind digitally autopilot on contact.
Out of the box thinking deep in the rabbit hole creating invisible implementation influence and operations within the heat of battle on the battlefield. This has worked in the experiments and reduced the body bag count of civilian and soldier every time I launched my cyberspace quantum energy star wars operations the mental disability railing in the casualties was repaired seamlessly on contact through my cyberspace robots connecting in the person’s mind viewing the information.
Quietly protecting the forces as well as my covert experiment operations create to genesis the planet legally. My work empowers the President and also is working systematically helping my country PM with the fight against terrorism or chemical drug crimes overseas in Afghanistan.
Money creation in operations becomes part of the objective to evolve larger and safely in war energy conversion programs. Creating a NATO budget of funding to start the economic development in Iraq may change the tempo on the ground safely through creating employment empowered through treating the old king humane through positive energy. If done properly economic development and equipment or human resources become safe naturally.
Successful intelligence strategy is worth a lot of money in the right hands and sometime worth billions of dollars to a country.
My human resources covertly contracted by my government are keeping the forces more independently democratic and safer on the ground while strengthening the democracy naturally from within western country reputations globally safely.
Not all military economic operations will qualify to generate funding however enough of them will if you open your mind and use a positive energy attitude to champion the operations safely training the proper resources training programs. Some resources are used to create the environment positive first and some are your old way. Two sides of energy equal mutual victory through 0 energy quantum energy environment decision created in positive energy peace emotion more often than war negative energy emotion.
One or the other will rule the decision within that person’s mind.
Operations designed to prevent the starvation funding to the forces and come into play to compromise the actual operations later, due to political leadership change and lack of big picture understanding.
So if planned correctly your enemy can make you money, if you build it into your business plan, positive energy war strategy operations. When using military make money creating money to control the environment and not just spend money on war in negative energy operations reeking death and self-destruction of environment. Creating a new positive energy base theory in management for politicians, police or military hawk’s security planning departments will empower the democracy naturally while protecting thousands of citizens seamlessly.
Why I created a program that has 4 positive energy aspects of planning.
Domination has no flexibility to change your path to environment, thus keeping your troops in danger during a war and the 21st Century is all about flexibility and protecting the empowered soldier resources. Attitude shapes destiny of the forces protecting a nation’s democracy and citizens.
Through computer programming adjusting the brain thought process deep inside the conscious mind and sub-conscious mind instantly on contact and through the application of digital visualization repetitively applying compounding multiple sciences positive energy strategy, thus naturally creating the improved mind 0 energy quantum energy decision power potentials.
The effects combining multiple sciences to achieve objectives in positive energy are all powerful and accurately combined custom designed individually for each location objective.

Be patient with the new strategy development because it may take 3 or 4 attempts to create the successful proposal that converts negative energy waste into positive energy opportunity to gain prosperity. Gradually moving the enemy seamlessly to be a friend and if I can in this working example you can in other circumstances.
Naturally moving into a safe position to develop a long term, mutually financially beneficial relationship, empowering all parties involved safely, legally and naturally.
What in domination takes a month or may never get done, you do in a day of positive energy based negotiations within my 4 part strategy.
Working through synergy theories guilty by association wielding new techniques through positive energy based operations proving my claims and theories in functional Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro Linguistic, and graphic design combination computer coded programs operations experiments.
Safely moving the Planet Genesis Operations into financial gain and positioning programs away from the expenses of a dysfunctional war.
Selling information graphic art through books will empower humanity safely and through worker faster than the war in other energy plains the war vision will take shape inside the minds of those involved shaping the reality battlefields.
Deep seeded positive psych cybernetics programs in the core operations planning to create money in positive energy based programs designed to make even more and more money empowering the world peacefully. Together united as one independently free, sharing peace empowerment solutions with each other daily feeding the poor or saving human life creating peace or prosperity.
Safely and profitably honest together united as one in faiths positive energy sharing information with those interested in personal empowerment.

Business is business and war is an opportunity to create peace profitably.
A new positive emotion based relationship must be protected and not destroyed igniting the negative energy in war or terrorism domination.
This program is also designed to protect the wealth it generates through self-driven universe synergy and not who or what it can destroy.
Together in mutual empowerment you both accumulate more and more wealth and resources working toward a positive energy emotional friendship filled with positive energy naturally creating safety and security and prosperity for that country.
The experiments and fantasy fictional operations within President Fantasy Spy
Operations Experiments are all operations built within a pattern of positive energy guilty by association strategy designed to prove to that person targeted, what people can achieve through a focused and empowered positive attitude.
People in my network actually bought into the testing because it created the right answers for humanity at the time the crisis of people dying from war facing our world became too large and almost out of control and into a global war.
