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Try to Sting Me and Take My Science
Email Sent To RCMP
I am cyber terrorism digital hurt in my home all night and for the last 12 month condoned by your police and politicians and anti-terrorism units stealing my anti-terrorism work and tonight it occurs to me open source; you teach the world how to destroy the world and target your Captains Commissioner and politicians.
Try to Sting Me and Take My Science
Do we as a community fire up digital using our global contacts and hit RCMP command as hard as we can and hit Oshawa as hard as we can; or do we let the Fed just use us as a patsy driven crazy to cover their human rights war crimes? Movie script tortured in my home for hours for my information I posted.
Think offshore and wait to see it appear; seamless, and once it starts how to you stop the momentum shifted from Europe to Canada and the USA; the way our community is tortured quietly civilian revitalization; digital human rights violations, stupid little person.
You see me in my home and my small community; how do you see the world when they come for the Captains or Generals or Ministers digital torture the way you orchestrate the crimes on our civilian population?
Too Dumb to Fly a Jet
Submission Reference ID: 72CKFR4Y
Rennie Marcoux
Chief Strategic Policy and Planning Officer
How sad these people around me fool me into telling me you target me. Is this because you are a woman? I am done digital terrorism all day again; social service mental health refuses to act on the people hurting me; hence they can steal my psychology science in quantum psychology and your civilian revitalization program failed sting on me can be swept under the rug. People in my community understand you brainwash us with your medical malpractice digital technology.
I guess a simple way to tell you to beware of digital offshore drive by on your police family member when they go to work; appears this momentum is growing. I think this is some kind of cartel in my community around my home or in my community or offshore; however when this happens to you; well you will not know either.
Submission Reference ID: 3HKKMGM3
Rennie Marcoux
Chief Strategic Policy and Planning Officer
How sad these people around me fool me into telling me you target me. Is this because you are a woman? I am done digital terrorism all day again; social service mental health refuses to act on the people hurting me; hence they can steal my psychology science in quantum psychology and your civilian revitalization program failed sting on me can be swept under the rug. People in my community understand you brainwash us with your medical malpractice digital technology.
Medical malpractice torture in my home involves making my penis smaller using some type advance science and technology; not immediate however within a couple days the size is smaller.
Rape simulation 4 times since my last report and brain modification thought process shifting the stability of my emotions 3 times in the last 24 hours.
Your town will be in a trial with all those abused because you fail to contain the few who hurt the many.
Medical malpractice torture in my home involves making my penis smaller using some type advance science and technology; not immediate however within a couple days the size is smaller.
Rape simulation 4 times since my last report and brain modification thought process shifting the stability of my emotions 3 times in the last 24 hours.
Your town will be in a trial with all those abused because you fail to contain the few who hurt the many.
Second Offense Today 2/7/2017 4:00 pm
My home is hacked and the people in the police grid constantly bother me sexual molestation and on the end of my penis and now something digital in my anus; this is horrible and not called for and just a bully case to hurt innocent people that were influential that had a database they could steal and hurt others in my community through extortion and sexual deprivation implanting child pics in the brain encouraging masturbation only allowed when they allow this in your home; ex-RCMP are the ones so prosecution is tough. I am no pedophile of enemy combatant and when they started on me 12 months ago I was given a choice hurt and kill my mom or dad and touch a child sexually and they would take me to the top of their organization, and because they lead you to believe this a police investigation the impression left in the mind is civil service. Most people in a small town need work and they also make sure the local church members are hurt as well.
These men have another political member and the goal was impeach Christy Clark in order to place one of their own at the Premier position and keep the province shaken down; and perhaps the Prime Minister of Canada; and not with me. Told to me to go ahead with Guerrilla warfare training to help the RCMP; and now the bill is unpaid after 4 attempts on my life.
my street rat pigs 23 4 3 22 21 20 5 6 12
beware these pricks hunt you through the chapter; isis rains blood democracy burns USA created by these; brown skin black hair Hitler white apartheid created by whites digital slavery; offshore digital rain falls inside the borders when the enemy becomes their own killer created those stealing my identity turn my paradise to hell. I would say kill them however they will kill themselves in an FBI FEMA camp organ harvest as their carcass empty of anything valuable burns in hell only to return as a cyborg child or Zeke baby cause and effect science. Your brother is a rat pig on my street beware that parlays to keep this shit in play so freedom to ride ends with digital slavery.
I am so proactive family values and police however I hate you so much now; am I the same as anyone in the society done by you today; and if so why would you live your life out in this world or not see your family hurt like mine?
Third Offense Today 2/7/2017 7:00 pm
Brain rape managed by a pig in my home
Sitting on my couch rape simulated under my balls by a sick digital most likely sexual predator watch list; molester and brain have done eyes fall shut software illegal hacking of my living room; no longer free to sit in my living room without someone playing my brain micromanaging my home and body for their pleasure; human digital slavery.
Why do you not take criminal action to stop Canadian digital human slavery?
Fourth Offense Today 2/7/2017 8:00 pm
Sexual molestation medical modification on the penis shorten
I am sitting on my couch and a lady that is most likely a man using a female simulator is using medical malpractice software to shorten my penis; this is electromagnetic field software moth likely an EFI signal through my surround sound or television screen located in a hacked police grid using RF signal technology for communications.
A sexual, deviant molester is a common occurrence in my home. Do you do anything to help me or this waste of my time; as I write I feel my brain modified and most likely not a medical person and a hack that has knocked off software. Totally criminal