If you read the President Fantasy Spy experiment books they were also designed to create the Planet Genesis Operations Experiments that fed thousands of children in Africa.
Thank goodness you see firsthand the successful experimenting while using a fictional environment to naturally program the peace and save people from dying on the battlefields. Creativity to survive because remember I am only 1 universal computer interface warrior wielding star wars human interface capabilities tied to the universe.
No money for a budget to do my experiments, so the experiments are built in quantum energy and raw creation genius, combining many fields of science into one program computer programmed scientific operation controlling the battlefield on contact. Through a mutual victory the accumulation can take place through enhanced GDP or tourism or investment opportunities creating prosperity for all countries concerned and involved in the operations.
Experimenting in quantum physics to develop solutions for an empowerment program for the USA
(In return for the 1-10% posted on my web site fee of what I save you posted on my old web site at the time of the softwood operations. A fee based on the covert job descriptions for collecting the softwood bill making me a Canadian Paul
Martin approved fantasy spy USA CIA knock in training originally empowering the USA by improving relations with both countries safely on a commission if I succeed, while empowering faith within the universe creating an over abundant supply of positive energy personally saving human life or creating funding to empower the poor safely and legally.)
I would need an interactive email with the government asking me for data I created to read. Check book 1 President Fantasy Spy if you want evidence of the fraud committed against me I believe the issue that day was the high price of oil and war.
I would simply write the proper Psycho Cybernetic; Neuro linguistic graphics design economic security computer codes into the books, media and television and release them into the environment and specific government departments and other Middle East countries to view the successful operations.
Psycho cybernetic Neuro linguistic E books that create the personal empowerment package creating safe operational environment, successfully created wielding positive energy adjustments to the society and economy.
Creating vast amounts of employment in marketing implementing strategies, handmade economic creation based on cracks found within the country operations. Audit the country operations for cracks and create repairs.
How else do you do it safely quickly and legally?
I believe the people in charge are faith driven people who will eventually learn how and why to do the right government energy base policy planning.
Planning created in the best long term interests of maintaining a powerful legal democracy, expanding rights and freedoms, ethics and integrities safely.
Through empowered security and economic development packaging globally the peace will naturally occur. It is possible to impact the Planet Genesis Operations in a safe positive way, if these energy strategies are adopted throughout government and the private sector or faith institutions.
Restoring ethics standards within faith leaders guilty by association proud of humanity rather than fearful for humanity fighting the devil wielding negative
energy oppressions genocides , example Africa on the Christian abstain and find Jesus or die of aids because the grant they need is funding requires condoms not be sold given out free.
The Christian church is using a disease like aids to strong arm Christianity by cartel ling the Christian vote behind Republican leadership designing the condom policy cracking democracy in a con game killing colored children. This is the USA policy of making country leaders criminals whom follow creating quantum energy genocide just like in Africa or Iraq or Afghanistan or Lebanon. All colored people and a genocide crime against humanity. See why Christianity corruption is turning the house of faith into the devils church? This is the sad state of the church leadership in building a solid Christian base of faith followers. The new pope appears to be more honest and is displaying his honesty within his leadership to clean up the mess created by the Bush administration and the previous pope.
Another reason I am proud of the American people for standing up to protect democracy and whom had taken there important time encouraging the student vote to participate within the USA or Canadian or British or Israel democracy.
Balance within the 0 energy quantum energy decisions created within the universe depends upon honesty. The computer programming information empowered the network I created to protect and play a key role in supporting the ethics and laws of democracy.
Accessing the Powers of Quantum Mechanics While Exploring
The Theory of Quantum Physics Energy Chain Reactions and Synergy

Creating an energy base energy resources shifting program connected to and located within the Universe, capable enough to assist in adding positive energy created within the universe playing a key role in shaping global warming, storms or earthquakes or tsunami.
This Planet Genesis Project Operation is an experiment that has taken 16 month of operations compounding positive energy programs in economics development to show impact on the planet. 2 successful experiments on storms that did not go violent and kill people or wreak devastation on the areas that experienced the bad weather and what happened to all the hurricanes this year then as of
November 15 2006.
Why I am working through government to empower the energy changes into global society safely and quicker guilty by association, writing positive energy educational books or positive energy strategies, building the positive energy and balance within the planet faster than the cycles of evolution within the universe.
Designed in strategy to go faster ahead of the quantum physics energy curve of the universe energy base, than the existing cycles, while working outside the box mentally through positive energy empowerment cycles, creating long term peace and stability throughout the world safely, empowering behavior attitude and habit patterns on contact.