Why destroy what took 100 years in the RCMP to build in Canada?
I am lost; and really need to understand why you target your police using civilians and ex police? I do not do crimes; your demise is created by you off shore predator prey.

I guess a simple way to tell you to beware of digital offshore drive by on your police family member when they go to work; appears this momentum is growing. I think this is some kind of cartel in my community around my home or in my community or offshore; however when this happens to you; well you will not know either. 18 times digital terrorism my home hurting my brain for help your President and Secret Service.
My host on this website is bothering me and so are people of Creston; my concern is ISIS and affiliates will start a digital attack on these people and police in my community. Spy Land Women Play Me; no war in Syria can change if they continue to hit me.
Perry Ritthaler Istanbul nightclub attack leaves at least 35 dead, 40 injured
An attack at an Istanbul nightclub early Sunday killed at least 35 people and wounded at least 40, the governor of Istanbul said.
Another message for east Indians in my community; coincidence hitting me cyber terrorism. Please stop those doing cyber terrorism in the region or offshore if you know who targets me; or this may happen again. I told you last night they will send you a message. coincidence defense minister Russia; Orlando, Prentice BC
Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
1/3/2017 4:55 pm
Dear Brothers do I tell you or not is my question; I am pondering; with respect, because the knock snitch is going civilian viral and quantum psychology is shaped by greed and opportunity for prostitution and extortion and real estate fraud or bank pin fraud.
green on blue cyber terrorism as you know is growing around the town and the world through police state knock snitch created by criminals in your name; in my home; random people come through the police grid hacking and try to snitch me using software that shapes my brain and sexual persuasion; what happens when the use aggressive police hate software or the jack the ripper rapist software on civilians?
Hell’s Angels World Wide
They do my home security when attacked by civil service.
I have a security concern; what happens when digital meth replaces meth and the software is knocked off and goes viral and turns into a civilian knock snitch world where Defense Ministers and political officials and police officials are targeted by random people in the police grid with software and face 500 people randomly shaping their decisions to meet the grass roots civilian demands for higher disability pensions or social security rights and liberties to avoid knock snitch of mobs bikers gangs and cartels; civilian against administration personal in their homes?
Quantum energy organization star wars unified as New World Order taxpayer to build back main street rights and pensions and the freedoms of our democracy; right to ride without extortion by the man.
Will this make every country Amsterdam if we unite?
Bastards steal every idea for money I have and keep my cock hostage these social services bitches and pigs; and then fuck my family splitting our family predator prey for extortion police state.
They make rats of everyone and extortion for politicians to live the high life on our wealth billc51 and NSA.