While the government computers watch my every letter I type. Guilty by association to logic mixed in positive energy opportunities playing the key role in Planet Genesis Operations.
Uniting all people within a positive energy field to create a vast controlled energy field designed to self-evolve through computers seamlessly independently within positive energy quantum energy. Continuously helping people contacted to adopt and focus on positive energy choice instantly.
United people walking the planet globally as one invisible to each other and yet independently as one complete self-generating band or field of extra energy.
More than normal amounts of positive energy created independently, automatically building the synergy required to change the world globally safer through the science implemented and operational within the Planet Genesis Operations experiments.
Upon doing so safely, a positive energy field will cluster and cover the planet creating the natural universe security we seek created through positive energy interactions.
Creating this giant effect is created in strategically changing people through education wielding positive energy through the internet. Similar to a mental cluster bomb of quantum energy, created within positive energy.
Through the laws of Karma, exactly the same energy will return to the earth out of the universe in another environment event. What energy base created by humans and animals and vegetation goes around in the universe and comes around back to earth.
People exposed to negative energy penetration structures for extended periods of time can seriously do harm to their body internally while under the negative energy pressure overloads.
Actually the negative energy is so powerful you can die in the battle fighting it because energy is not human body and will never play out fighting you until your dead. Negative energy submersion programs like domination alone can and has destroyed many a human beings or animals or plants. The universe works
chemically internally in your body by shifting out healthy behavior patterns one at a time until you become naturally mentally dysfunctional.
Rolling in fear like a hamster in a cage you hunt yourself better than any other person could. Never losing and beating yourself with negative energy when you’re alone with your mind.
The way you treat others taking shape in negative personal synergy creating your stone hammer you use on yourself constantly pounding inside of your brain, turning your planning or creation skills to mush naturally. Going no place in performance or creation skills faster than ever imagined after the negative energy implants it’s self within your dominant thought process in self-affirmation behavior patterns.
The chemicals unbalance psychology in the human brain and body is changed after extended exposure to negative energy programming.
Actually the negative energy resembles a vicious hawk you constructed yourself within the back of your brain, you must personally feed slowly picking pieces of your positive attitude and eating them to survive instantly shaping your smaller unbalanced mind’s eye vision inside of your brain.
Daily this feeding frenzy becomes more powerful rendering you mentally useless to yourself and other you contact, because you’re wielding negative energy domination strategies, systematically eating your own mind’s ability to create or perform in positive energy operations daily.
What the 911 terrorism in New York set into a chain reaction.
Your own bad behavior became so ugly you slowly lose the ability to accept responsibility for own self-demise. Creating your own mental torture chamber within your own mind where you’re the boss seamlessly within your mind 24 hours per day especially whenever you’re left alone for long periods of time slowly reliving and stewing over your mind’s failures within your own performance. Been there and done that and why I know.
Negative energy psychology, energy operations rewrite the psychologically implanting the destructive negative energy mental shutdown quantum energy cycles.
Put a nation to sleep mentally using negative energy to win an election and you make that nation naturally weak and vulnerable to global financial farming operations and easy to take over years down the road.
The 911 disaster was also a negative quantum energy bomb and was meant to create self-destruction paths of negative energy into the USA in a chain reaction. When mind is overloaded in negative energy systematically for long periods of time, Quantum energy cycles change guilty by association.
Universally negative self-perpetuation of overloaded negative energy 0 energy quantum energy thought process automatically building the negative super natural karma against the nation was the weapon within a weapon designed to hit the USA.
Katrina is an example full circle of this expanding negative energy theory designed to create super natural weapons capable of hitting a nation free. Why I told you that you were too under educated to understand what the terrorism did and why I worked alone.
Why play around if this negative energy can use the universe to tear your country apart.
Are you even in the real wars your country is fighting or this a hawks schooling?
Created negative energy that moves dangerously throughout all industries of a country and the negative energy can seamlessly destroy the population and empire.
Creating an electoral program focused upon security pushing scare tactic negative energy to earn electoral votes is political suicide for the political party and people involved as they all slowly become negative attitude orientated guilty by association.
The people are now battling negative energy they created themselves in a battle with the universe energy and why I took over because of the lack of 0 energy decision or ideas creation potentials. Implanting negative energy into you as the government hope to win an election fighting terrorism actually strip mining the human resources of the country naturally farmed by terrorism to make you more violent and primitive guilty by association.
The real war on terrorism I fight in and win wielding positive energy economics security ideas has freed thousands from dying prematurely.
Another side effect of long term exposure to negative energy is natural mental disability guilty by association shaping behavior.
Why keeping yourself negative drives you slowly internally insane.
Potentially creating permanent mental damage unless you can rethread that person’s mind and repair the mental damage done to societies thought negative energy patterns programming in policy creating the natural self-demise into society.
Once this negative energy takes hold in society, certain demise is evident and why I launched my operations in positive energy to counter balance the energy terrorism or war and government people mentally ill with the terrorism mental attitude virus create naturally.
The negative energy virus had infected the USA government and industries and was doing the same to other countries like Britain or Canada guilty by association, to the overloaded negative energy vacuum created when they did not fund my operations or me, in the first war after I played a key role in strategy r equipment creation for military while helped them win the war in Afghanistan.
Naturally screwing financially in security all other global countries connected to oil gas costs or tourism or trade losses attributed to me leaving the country.
You Iraq war bill.
Hence why I approached the country the way I did covert to repair the embarrassing failures and issues properly from Canada.
The situation was such a mess to fix it safely because the situation was clustering in multiple layers of negative energy issues spider web naturally all over the country. I needed to create the systems and I unveiled my sciences squirreled away and in doing so, built a network to prevent the penetration of negative energy, from going further into government or our democracy and society.
This was the hidden responsibility for me to help my faith.
Protect the planet and a gift for the country that came with my specialized training and education in the USA in the first war.
Canadian karma connections in the universe in my past saving human life whenever possible naturally fueled my resolve to win carried and protected by positive energy faith.
My operations influenced peacefully the changes in negative energy war policy to positive energy war policy ending a war within a war.
Through sharing specialized science research, the Planet Genesis Operations Experiments program became a positive energy based within the universe and upon earth, a self-propelled set of systems wielding computer driven Neuro linguistic psycho cybernetic implanted positive energy quantum energy platform, systematically creating a web of successful positive energy transfers within the internet. Digital psychology empowerment digital robots placed deep inside the actual battlefield, planning and creating influence to create less death within operations planning guilty by association.
War domination powers around negative energy and is too far from 0 energy quantum energy decision based planning and can eventually destroy the best soldiers or civilians. The negative energy mental cooker eventually can turn the people into oppressed human mental attitude or performance vegetables.
This negative energy naturally building the killing and strikes against their own country self-fueling terrorism jihad growth with every negative energy domination operation.
Like a deadly game of 911 recreated naturally chances played as you move deeper and deeper into mental illness wielding negative energy at times violent and illegal creating activities to bad to take responsibility for naturally. The mind is a battlefield.
That is why the Western Empire cartel or terrorism negative energy creating human mental attitude starvation machines self-propelling violent prison treatment fueled through negative energy are so dangerous and hated on the planet today.
Especially by families whom are educated enough to understand and recognize the people at the top making decision plans in mental illness negative energy.
Natural negative energy overloading creating pain to the victims they touch and slaughtered around the world. The same problem the King of Iraq went through fighting off negative energy that created his assignation attempt or the President has in Middle East.
Unable to help or protect yourself covered in negative energy and naturally helping to hurt the others you care about most with every operation.
Legally overloaded in negative energy creating brutal criminal operations planning caught up in the negative energy self-perpetuation cycles created by operations policy like not negotiating with terrorism…
The CIA prison scandal is the proof of how illegal or violent operations can end up overloaded in negative energy fighting terrorism negative energy with negative energy domination.
Slowly fighting negative energy with negative energy creates a cycle of putting soldiers to sleep in piles of body bags on the front lines.
Quantum energy is a powerful energy that can be shaped safely when combined with psychology and fuzzy logic computers.
I created actual quantum energy cyber space military air support for the soldiers on the battlefields of blood, when my experiments were successfully completed legally and properly. Creating an invisible security shield of protection built to protect people mentally ill suffering from negative energy overloads at the top in government created by the Planet genesis Operations for those fighting on the ground.
The invisible security shield worked because it was created for the leaders mind within the environment in Psycho Cybernetic, Neuro Linguistic, delivered and created through computer graphics design art and pasted it into the sub-conscious minds of combatant people using the quantum energy programming delivered seamlessly through the internet networks located within the global internet.
Natural positive quantum energy imprinting naturally within the mind on visual contact placing data deep inside of the mind seamlessly of the minds of the people hunting to kill the soldiers or civilians on the battlefields.
President Fantasy Spy is full of operational success stories shutting down terrorism operations or war operations all over the Middle East.
Wielding my personal powers and liberty and creativity in the world without much money empowering my faith and people I touch peacefully positive, united as one positive energy operation one after the other, legally and safely. My operations in positive energy were all powerful and successful using positive energy strategy implementing a newly designed multiple 4 part strategy operations web.
Incorporating 4 part strategies successfully in each operation discussed earlier.