New Science Explodes Onto The Planet
Specific psychology science translated into mathematics equations designed to enhance battlefield strategy programming operations; delivered and implemented through computer internet communications has created another step in mankind ability to shape our war zone battlefield outcome; in part shaping evolution on the planet; and through the creation of this science formula the operations created combine multiple sciences mixing the energy in the environment connected to the universe; producing yet another step for mankind taken determining evolution.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” designed by Perry created the opportunity for the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” agenda to be put in place. These experiments are created through the development of invisible weapons systems and invisible force fields created in the realm of another dimension naturally creating the inertia and synergy of self-replication quantum energy cybernetic stealth operations.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” is to develop strategy written and designed for the battlefield that creates through the metamorphosis of that strategy an invisible operation; that has the capability to transpose the raw energy created within the matrix of the strategy; into a self-replication seamless weapons system that creates a tangible result on the battlefield; as a result that has the potential to grow like a plant using photosynthesis; however in the case of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” strategy programming; generate the growth and development on the operation into a self-generation operation feeding on the energy and synergy created through the implementation of a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” seamlessly working within the environment.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” is to create a human computer interface intelligence master mind program that has the capability to shape the chemical release chemistry inside the brain self-generating human intelligence; seamless through internet computer network systems capable of creating a quantum energy self-generation operations that seamlessly shape environment energy systems.
It becomes one this to write strategy for a battlefield; however it is another operation to seamlessly shape the strategy written by the opposing forces on the battlefield; and then launch invisible weapons systems created by shaping the energy within the environment; that self-generates size and forces of the covert weapons systems launched into and within the environment by the environment; feeding on the energy inertia created within the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” shaping environment; designed to self-replicate energy forces inherent within the strategy created within the core operations strategy.
That operation designed to create networks building a “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” requires hundreds of battlefield operations implementing leading edge military strategy operations inside of a global network; dispensing free strategy creating a psychological empowerment network or destabilization program; designed to shift the power base of countries; that shifts power to dis-empower or empower powerful influential people free of charge.
The core synergy; energy supply for the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is created by shaping invisible psychology science energy in the environment; and that energy supply is manifested through reputation. The security system within the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is designed within the core strategy of no payment for services designed to fortify the energy creating the strength of the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” reputation/power supply.
Automating the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” that creates faith or Satanic energy mixing science inside the environment can generate wealth safely.
Unbalanced environment energy is very powerful and harnessing this power becomes the next challenge; united as one Satan and faith; a 0 energy baseline program; self-expanding interconnected operation to the universe; leading to programs that involves “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” contacts shaping the brains chemistry reproduction of chemicals within the brains of influential people in charge of the planets energy baseline connected to the universe.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” is to access their potential powers of quantum energy source code, while exploring the practical application and theory of psycho cybernetics and neuro linguistic programming sciences influenced by mathematics; combined using internet communications shifting energy resources on the planet located deep within the operations “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” generated within and by the brains of people in charge of the planet operations; in charge of creating hell or paradise on earth.
In essence reshaping the mind’s eye thought process seamlessly; however in control of the next operations self-generated by those targeted.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” has the potentially creating an environment deep inside the targets mind, through shaping positive or negative strategy shifting cause and effect quantum energy inside their mind shaping their strategy naturally created by them; creating initial and long range of objective planning shaping the results with the potential synergy of that target; to be shaped later in a specific formula developed working interconnected with the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” producing specific end game strategy created by the targeted individual himself.
The science behind the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” is capable enough to create the cause and effect cycles within the human resources development cycles found deep within the brain.
Through wielding multiple psychology sciences into a cluster delivered seamlessly deep into the minds of targeted influential people; the environment is reshaped naturally creating a powerful synergy science self-driven quantum energy cycle; that naturally shapes behavior and actions leading to shifting the planets energy connection to the universe.