Creating and incorporating quantum positive energy strikes before the enemy or military kill more innocent soldiers or civilians.
Invisible quantum positive energy star wars operations controlled the regional negative energy programming by smearing the crimes before there face online to other security organizations seamlessly stimulating the self-destruction of the criminal negative behavior on contact and finger printed to reprimand and empower safely.
The quantum energy cybernetic fuzzy logic cyber cage is similar to the battlefields however we trap the person safely in there comfort zone and do the psychology behavior modification and release repaired seamlessly a dream within a dream within the mind.
Computer programming empowerment platforms that attach to the brain and perform the mental reconstruction of said human beings to shape mental cognitive behavior patterns on contact spreading positive energy attitude, stimulating the genius to build peace and not war throughout society safely and seamlessly.
Negative energy overloads on the brain stimulated by negative energy government policy clashing with the negative energy of global terrorism actually shut down the cognitive mental behavior mechanisms (stimulated by 911) within the personal attitude of people naturally reshaping the mind’s eye of that person being naturally overloaded in negative energy dominant thought programming cycles when media and news print make money selling the information to the public rendering the candidate sitting in front of the digital television or computer or radio more dysfunctional on contact mentally naturally the longer the behavior patterns are repeated. Why my network of repair is so large.
Read about the battles in the experiment files and ask the ones who have entered the cyber cage with me if negative energy is the right answer to win battles.
Fighting war or terrorism created by the self-generation cycles of negative energy, trying to win elections ends up killing woman or children or soldiers to kill terrorists and as a result starve or kill thousands of children.
Democracy is democracy and must be the same when you spread it legally in the
Middle East Empire or throughout new democracies you create around the world.
Or you intentionally create jihad and play oil money electoral 911 games.
People in the Middle East have started to jihad because you spread democracy playing the electoral game at the end of a gun barrel fueled in negative energy based strategy. Your governments avoid my operations on computer and yet watch me work with love empowerment and understanding and a way to get around hardship and pain caused by terrorism or war mental disability operational as a result of self-destruction created through the clash of government energy policy and the negative energy of terrorism fueling jihad because you are today guilty by association a terrorist whom has rewritten his mind wielding domination addicted to your own negative energy.
Waiting for the brain to release dopamine based on your dominant thought programming that only gets high when you kill or life is no longer the high of excitement and personal mental beatings set in as a result of being left alone to stew in your own negative energy pot life.
Negative energy is a disease that turns into a mental illness when overloaded inside of the brain and why the terrorism virus I discovered a year ago is real and why the book at the end of the positive energy attitude E book located in the back of this book is so important to a healthy world evolution for humanity.
The USA terrorism policy and forces have no tangible financial profitable accumulation strategy to GDP or tourism or investment, other than negative energy domination translated into expenses producing economic failure and loss of support at home for the Republican Party or Democrat Party and war ending with no USA GDP cycles or tourism boosts or investment boosts within the country? Through the overloads of negative energy clashing in clusters all around the world the tax base has been hit on the country through war making the act of winning elections safely even harder to do in liberty expansion legally at home.
Creating a spike in quantum energy working with prefabricated positive energy, in and out of the universe is really only possible 2 ways.
Through the application of science it is possible to shape the world if you can prevent the negative energy from entering the universe as often as it does in the current cycles of universal energies unknown to people. Fine tune the human element creating the quantum quirk to fine tune the universe to build a second earth in a galaxy near ours or within our own universe. Science experiments at this size are very powerful and if done properly will effect global warming and dangerous storms or earthquakes in an empowered nonviolent intelligence stimulated within the universe empowering faith within the universe or on the planet earth.
Through the implementation and creation the positive energy, educational self-propulsion quantum energy 0 energy programming, shaping less crimes while using a specific mental lever designed to shift people into the knowledge of faith/science evolution legally rather than spiral into further crimes covering up lies.
Positive faith driven off the planet and programmed safely sent into the universe. Working in computer programming I built programs that using computer find people and empower 0 energy balances in decisions and creation.
Using computer fuzzy logic to ignite the quantum energy reactor I am building to shape the earth safely.
Energy that is evident that is evident to scientists and when it hits the planet out of the universe the paradise will take on more reality daily.
As more people wield positive energy programming into the universe, I hope to see more paradise take shape on earth. Working united within a positive energy base within the universe creating harmony within the universe while empowering faith naturally overflowing back onto earth in the energy vacuum into all animals, plants and humanity on earth.
Naturally created and programmed quantum energy to maintain paradise using a fuzzy logic, quantum energy generator.