The objective “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” through an implementation of a series of experiments ; “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” computer human interface network programming in cyberspace; the objective is to create an invisible synergy that manifests into an invisible quantum energy reactor linked to the universe.
The invisible quantum energy reactor is also connected to earth; shifting the power supply potentials of paradise or hell on earth in part shifted autopilot by the quantum energy reactor; created by shaping the designed strategy and operations implemented in the battlefield; within the objectives and strategy designed to be use the war zone; as an energy launch pad delivering “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” shaping the psycho cybernetic and Nero linguistic habit pattern programming in multiple players in the environment; through free ideas and strategy designed to self-empower or dis-empower the people targeted; through shifting their positive energy or negative energy influence deep within their brain potential; naturally shaping the genius or primitive behavior patterns potentials of that person targeted; and slowly through repetition shift the earth 0 energy base line energy balance; shifting the planets existence toward paradise verses hell on earth.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” objectives are designed within the person by the person; designed to self-propel them-selves safer thus naturally into the direction the science designer desires; in the master plan orchestrating the bigger picture operations.
Creating the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” success operations created from within energy; is partially based on the number of people targeted in the core planning of the covert operations that has taken just over ten years of dedication to complete.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” has the potential to focus on the potentials of shaping the death tolls of earth quakes, hurricanes storms and tsunami waves; as I explore more of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operations” the science created has unlimited potentials.
The “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” has the ability to shift why or how and when; faith and Satan breeding terrorism or peace or crime and law abiding behavior science are intertwined and interconnected.
Discovering these experiment answers created in another dimension; pioneered through human interface computer coding combined with psychological coding based on mathematics, and layered into self-perpetuation quantum energy, combining an invisible self-guiding system, the creation of a quantum energy computer code environment energy generator is possible.
Self-perpetuation of invisible seamless energy that is self-floating into the next generation of quantum energy driven by “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” shaped by the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” computer codes the human resources empowering the earth / universe quantum energy connections safely.
Designing and programming the automated computer psychology science cybernetic mathematical key code, created the ignition switch to create focused satanic or faith driven behavior shaping paradise or hell on earth; can serve as the source key to delivering the operations psychology mixed with hot zone battlefield operations.
Behavior created auto pilot; created using computers or television digital computer screens and the books as teachers can self-perpetuate long range objectives to self-generate the future of the planet shaped by the energy orchestrated by Satan or faith.
Creating a 0 energy faith and Satan driven cyberspace computer e-book program can build flocks of people; and through the masses shift the geo political base of people operating the self-generation of the “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” potential to build paradise or hell on earth.
Self-driven source coding is one of the keys to building paradise or hell on earth; and through free computer, free strategy and free clicks in a computer communications network; save and self-replication information delivered in e-books or power point shows or graphics designed pictures providing the backdrop to the science; self-replicates creating the self-perpetuation of shaping the psycho cybernetic, neuro linguistic psychology science computer programming visual mental conditioning cycles in the brain shaping the environment.
Positive energy created through the computer communications internet networks; delivering psychology science code; programming the brains psychology and strategy combine to create behavior patterns associated to saving human life; naturally preserving the environment through a science delivered into the environment through education stimulating negative energy and positive energy science is shaped naturally; delivered by computer science technology mixing with communications; mixing the psychologies and strategies that creates mass death in the population or the prevention of death in humanity and self-destruction of the resources on the planet.
The science is designed to fight the devil’s negative energy seamlessly, using the energy found within the universe wielding science as the weapon to create choice in the mind before the thought process is completed and created.
The “Planet Genesis Experiment Operation” working seamlessly with the “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is naturally creating new psychology linked programming into a person sub-consciously, on initial visual and auditory contact stimulating the personal brainwash experience.
A computer driven 3 dimensional quantum energy “Quantum Energy Star Wars Program” is capable enough to self-replicate visual computer psychology coded operations; filled with invisible weapons and strategies wielding those weapons interconnected to a psychology science e-books; used as a covert intelligence guide weapons systems; empowering faith within mankind to fight the devil or terrorism or crime created by mankind.

2,539 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. Charlie; I watched the ISIS video on the threats to Britain and I am afraid; what if they are digital like the way the Canadian writer is hit and no one knows?
    Veronica relaxes; and states to Charlie; we have the sharpest minds on the planet watching these threats and hopefully, they do not just use video shock and keep sending one video after the other and describe potential sites for attacks in each video.

    ENGLISH العربية FRANÇAIS 中文 فارسی
    SATURDAY, MARCH 18, 2017 ADAR 20, 5777 8:54 AM IST
    • ABOUT US
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    Home >
    Israel & the Region
    US claims Syria strike, denies hitting mosque where 49 killed
    Pentagon says it targeted al-Qaeda members in American military’s attack on northern province of Aleppo
    BY AFP March 18, 2017, 12:23 am
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    US fighter jets flying in formation. (photo credit: Seaman Andrew Skipworth/US Navy, Department of Defense)
    • AL-QAEDA
    • SYRIA
    • Greek neo-Nazis retain swagger despite two-year trial
    AL-JINEH Syria — The US said Friday it carried out an air strike in Syria against an al-Qaeda meeting but denied hitting a mosque where a monitor said 49 people were killed.
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    The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said most of the dead in the late Thursday raid on the village of Al-Jineh in the northern province of Aleppo were civilians.
    In Washington, the Pentagon insisted a mosque was not hit but rather a nearby building containing “dozens” of al-Qaeda members, “several” of whom were killed.
    “The mosque is still standing and relatively unscathed,” Pentagon spokesman Navy Captain Jeff Davis said. “The building we targeted was adjacent” and the strike “clearly hit the intended target.”
    He showed a black-and-white image of what appeared to be an old mosque with a flattened building a short distance away.
    Another Pentagon spokesman later said: “Intelligence indicated that al-Qaeda leaders used this partially constructed community meeting hall as a gathering place, and as a place to educate and indoctrinate al-Qaeda fighters.”
    An AFP correspondent who visited the area Friday said there are two Omar bin al-Khattab mosques in Al-Jineh, adjacent to each other. The old one was damaged and the new one totally destroyed.
    Rescue workers in white helmets were still hoping to dig people out of the rubble, and managed to extract the body of a man.
    Dusty Korans lay on the ground, the correspondent said.
    US warplanes have been bombing jihadists in war-torn Syria as part of an international coalition since 2014, with hundreds of civilians unintentionally killed in the country and in neighboring Iraq.
    The US Central Command said Friday it would “look into any allegations of civilian casualties in relation to this strike”, which was carried out unilaterally by the United States.
    Saleh Saeed al-Sheikh, whose brother Mustafa was killed in the air strike, said there was a Koranic school inside the mosque.
    Much of the building, identified outside by a black placard as a mosque, had been flattened.
    Fearing additional air strikes, weekly Friday Muslim prayers were cancelled in towns and villages across northern Syria, AFP’s correspondent said.
    Rescuers had earlier left the wreckage site but were forced to double back when they heard moaning come from the rubble.
    “More than 100 people were wounded,” Observatory head Rami Abdel Rahman said on Thursday, adding that many were still trapped under the collapsed mosque in the village some 30 kilometers (20 miles) west of Aleppo.
    Al-Jineh is held by Islamist groups, but the Observatory said no jihadist factions are present.
    Resident Abu Muhammed told AFP that he “heard powerful explosions when the mosque was hit. It was right after prayers at a time when there are usually religious lessons for men in it.
    “I saw 15 bodies and lots of body parts in the debris when I arrived. We couldn’t even recognize some of the bodies,” he said.
    The strike was condemned by Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham, which said targeting mosques was a war crime under international law.
    More than 320,000 people have been killed in Syria since the conflict began with anti-government protests six years ago.
    A ceasefire between government forces and non-jihadist rebel groups was brokered by rebel backer Turkey and regime ally Russia in December, but violence has continued.
    The skies over Aleppo province are busy, with Syrian regime and Russian warplanes as well as US-led coalition aircraft carrying out strikes.
    Russia began a military intervention in Syria in September 2015, and in the past has dismissed allegations of civilian deaths in its attacks.
    The US-led coalition said earlier this month that its raids in Iraq and Syria had unintentionally killed at least 220 civilians since 2014.
    Critics say the real number is much higher.
    Israel also carried out pre-dawn air strikes in Syria, hitting several targets near the famed desert city of Palmyra which prompted Damascus regime forces to retaliate.
    The Syrian army said it had downed one Israeli plane and hit another, but Israel’s military insisted the safety of its aircraft had not been compromised.
    Israel said it intercepted one missile. Jordanian military sources said missile shrapnel hit the north of the kingdom without causing any casualties.
    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the strikes — the most serious incident between the two countries since the Syrian civil war started in 2011 — targeted “advanced” weapons bound for Hezbollah.
    The Lebanese Shiite movement fought a devastating war with Israel in 2006 and is now fighting alongside the Syrian government.
    1 Comment