When the actual negative energy planning of man is converted to positive energy, peace empowerment and the 4 part policy strategy we will all find peace naturally in positive energy. I recommended implementing this designed scientific strategy into government policy strategy creation.
Empowerment will occur naturally inside of the government human resources various departments and that positive energy effects, will empower performance and creativity guilty by association.
We will all see this spike of positive energy within the universe and can see how environment is effected when positive energy enters a situation legally.
Study of disasters that shaped the earth year by year hopefully can be reshaped before they happen in future pioneering into computer generated in synergy positive emotion energy programming.
See through analyzing history looking for the clues to what or why or when the energy base changed in environment and actually stopped crippling the earth’s safe evolution in harmony with the universe.
Empowering the science in a combination of sciences coded and intertwined safely taking the chances automated to create safe changes occurred naturally on earth. Create global paradise with science at no real capital costs to anyone person effecting the changes on the planet. I ask only for their sweat labor to empower themselves with a positive attitude safely however I do this millions of times self-automated and because the program is properly written the success was preprogrammed.
Discovering the staircase to heaven is possible. Just as finding the staircase to hell or the devil is also possible when the person is rolling in negative energy not understanding the science and faith cooperation connections in theory.
We all take steps everyday depending on the energy people choose to wield created by the dominant thoughts or mentors and emotions self-generating out of that person.
Every time you think auto pilot creation, you’re wielding your own quantum energy sword in society shaping your destiny.
Deep within the sub-conscious platforms of your mind’s eye, deeper and deeper further inside the staircase within your mind, you create habit pattern energy based operations inside of your mental workshop.
Discovering other ways to use this quantum energy safely in the universe is the key to Digital Mind Coach Success and the successful fictional operations, throughout the entire President Fantasy Spy fictional fantasy books that were used to create evolution “next step for human kind” experiment records.
Nothingness within nothingness creating a dream within a dream long enough to create the mental changes to positive energy programming. Seamless mental chess created within the cyberspace octagon cage.
Check the dates and time of my dates on emails I sent online compared to your body bag stats going up or down when the emails are operational.
See how the process was slowed and where, why or how using mathematics and graphs.
No soldiers usually die on my watch, when I am in empowering psycho cybernetic mental levers helping shape controls to save soldiers from dying in battle before they die.
A soldier’s safety air support operation fly’s into the leaders mind through a quantum energy star wars program sent through they the eyes and starts working on contact. Like a spear thrown into the brain designed to change behavior.
I created a big brother connection that is a little super natural wielding my quantum energy star wars operations in cyberspace and into the worlds of those whom attack me or my character.
This new science will be explained in detail within the details of my next experiments in books pioneering through universe and galaxy creation or exploration.
Combined with my 4 part strategy operational programming I control a lot of the operational planning and operations that end without violence.
Look how I stopped the soldiers from dying when my operations kicked in running inside of the Middle East and how the soldiers died when my operations online were stopped by government security stopping my email capabilities into the Middle East on my home computer.
Concerned with my success at stopping them self from killing their own people on the battlefield, my activities were terminated by government security shadowing my email interference and a plan fearful of my size dominated the agenda and a trap was set to get me to break the law. My operation gets the job done without body bags or war crimes unlike the governments that fails. My operations are leading science and are state of the art science and capable of saving soldiers from dying, before they die on the battlefields of blood.
Facts are facts and to people with self-confidence this is genius and to those insecure this is a nightmare for the nation and again through a paper trail explaining the science proving how building a mental platform capable of creating
0 energy quantum energy decision can shape the decisions to win or lose or kill or empower based on the balance of mental within the mind of the person making that decision at that said time.
This saving of human life is positive energy and is another one of the objectives of the Planet Genesis Project operations. Too legally change out of negative energy in the Middle East or in Western or global government policy operations will change the evolution of the planet back to a safer world to come united with the universe in positive energy rather than negative energy.
Battlefield death is a negative energy farming ground for my experiments in saving human life. Being a self-trained energy conversion specialist I am capable of converting 5 sciences safely shifting the death energy back to human life on the battlefield by fighting in another computer dimension overloading the minds of the people killing with digital seamless positive energy therapy to heal back the 0 energy decision feasibility success cycles that naturally create safe peaceful logical choices that expand prosperity or tourism or investment as opposed to destroy and create desperation self-fueling more negative energy self-destruction cycles.
Every life saved is more positive energy kept in the positive energy earth paradise opportunity experiments bank.
Every child who is no longer starving or slated for death can be shifted into the positive universe energy bank. As a result, through the applications of multiple sciences create a positive successful future wielding positive energy into that person and then into the operations sending energy into the universe.
Form every action and automatically there is an opposite and exact reaction in the same energy field.