    Perry Ritthaler ·
    Creston, British Columbia terrorism cell living around me
    Like · Reply · 2 mins

    Perry Ritthaler ·
    Creston, British Columbia
    I think these people are connected to the Israel bus bombing
    Like · Reply · Just now

  3. Food – The Ultimate Secret Exposed full version… Alex Jones addresses one of the darkest modes of power the globalists have used to control the population–…
    Perry Ritthaler
    Perry Ritthaler Overcharged cells due to electric overloads in the security grid do not a stabilize toxins in the human body, and no water prevents the cell cleaning itself; blocking vitamins in an electric field also prevents the neutralized toxins forming cancer inside of the human cell can reproduce and reveal the cellular structure illness and as this under balanced or overcharged cell flows through the human body or the body of a pet full of toxins; the sick cells find a weak organ or brain or female breast tissue cancer breeds a tumor and evolves.

  4. Afghan security forces repel Taliban attack, killing 5: police
    Source:Xinhua Published: 2017/3/24 17:32:21
    The Afghan security forces repelled an overnight attack by Taliban militants on a district headquarters in northern Takhar province, killing five attackers while four police were wounded, police said on Friday.

    “The attack occurred at midnight on Thursday after dozens of militants stormed Khwaja Bahawuddin district center. But security forces fought back the attackers after hours of heavy clashes, killing five,” Gen. Shir Aziz Kamawal, commander of 808 Spin Zaar Police Zone based in the region, told Xinhua.

    He said four members of Afghan Border Police and three militants also wounded during the exchange of fire in the district near the border with Tajikistan.

    The government office buildings were damaged following the clashes in the province, 245 km north of national capital of Kabul.

    In addition, five militants were killed after a pilotless plane of the NATO-led coalition forces struck a vehicle running in Erganak locality of Charhar Dara district in neighboring Kunduz province also on Thursday night, district Gov. Zulmai Farooqi told Xinhua earlier on Friday.

    Among the killed was Mullah Hashimi, a local Taliban commander, and the militants’ vehicle was also destroyed by the airstrike in the province, 250 km north of Kabul.

    Taliban militant group has yet to make comments.

    The Taliban has intensified attacks around the country recently, as spring and summer known as fighting season, are drawing near in the Central Asian country.

    On Wednesday night, the Taliban took control of Sangin district center in restive southern Helmand province but the Afghan officials said that the troops retreated from the district center after government relocated the district headquarters into outer side of the strategic district to avoid civilian casualties there.
    Posted in: MID-EAST
    digitalmindcoach • a few seconds ago
    Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by The Global Times.
    Brothers time to slow supply and drive up the price; stock piles mean diversified markets that increase demand and price point; FDA laws are money in
    other countries. See Canadian FDA laws on oxy

  5. Perry Ritthaler ISIS women Britain working with India women Britain working with British women backed by Russia taking over ISIS using the people around me to quagmire me and run ISIS ending up ISIS cyber terrorists trained with the best sciences to penetrate and infiltrate the USA economy and population; carried into the USA by people flipped by people who penetrated Veronica and Charlie in Spy Land Women Play Me
    People around me are backed by a voice they hear to attack me; your intelligence planner for the Pentagon and Oshawa tied to operations in the world tied to the war on terror. They attack me backed by an Arab who backs ISIS in cooperation with Russia controlling the bombing inside of Syria and Iran and Afghanistan tied to an identity theft individual that has taken data off my computer free will and my cameras as I fight the terrorism cold war penetrating Canada and the USA and Europe.

  6. Does Veronica pick one?
    Charlie; this is a sick game; I am not going to pick a grandchild or son to find out they end up the one.
    Veronica; the government created this; one person you do this too in your family; to deter terrorism in your home.
    Syria is a beautiful country and has many issues so be the one.

  7. Charlie; I am sexy.
    Yes Veronica; you have beautiful legs.
    Your people in play terrorize my family and tell me they want conflict; I believe the term was they want to rock and roll. Peace across the Middle East locking up military is the result and an audit by revenue Canada is always the best policy in my networks. My goal is to help you with Origami warfare featuring physics quantum cyber warfare and reverse physics economics bomb technologies designed by me and in play global and play these childish claims placing you President and family blow back or my PM or Premier in harm’s way.
    Management is always challenging when people are not loyal to the bigger picture.
    7th director taken down over strikes on me and my family by your teams in Creston backed by cold war BRICKS is always a possibility; my new warfare is hacked by your teams and distributed to India and BRICKS and Asia through the political leverage; to steal verses pay using your mickey mouse clandestine players; building crime hitting impeachment drums coup failed; used to hit the Saudi kingdom through banks predator prey using software hijacking your operations playing the 2 trillion buy back Dubai; Russia World Bank Bricks Bank moving on Fed leveraging Saudi USA investments and oil production spikes to make up short falls in economy; hitting NATO oil producers. Wiping the floor through the program inside your borders has cost you government 20 trillion; pay my bill or fall further using your own people in play managing a broken bicycle on a broken road.
    India asked to leave region of Pakistan.
    Submission Reference ID: 72HWRFLK

  8. Thank You for Filling out This Form

    Shown below is your submission to on Sunday, June 11, 2017 at 02:03:31

    This form resides at

    Topic: Employee Complaint
    Message: Dear Commissioner My research evaluation of government infrastructure operations under threat; well it appears your people in social services are using disabled people as human shields to achieve objectives revolving around forced euthanasia pensioner pick a date to die and the terrorism cyber with a man-made invasion extortion force to push women to the top of government by creating terrorism world court war crimes tied to the PM and his RCMP.
    First Name: Perry
    Last Name: Ritthaler
    Company: digital mind coach
    Street Address: 1 445 6th avenue north
    City: Creston
    State: British Columbia
    Postal Code: V0B1G3
    Country: Canada
    Work Phone #: 2504285232
    Email Address:

    Use the link to return to the HRA Form
    Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Sorry to say same this is happening again tonight I am hit on the feet digital and my spine moved out of place; in hopes I go after your family or the Premier or mayor or police or my neighbors or PM.
    Thank you for contacting the White House.
    If you have questions on Federal Government services, please visit, or continue exploring
    Thank you again for your message,
    The Office of Presidential Correspondence
    @JustinTrudeau security threat my research open source my family hit to unveil research that frames government of Canada and USA
    Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
    Your message has been received by the website administrator. Our service standard is to respond to English and French enquiries only. If necessary, we will respond as soon as possible.
    Please note: In order to protect our website from viruses, we delete messages with attachments. We will not forward your message to another site. We also do not respond to any correspondence that contains offensive language.
    If you are looking for phone numbers for RCMP Divisions across Canada see RCMP Divisions — Telephone Numbers.
    June 5 2017

    Dear Mr. Bob Paulson
    Sorry to bother you; I have still got cyber terrorism in my home and digital assaults on my heart and brain and sexual organ. I feel molested and hurt and very sick most days due to this terrorism in my home.
    My movie series is good enough to train police on physics cyber warfare terrorism and a new strain of advanced cold war techniques; 130 1 hour video presentations in total; however I think they are taken and knocked off and sold to police or military or agencies around the world spreading the most advanced homeland defense security random in the world; that through ISIS or foreign governments may blow back on Canada or the NATO forces.
    The police appear to be discouraged with the one and I do not think they believe this is the best program; so this is good results; I need to clear my bill with your teams; this was black book; do you want the program on top or still black book or discontinued counter intelligence guerrilla warfare training?
    Please deal with this before you leave office because you next person in charge may not know the program objectives.
    Dear Bob Paulson
    The people say they can stop the covert cyber bully death of my mom and my dad tells me every night she is targeted; your police are a joke in Creston and so is the department i help. Your leadership of this situation and your police in my community are an embarrassment to the uniform. I place my faith in police and all you send me for support is cons. some lady named carol hits my mom and tells my neighbor Karen if we hit her we do not get hit.
    Security Concern
    This is a set up and someone will hit the PM mother and put my name on it or the President’s wife or daughter; you have floated her image several times on me today.
    Thank you for contacting the White House.
    If you have questions on Federal Government services, please visit, or continue exploring
    Thank you again for your message,
    The Office of Presidential Correspondence

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