Safely empowering leadership quantum positive energy operations are the objective to another side of self-propulsion quantum energy programming shaping paradise on earth.
Negative energy cycles can create tremendous power to destroy the people, even those whom created the devastation unaware before the science was created. Targeting earth creating the self-destruction on the planet with every negative energy operation created and launched.
Universe intelligence shaped into hitting that country and the inhabitants by implanting negative energy “911” chain reactions in negative energy sent into a dominant negative energy political policy and the chain reaction of damage created grows larger than the original 911 catastrophe.
Look at the potential answers to the energy creation theories within the Katrina devastations reflected science within the science within this report.
Many operations are in my positive quantum energy web. Running independently seamlessly in the universe and when you can see the energy running in activities you know it is real. Learning to create positive energy 0 balance thinking or creation is the key to success. When you face negative energy coming out of the universe naturally you have been using the wrong programs in energy.
Growing compounded positive energy through computers and political policy empowerment, more powerful daily, created through the
President Fantasy Spy Operations will empower all of the people and countries involved simultaneously guilty by association to pioneered universal positive energy education. How do you deny 1 and 1 is 2 on the battlefield when your educated in science?
Building a positive energy chain reaction through graduation theory using computers so powerful that it ignited more paradise creation every day the program grows in size naturally automated through computer platforms globally. I believe you can actually win simultaneously creating mutually victory solutions making money rather than war wielding positive energy programming.
Run faster than the war and battle all until total control of the war invisible to all involved turned into positive energy policy operations and release to succeed in positive energy fueling tourism or GDP or investment.
I have a fleet of 17 dimensionally connected programs that actually can shape influence globally in a new paradigm of power. When I sail my dimensional mystery ships into cyber space harbors the water rises and operations are preprogrammed in success.
Mystery ships are an unlimited supply of uniquely different and yet the same cybernetic robots in human form that fly influence through cyberspace invisible shaping the battlefields safe for soldiers.
When I am in an experiment in operational combat in cyber space I interact seamlessly on the ground saving lives.
President Fantasy Spy Operations are all computer code quantum energy driven positive energy computer war programs experiments designed to empower people into new behavior patterns displaying positive energy decisions autopilot creation of peace.
Through the pioneering the universe for positive energy I created a new paradigm power I build capable of protecting the soldiers through science invisible to them. Creating safety freedoms and opportunities to operate on the ground safely through science and operations in science energy created to run faster than war or the bullets wielded by a person overloaded in negative energy slaughtering the soldier or civilian on the battlefields.
One giant human computer interface web created within human interface safely interconnected seamlessly to the universe and operational within the world. The next book I write will explain and cover this in detail or how or why the experiments work or fail placed within society.
Building one super power digital invisible matrix tied into the universe building legally created democracy driven power within the country protecting citizen liberty.
How much energy is actually needed to alter the state of the planet? That is still a mystery and yet we will see it happen in our life time.
However even the USA was expecting hurricane devastation and my program may have played a role in slowing the hurricanes in the gulf this year.
The Mexican hurricanes are bringing much needed rain and no storm damage providing the Colorado Rockies need the run off snow. So can a hurricane arrive from the universe that actually benefits the earth growth cycles?
Quantum energy is a powerful force that has the ability to destroy the earth depending on the energy being emitted from the planet by man. Unaware he ware he was shaping the universe or with the same powers actually creating paradise the earth. Could Mars have been earth billions and billions of years ago?
For every action there is an identical opposite reaction and combined the laws of Karma create a person’s natural influence to quantum energy. What goes around comes around, exactly the same way in another shape. So send positive energy around and then you are not in fear of your karma.
You can draw your own conclusions in the studies as you go through the data on the cd in the back of this book. Studying the correlation to create and send positive or negative energy into the universe yourself creating your karma experiences naturally.
This is another example of how I work in so many self-generated computer coded programs empowering and shaping planet genesis operations through education guilty by association.
Experience the true self-driven empowerment within that said person as he or she derives the benefits of inherently working through positive energy automatically becoming an invisible part of the Planet Genesis Operations.
Peace empowerment consistently operational in the mind’s eye creating positive synergy to balance the negative energy found within the challenge it’s self-found within the battlefield or political environment and through this attitude created performance skills naturally grow and emerge again.
Through the work in science I am producing the only quantum energy generator for global humanity naturally as more people wield positive energy naturally.
Through confrontation gathering the global people through security desire create the natural synergy globally, invisibly united as one in positive energy fields creating the possibilities naturally of creating a paradise on earth with limited universal devastation capabilities.
The answers to the universe and our connections to faith and the devil have puzzled me for years.
So the President Fantasy Spy Operations were particularly interesting in evolving or creating new expanded science qualified industry capabilities, the new science of evolution empowerment closer in research to the real connections in energy evolution between universe and galaxy or human beings, animals or plants and faith and the devil.
Standing by faith like a gladiator guarding the energy base of the hands of faith
I protect the positive energy faith and using the battlefields of quantum energy the negative energy devil in a spiritual war fighting over human beings soles.
I rise like a phoenix fighting to protect all the soles of humanity, using the weapons of science and education and creativity to balance the 0 energy quantum energy decision factors within a positive energy base of those I battle wielding digital psycho cybernetic Neuro linguistic PDF robot psychology.
Shaping the planet into paradise is even more possible if people wield positive energy programming in government adopt the computer programming capable in the school education system.
Building a stronger mind inside of children’s heads that auto pilot create desire to walk away from the devils games of kiddy porn or crack or meth abuse or crime or terrorism or violence of any kind is a powerful way to create inherent security for that child’s life.
By compounding the effects of the quantum energy generator, independently we create an invisible quantum energy generator. Uniting people invisible to each other as one independent from each other empowering each other safely using invisible energy like synergy to create positive energy cycles verses negative energy will naturally build safe security karma cycles. Making those whom face you think twice before they wield self-destruction or empowerment upon them-self.
One quantum positive energy cluster self-evolving seamlessly in harmony with the universe empowering one person through the spearhead of faith naturally creating powers we will cover in the next book.
Capable of positive energy quantum energy self-perpetuation beyond current mental comprehension currently known to human kind. Seamlessly creating giant bands of positive energy based quantum energy charging my sole.
Positive energy using computers to program human beings into positive energy universe capability programming through behavior patterns is new science when it is stabilized within the universe through digital psycho cybernetic neuro linguistics sciences flowing and tied together to create a new paradigm of power.
Power naturally creating paradise on earth connected to faith rather than the negative energy the devil places in your sole guilty by association on contact.
Thus spiking and creating stability within the universe through the safe application of the digital psycho cybernetic Neuro linguistic quantum energy mechanics formulas create d to empower faith within the universe.
A new power paradigm powering human interfaced with the universe and cyber space simultaneously controllable within the big galaxy picture and operational within the universe today shaping earth safely.
The synergy and fuzzy logic computers combined with quantum energy and multiple sciences will safely guide humanity with faith in harmony.
The quantum energy cycles empowerment provides amazing accuracy to improve your life naturally the more you use the programming cd applying the knowledge ideas or affirmations when you create performance or ideas.
Empower your family or country or yourself. Over time as this science is expanded by me or other scientists involved in government or the private sector, I believe you will understand even more on time travel in the universe in the next book.
Thank you for taking your important time today
To review my Quantum energy science experiment operations
Planet Genesis Project Operations Experiments
As I pioneer within the universe legally, I will write about my new discovery.
Make them for sale to the civilian or government consumer.

The Planet Genesis Operations Experiments are an insightful look at how the human mind can create ideas and performance, within our goals rolling like a tumble weed through life. Delving deeper into the universe in actual life and death experiments, I pioneer the science within the universe to discover secrets about the creation of the next evolution step for human kind or self-destruction. The experiments
I created focused on building computer generated quantum energy technology designed to self-empower naturally the 0 energy within the mind’s eye, slightly tilted toward positive energy decisions or idea creation within humanity. Working through multiple science education fields within computer self-driven automation, I created self-driven psychology mental synergy to self-evolve the learning operations when using these computer technologies. The entire process is designed to release pleasure within the mind of the viewer and in within this book provide experiment files you can find online for more detailed experiments or in the cd located within this book. I explain how I created the quantum energy reactor within cyberspace grooming humanity while fighting through 8000 energy conversion operations empowering the world and USA small and large. I am a scientist fighting for my life and others within many spiritual battles safely empowering all faiths equally. Through implementing a variety of different sciences in energy I split the energy diamonds of thought processing deep within the mind, designed within the human mind’s eye. Fighters rolling in anger on the battlefields of war within the borders of the mind we battle. This information can work for empowering life skills abilities in confrontations you may face in personal life. The 17 books in total are designed to act as a digital tutor and actual mentor guide to help direct and develop personal unlimited positive energy within the viewer’s personal attitude.
Empowering new control within your views on life and destiny potentials empowering personal human survival skills needed on the 21st century planet earth. Live the experience opening your mind to new science empowering personal intelligence or performance skills. Learn in my experiments how and why the devil or faith battle within our universe or how and when the battles take place upon our planet earth.
Can this book shape the planet global warming or storms, you be the judge?

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer