Brain Manipulation

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What are electromagnetic fields?
Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation
You hit me standing in front of my open kitchen window and you shape my energy and emotions by vibrating the cells in the subatomic level inside of my electromagnetic field connecting my heart and brain.
Telephone pole top MI5 gadget or tower in flats.

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Brain Manipulation

Has No Firewall

Detection of Satellite Mind Control
Remote Neural Monitoring

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“We have to see to it that global virtual war on tho unarmed civilians in seven billion population comes quickly as it can. There is excessive use of military g on unarmed civilians. The perpetrator claims that t invincible for three decades now, but I tell it is prim of military grade, yet to come, on unarmed civilians thousands in population of seven billion and that is success. Probably starting from 1980s, this technol Given the vast satellite monitoring, electromagneti monitoring by professionals and vast electronic wa this technology has probably survived due to its un electronics.”

tt :// iti t. r / r i i l ti /


Human brain cells communicate by superconductivity, not electricity. Electricity speed of light, while superconductivity isin the range of the speed of sound. Gov researchers have a devicecalled a SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interfere actually monitors the light flowing from brain cell to brain cell. Thisis why over 5 dry matter weight is iridium and rhodium.However, this does not subtract from electromagnetic waveshave the ability to change what the brain experiences an

SECTION B. AN INTRO TO IMPLANTS B1. Three typical implant victims
Let’s look at three victims who suffer from of mind-control implants & body-con are known by this author. We can refer to them as “Amy”, Victim No. 1001…, “Be
1002…, and “Cathy”, Victim No. 1003… –“Amy” determined by using a spectrum had waves of 750 mhz targeted on her. “Betty” determined that she had the ent radio-microwaves hitting her in a Morse code pattern. The transceiver (transmi the signals was a fiber optic receiver made to look like a pubic hair that repeated her underwear. Apparently, this side effect is a “bug” they haven’t gotten out of “Cathy” has ELF & VLF waves of 435 & 1080 Mhz signals targeted on her. Whe types of waves come, and when she remains still the 1080 signal fades. (435 is i Mhz band which is the window to the human consciousness, and 1080 is in the band.) They are also using a Nitrogen particle beam, which produces “nitrogen n bends) in targeted victims. Xenon lamps can affect the mind and body, too. 435 to 1080 by interaction with the high-atmosphere HAARP project. The 1100 (10 frequency can affect genetics. Implant RF frequencies have been damaging the victims. Although this gives us a starting point in our discussion, these are not th that threaten mind-control victims. (See Section Dl for direct monitoring /manip frequencies.) Author W.H. Bowart in his Vol.1, No. 1, pg. 1 Freedom of Thought Brian Bard of Glendale, CA who wrote, “I failed to discuss the utilization of pow control implants. Like Delgrado’s stimoceiver, no internal power source is neces electro-magnetic energy which is collected through induction by such relays pr electrical charge of equal energy. Utilizing a capacitance circuitry design, the ch mechanical distortion of the crystalline lattice and discharged as a focused puls magnetic energy at a lower frequency. Higher frequency E-M has a higher ener frequency. Thus, the effective output of photons may be twice or thrice the pote “A more advanced design in use utilizes 50 or more distinct channels for various only the encrypted primary input signal utilized for signal output, but several ch reserved for supplementary energy induction. With integrated switching, both surveillance of brainwave activity may be enhanced. Contrawise, signal output and focused on specific neural pathways. The devices remain active, programma with multiple selectable channels so long as electro-magnetic induction continu

Modern microchip implants will have 250,000 components. Certain electrical fr certain neurochemicals. The frek 7.83, which is the elec. field resonating betwe ionosphere, makes the subject feel in one with all creation. But it isn’t quite that
7.83 frek can be sent in numerous different wave shapes, such as the rolling sin

jagged sawtooth waves, rectangular (flat on top, flat on bottom) waves, and they different effect on the brain. (Mega brain, pp. 108-109) One can imagine the po implant that could create the proper frequencies could have over an individual. B2. Documentation of implants.

On the following pages, are the startling anechoic chamber results when two vi implants were examined. (Synthetic telepathy implants give thoughts & voices.) document that they were receiving signals, in fact, the anechoic chamber result point what building those signals were coming from!


The best way for people to understand electromagnetic waves is to think of the
Some waves in the ocean are big, and some are small, size is amplitude.
Some beaches have waves that come quickly and some have waves that come sl the frequency that the waves comes.

Researcher figured out how they could change the amplitude or the frequency waves in a controlled way, and this is called amplitude modulation or frequency Because all electromagnetic energy beams travel the same speed 3 x 10¹º cm/se with a short wave must have many more of those short waves pass in a given tim than a long wave. The shorter the wave the greater the frequency that a wave w our image of an ocean is that it moves up and down in relation to the surface.

In other words, the ocean wave moves (vibrates) up and down in relation to the mathematical plane). Electromagnetic waves vibrate in 3 dimensions (relative to generally they are only drawn as one-dimensional waves. Our brains operate on very low frequency (from one cycle per second) to about 50 cycles per second.
is called a Hertz (Hz). Due to the wide range of different amplitudes and freque more practical to induce various measuring units. It would be nice if all the meas be done in feet or meters or whatever, but the range in size from the very tiny to means that they use different measuring units. Just like you use different measu quart of milk and 3 gallons of gas. The milk could be called a quarter-gallon but i

In measuring frequency they use the following measuring terms:
1,000,000 cycles per second = Megahertz (MHz)
1,000 cycles per second = Kilohertz (KHz)
1 cycle per second = Hertz (Hz)
In measuring amplitude they measure the length of the waves with kilometers, centimeters. The very small waves are measured in angstroms, microns, and na an angstrom. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. That is a very tiny fraction
1/1,000,000,000 of a meter or for short an nanometer. A micron is one milliont
a meter. Ten nanometers are said to make up an angstrom. (In other words an an billionth of a meter.)

After they measure radio frequencies, the waves of different lengths are given o could just say ‘waves from 30,000 to 300,000 MHz”, but instead they shorten t special name for these waves EHF (Extremely High Frequency waves.)

This names are as follows:
Extremely High Frequency EHF: 30,000 to 300,000 MHz Superhigh Frequency SHF: 3,000 to 30,000 MHz Ultrahigh Frequency UHF: 300 to 3,000 MHz
High Frequency VHF: 30 to 300 MHz Medium Frequency MF: 300 to 3,000 KI-Iz Low Frequency LF: 30 to 300 KHz
Very Low Frequency VLF: 3 to30KHz
Extremely Low Frequency ELF: Below 3 KHz to 1 Hz or less


The lower brain frequencies pertain to sleep and dream states. The middle brai pertain to normal wakeful activity. The higher brain frequencies pertain to arou or states of anxiety. No brain waves means a person is “brain dead”, even though functions may continue. Naturally occurring phenomena, such as lightning in a t sunny days that soak a person with extra positive ions, can all affect the thinking

These frequency no’s are in Hertz which is cycles per sec. (However the first pa non-linear, asymmetrical waves, which are mistakenly called Hertzian by many p
1 Approx. beginning of brain waves
6.66 Theta brain waves
7.85 Alpha brain waves
15.7 Beta brain waves
30-30.56 Government VLF stations
32-33 Government VLF stations
34-42 Government VLF stations
50 Approx. Upper limit of brain wave frequencies
60 Produces an audible sound
62-254.1 CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch Systems). These tones CTC broadcast continually interspersed on a frequency, which allows several differe broadcast separately on the same frequency and only pick up the message that tone.

Post Office Tones are 82.5, 91.5, 97.4. & 100.9. U.S. Customs & border patrol is 100 Hz. U.S.
Secret service is 103.5 Hz. EPA is 114.8. IRS & BATF is 123.0. Veterans Affairs, GSA, & Dept. of Energy is 127.3.
Fed. Aviation Admin. & U.S. Marshall service is 136.5. Coast Guard Intell. is 141.3 Hz.
Dept. of State & Border Patrol is 151.4 Hz.
Drug Enforcement Agency, Fed. Aviation Admin., & Nat. Marine Fisheries is 156
Justice Dept., FBI is 167.9.
10² (10 x 10) Ultrasonic
10³ Lower range of true Hertzian waves, waves in cycles per sec lower than this human heart beat or Brain alpha waves are not Hertzian.
104 (10,000)
16,000-32,000 Range of Frequencies used in European implants to signal the i
54,900,000 Hz (54.9 MHz) Cellular phones (Also 435 MHz, 750 MHz, & 1080 discovered being targeted on victims of implant mind-control.)
10¹¹ to 10¹² Far infra-red
10¹³ “Raman” I.R.
10¹4 Near Infra-red
10¹4 to 10¹5 Visible light spectrum
For picture #15 p_6-15.jpg

B3. GWEN Towers
The GWEN towers can be used for several purposes, including ELF waves used control which will be covered toward the back of this chapter. Because they also implants system the are included before the chapter discusses implants. Unfort humans, ELF waves can penetrate almost anything. The U.S. Military has built a Emergency Network (GWEN) all over the U.S. with several hundred 300-500′ G broadcast a very-low-frequency wave (VLF) for mind-control of the American p GWEN tower can broadcast up to 300 miles in a 3600 circle. Plus 8 secret pow transmitters have been established and 3 of them operate on the west coast. It pointed out that many items that are receivers can also function in the role of tr Televisions, cellular phones, even air conditioners can be used to bounce signals Many strange towers and transmitting devices have been installed all over the U

B4. Body suits
Victims of mind-control who receive implants often are given a body suit of impl of these implant sites used on the human body have been mapped 10.00 out on

charts. The mapped sites on these charts are verified by a. an insider, who learn what is going on, EM (H) & b. this author’s experience in working with a sizable victims. Implants can be placed anywhere, but there are certain key sites that te location used also depends upon the type of implant. Implants over the body cre trigger moods, pain, and other phenomena. Implants for auditory sounds are in implants are used for mind-control. Tracking implants are also placed into peopl

Section C. Specific Implants
Cl. Audio implants (a. public. b. secret) C2. Body manipulation implants
C3. Visual holographic implants
C4. Memex/Brain Link implants
C5. Torture/Nerve & Muscle Stimulation Implants
C6. Tracking & I.D. Implants. C1. AUDIO IMPLANTS

The concepts used in audio implants had been discovered in the first half of the the refinement of technology to take advantage of what had been discovered w second half of the century. The development of audio implants ran on two track public medical research and the other was the secret Illuminati/Intelligence Age Audio implants began to be publicly placed into people in the 1960s. The Illumin experimenting on some victims at this stage, and the military in the Vietnam wa implant devices to aid communicating to their men who were sent into tunnels a placed into forest situations where audible noise would compromise their locati The Illuminati/Intelligence/& Military consortium was keeping the experimenta appears from looking at the worldwide research on audio implants that the Illum the field was so ambiguous, and open to so many different approaches, that rath straightjacket the research community by a specific strategy, they encouraged a approaches in the research. Consequently, research by one group would overla research by another. Much to their credit, a few researchers rejected offers to g because they saw the sinister ramifications. By the 1970s, the intelligence agen to start using hundreds of people to experiment operationally with the implants state of the U.S. were selected as victims. Many of these implant victims had pro personalities already. The controllers were very heavy handed with the people t and they used the full force of the Illuminati/Intelligence agencies power to kee under their control at all times. These innocent victims have had their lives total Some tried to fight back, spending thousands of dollars to get out from underne audio messages that the implants sent, but the system was too big and too pow Police, congressmen, psychologists and many other people turned their backs o Some victims who initially fought back gave up resisting, some committed suicid continued to fight. Meanwhile, on the public track during the 1970s & 1980s, m kept putting more and more audio implants into deaf and hard-to-hear persons. people in the U.S. and many hundreds in other nations such as the U.K., German Australia, France and other countries began to receive the cochlear implants. A proud of their audio implant research/development they issued a postage stam implant device (“bionic ear”) developed in Australia. The question begs asking, if people have publicly received audio implants, isn’t obvious that the secret socie intelligence agencies have done at least as much if not far more?

1790–first known attempt by Volta to electrically stimulate the ears. He shot a volts of electricity into his auditory system, and experienced the sensation of a b followed by a sound like the boiling of viscous liquid.
1850–Electro-otiatrics was begun by otologists who hoped electricity could he various ways.
1925–Sounds were created in people by radio engineers by placing electrodes modulated alternating current.
1930–Weaver & Bray discovered the principles used later in the cochlear micr
1937–By passing an alternating electrical current in the audible frequency rang electrode to the skin, Steven, Jones, Lurie and Flottorp found they could have p

For a number of years these men studied this phenomena.
1957–Djourno and Eyries in France woke the world up concerning the ability t stimulate the auditory nerves and produce sound with their reports. A patient f reportedly gets William F. House, MD interested in developing an implant devic
1961–William House implants two patients with short-term audio implants. On a multiple electrode implant.
1960s–intense research for audio implants is conducted in California in places Univ. of Calif., in L.A. etc. The military uses audio implants operationally to be ab soldiers in situations where external noise would compromise the location of th soldiers, such as exploring tunnel system.
1970s–Various researchers around the world begin publicly implanting audio i people. The Illuminati and intelligence agencies begin to secretly implant people because many of the early victims can pin point at time in the 1970s when they implants.
1980–The FDA establishes Federal regulations regarding cochlear audio impla
1984–By this year, 369 people have publicly received the House Cochlear Aud have been implanted by 36 different clinics. The 3M Cochlear Implant System! use in adults, which is already in hundreds of adults, receives FDA approval in N
1990s–Audio implants along with other implants begin to be used more aggres control programmers. Successful intelligence operations are carried out with th implants.

Thousands have publicly received audio implants, and thousands have received without their permission by the New World Order. The implants (whether secre basically have to contain A. a receiver(s), B. a processor, C. a transmitter, D. elec stimulating device. When sound waves arrive to the human ear, the sound cause reactions all along the auditory pathway–from the cochlea, the auditory nerve, nuclei and the primary cortical projection areas. Each of these areas are fair gam machinations of the mind-control researchers. There are brain stem potentials the auditory brain stem nuclei–primarily in the inferior colliculi. The public audi produce a small electrical stimulus that bypasses damaged hair cells and directl remaining auditory neural elements. This means that for the secret implants, th impulse that is generated to stimulate the person to hear a sound or sentence is by everyone but the victim. As mentioned before, psychologists are being used by declaring that they are crazy for claiming to hear voices. How do these psych the person isn’t hearing voices from an implant? Some psychologists are declari victims are “crazy”, “delusional”, & “insane”, because audio implants supposedly d therefore it is useless to give any credence to the complaints of victims. In other psychologists are being used as the establishment’s witch doctors to cover up t activities of the New World Order. What’s new? Establishment shrinks helped c programmed multiplicity for decades by labelling the programmed-multiple slav schizophrenics”. During experiments, it was discovered that the skin of a person auditory vibrations, so tests were run to see if implants in other parts of the hum used for auditory implants. The vibrotacticle system of the skin has an upper lim
400 to 500 Hz. In contrast the auditory system had a frequency range between and an optimum range of 300 to 3,000 Hz. The auditory system had a dynamic r (decibels) which the vibrotactile had only a 30-35 dB range. In other words, usin the chest to send auditory vibrations to the brain was a very limited way to crea purposes it isn’t a viable approach, even though some experimental auditory im in places like the chest. The ones that were tested only reconfirmed the suspicio results are by using the inner cochlea and the auditory canal area. Dr. Begich’s a showed that a nonlinear function will translate one frequency to another freque it does jump, this method is inadequate for the current mind control signals, and is used which operates simply on the energy that the implants have.

Originally single channel devises were used, but then multichannel devices wer superior. The processing units of a device, had to have an extraction method to pitch of the signal and then would present a square wave at the rate of that freq miniature computers that made up part of the audio implant were made so that programmable. Some of the publicly implanted people (for instance some who g

cochlear auditory implant), who thought they were getting medical help, were l decade later by the intelligence agencies for their own agenda, and instead of ju world, they got to hear mind-control drivel from some handler communicating v sound waves come into the public implants, they are fast Fourier transformed in lying between say 100 and 4000 Hz. Each channel may be assigned to a specific on an array of electrodes. The electrodes are stimulated for instance at 300 pul The transmissions go to receiver/stimulators that then stimulate the subject to (Fourier transforms have also been identified being used by human brains to en

In order to keep their signals to their implanted victims secret, the Network em called piggybacking where they piggyback their own audio transmission onto st frequencies.

CANAL is the acronym for an system that is used simultaneously for transmissi via the use of a double-frequency shift keying (DFS). Radio transmitters that se are variously called BURST, SQUIRT, SQUASH, or high-speed transmitters.

a. by themselves
b. with other implants
c. in conjunction with other mind-control devices

Part A. Publicly admitted audio implants Part. B. Secretly implanted audio implants. Part A. Publicly admitted audio implants.
The entire world has gotten involved in audio implant research. The British Coc Group has been setting up “implanting centres” for the UK. Not all the publicly will be listed here, for instance, some of those I chose not to list include some de by Bosch & Colomina, the ones created in Thailand by upgrading american mad several made in East and West Germany before the wall went down, and the Sw was simply the Austrian audio implant used with their own processor.

3M COCHLEAR IMPLANT SYSTEM/HOUSE DESIGN–MODEL 7700 (AKA A BANFAI, EMG –Several models developed by Banfai in Cologne-Dueren, West digital, with a pulsatile signal and a programmable memory. The implant can be c with using an interface device hooked to a computer. The patient has a keyboar implanted in 1977 and has 8/14 and 16 channels. It has been implanted into hu BRITISH, for instance UCH– Developed by Douek, Fourcin and Moore in Lond with a single electrode in 1978 and multiple electrodes in 1990. The implant ha promontory grooves for the electrode, and neural network programming in its c

CHEN AUDIO IMPLANT–developed in Guangzhoi, mainland China and first im was said by the chinese that 20 people received this implant.

CZECHOSLOVAKIAN–Implants were created by Volvoda and Tichy in Prague the 1980s into a few people.

FRASER–Developed in London, and first implanted in 1983. It was notable bec window in the implant. In the first few years it was implanted into 56 people. Th implant in a high-grade Silastic rather than an epoxy, as some other European re done

FRAYASE–Developed in Toulouse, France, this audio implant was implanted wit the chest. It was first implanted in 1981, and 22 people were said to have receiv GOA–developed in Shanghai, China by Lee and Lin.

INERAID- (fka Symbion) produced by the Richards Company, USA. In the Journ Acoustical Society of America, Mar. 1994, vol. 95, pp. 1677-1678, they have an woman who had an implant in one ear and not the other. She was asked to comp signals from natural sources versus the right ear audio implant. The most apical electrode was not as accurate as the more basal located electrodes using an Ine

IMPLEX COM 12–Comes with an interfacing computer and a Syncom patient s

LAURA–Developed at Antwerp, Belgium. These were first implanted in 1986, a canal antenna, a microphone entirely internal in the auditory canal, a pre-amp, a data control circuit. Only a few subjects got this implant. It comes with a compu interface unit. It does have a programmable memory.

MED-EL –Developed in Austria at Vienna and Innsbruck by Hochmair, and first
1977. Hundreds of people were implanted with this audio implant. Some were i externally with it and some internally inside the ear canal. It has one channel an electrodes stimulating the audio channel. It is analogue, and sends an analogue have a programmable memory.

MXM- -Developed by Chouard in Paris and first implanted in 1974. It had been
1990 into 179 people.

NUCLEUS 22, NUCLEUS MINISYSTEM 22, and other NUCLEUS AUDIO IMP CLARK’s Implants)–At least two models developed in Australia at Melbourne. T was first implanted in 1978. The implant is programmable from the outside. It h into many hundreds of people. It has a multitude of electrodes that stimulate th is digital, sends a pulsatile signal, and has a programmable memory. The implant diagnostic and programming interface computer. The Australian government he with millions of dollars research into audio implants and got the Cochlear Corp going. Nucleus uses what is called MULTIPEAK which provides high-frequency
2000 to 7000 Hz. With this 4 electrodes are stimulated in rapid succession, and algorithms are used which change the relationship between the pulse amplitud duration in order to allow 4 pulses to occur within a single frame. The Nucleus M approved by the FDA for implantation in both adults and children.
Storz Instrument Co.’s Implant–developed at Univ. of Calif, San Francisco.

Part. B. Secretly implanted audio implants.

There were several profiles of people that were used in the World Order’s selec victims to implant. The following were criteria that they liked in the selection pr vulnerable, such as single women, b. people who were already programmed wit mind-control, c. psychics, who had already told people they heard or saw things don’t, d. people, not highly regarded by society such as minorities, criminals, stre mentally insane, who would not be able to find a support system to help them fi experimentation. They also did the audio implants into some of their own intelli apparently to some who were getting somewhat difficult to their superiors. Bec of profile, and some other things this author learned, it appears that the initial t used more for experimentation and development than they were for actual ope with more than 2 decades of experience, they are now fully operational. From w interaction (messages) with victims of audio implants, it is clear that they are no stage, but are fully operational, and have a full cadre of trained operatives (men the secret bases from which the monitor and broadcast signals to their slaves. T bases with 3 shifts and the graveyard shift leaves approx. 6 a.m. In other words, tell they are using standard shift times for the audio implant control staffs.

COCHLEAR IMPLANTS–There are Cochlear implants for auditory control secr without permission. A rubber molding skin color covers the outer lining of the e tiny slits in this lining, which when pushed to the side would show the presence plastic rod/wire embedded in the area. Sometimes burn marks occur on sides of intense heat generated by implants, which is painful.

DENTAL AUDITORY IMPLANTS–At least a dozen victims have complained tha were capped they began hearing voices. Other sources indicate that during the implants are being put into people. This is the type of implant placed into J. Z. K dormant for many years until they decided to activate her as New Age guru.

RIDGE IMPLANTS– These implants can produce Theta waves and even voices. to suppress a particular type of thinking. The body may be sent into paralysis or stimulus-response stimuli in order to suppress certain thought patterns. If the s have certain thought patterns that threaten the programming and programmin implants kick in to divert the person’s mental activity to something else.

The subject of body manipulating implants could have been placed in chapter 8, desire was to keep all the information on implants together. Mankind has placed human body for thousands of years in the hope that it would produce some typ history of this type of implants is volumous. Reader’s Digest had an article abou paraplegics the use of their arms and legs with implants. Implants are being plac body to effect growth changes, to change hormone levels (such as to stop estro DNA growth, to carry out behavior modification, etc. Several papers have recom offenders get implants. The Rambo chips that have been put into many men hav some big crimes. In recent times, the following body manipulating implants have about:
CRYSTALLINE CORTICOSTERONE IMPLANTS– These implants affect the hy pituitary-adrenal (HPA) activity when there is stress or basal activity. It was plac prefrontal cortex (MpFC) to regulate the response to certain types of stress. Jo Neuroscience, Sept. 1993, Vol. 13, pp. 3839-3847.

NORPLANT–a contraceptive implant placed into hispanic and black teenagers
Haenszel procedure. Written about in Journal of Adolescent Health, May 1995
389-395 by Nancy Campbell-Heider, John Glantz, Sandra Glantz, Eric Schaff, et POLYMERIC BRAIN IMPLANT–These implants are ethylene-vinyl acetate copo disks and are used to release into the brain dopamine for a period of a number o testing of this has been done at Yale Univ. School of Medicine. Written about in Neurology, Apr. 1989, Vol. 25, pp. 35 1-356. Written by Matthew During, Andr Bernhard Sabel, and Mark Saltzman, et. al.

PROTO-32 IMPLANT–Designed by Dr. McDaniels and a Dr. Paul Hod. This imp microchip memory affects DNA growth within a person. The two doctors who d device are claimed to have died after they created the chip. The FDA has approv implant in the brain. It’s believed that there is a patent on the chip.

SILASTICMELATONIN-FILLED IMPLANT- Used to alter the speed of resynchr circadian rhythm in birds, and implanted by the Max-Plank Institute fur Verhalt Andechs, Germany. Although this was for birds, mention of it is done here to poi research done at the Max-Plank Institute. It was written about in the Physiology magazine, July 1995, Vol. 58, p. 89-90 by Michaela Hau and Eberhard Gwinner.
TESTOSTERONE IMPLANT–used to release testosterone into the subject. C3. VISUAL/HOLOGRAPHIC IMPLANTS
Hollywood has given us movies where visual and holographic implants are show the real world? Yes, it does happen in more than the movies. Publicly, the establi experimentally placed visual implants into a few volunteers. On the real life side there have been a number of victims who have been subjected to visual implant consent. One victim in Massachusetts labels her visual implants “visual prosthe “I use this term loosely because they are more so attachments than replacemen vision.

Every now and then the public is made aware of where the World Order wants research is at. In the Jan. 13, 1997 issue of U.S. News & World Report (p. 52), t researchers of the retinal chip that could potentially give sight to the blind was r interesting the article’s choice of words “retinal chip unveiled” (bold added).

After it was realized that sounds could be artificially made via electromagnetic people, researchers naturally thought of giving sight to the blind. In the 1960’s

researchers struggled to produce implants that could restore sight to the blind. hijacked by the NWO types and has been developed into another component fo control.

In the 60’s Giles Brindley and others at Cambridge Univ. and in the 70’s William others at the Univ. of Utah, both were able to show that individual phosphenes electrical currents, thus showing the feasibility of visual implants. (See GS Brind sensations produced by electrical stimulation of the visual cortex” in J. Physiolo pp. 479-493. and W.H. Dobelle’s article in 1974 “Phosphenes produced by elec of human occipital cortex, and their application to the development of a prosthe in J. Physiol, 243: 553-576.) The public development went forward with the blin blind people still have the neurons (which are like a natural computer) in the hig of the brain fully intact, the implants are designed to take advantage of this unus

The body has sensory pathways, that were discovered to be maps. In creating a brain actually takes an image through several maps before getting the final imag for motion, along with at least 5 others maps such as one for form. The photore retina react to the three primary colors and have 3 primary color maps created image made from the photoreceptors of the retina. (One’s genetics contribute t perceives a primary color, we don’t all see colors uniformly.) The retina’s output nerves or retinal output) map the electrical image again onto the retinal ganglio optic nerves project the electrical image to a relay image (the lateral geniculate the brain begins combining the maps of the two eyes. Another network of neuro optic radiations) then transfers the image back to the rear of the brain to the pri cortex. Then the brain takes the image through several higher level maps to its fi product–the viewer’s perceived picture. The microelectrode array that creates blind person may be hooked up to the primary visual cortex, or other points in t microelectrode arrays that were initially tested were much cruder than the hum pixelized (turned into pixels, that is points) what the video camera saw. The impl the human eye’s natural abilities something like what the old dot matrix printers comparison to a computer laser printer. The blind person’s perception via the im somewhat cruder than actual sight. Experiments have found that the brain has a power in choosing how it interprets images, so that it is hoped that the plasticity system will allow blind people’s brain to adapt to what they are being shown ove to get the maximum visual advantage. This also implies that victims of visual imp of a more sophisticated technology will also have a natural tendency to rewire t accommodate the new sensory inputs.

One of several groups of public researchers into Visual Neuroprosthetics (visua Richard A. Normann, with the Dept. of Bioengineering, John Moran Lab for App Neural Sciences, at the Univ. of Utah. In 1990, he spoke to people at the IEEE In Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics about visual implants. At that co cybernetics, there were already well thought out methods for creating silicon b arrays. The John Hopkins University in Massachusetts is another research cent implants. MIT and Harvard have also been researching in the subject of visual im in material available and micro-fabrication techniques has permitted the semico manufacturer to create electrode arrays with 3-D architectures, which can then the visual parts of a person.

In a true visual prosthetic, a video encoder (camera) transforms the visual world individual into electrical signals that are used to excite neurons at some point of pathway. The video camera encoder will be a silicon retina that replaces some o that the human retina performs, and then it makes what it sees into signal comp neurons the encoder must stimulate. The signals from the encoder excite neuro hard-wired percutaneous connection, or a telemetry link. “The stimulating elect implanted into visual pathway such that each electrode is able to excite only a s neurons in the vicinity of the electrode.” (Normann, Richard. “Visual Neuropros Vision for the Blind”, in IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology, Jan-Feb. ’95, the picture sent by the implants to the brain, electrodes the size of the neurons stimulate in the eye were developed. Kensall Wise at the University of Michigan

high density electrode arrays out of silicon. In one model, the electrodes are .08 and taper to a sharpened tip. An array of hundreds of such electrodes can be im cortical tissue about 1.5-2.0 mm below the cortical surface. This is not all of the considerations involved, but it gives an idea of the direction that public research special pneumatic inserter that can shoot the arrays at high velocities to insert t cortical tissue was created by Patrick Rousche. This method provided limited co images. To further improve the picture, implants are being created that create a rather than a cortical map. This can take advantage of the image forming proper eye, and may give satisfactory images. At the current pace of public developmen that restore sight are only a few years away from mass production. Meanwhile, continues to create and use visual implants that are more sophisticated than wh sector has been allowed to create. Bear in mind that these researchers use eith grant money or government grant money to operate. The Network is very caref technology is developed. Some excessively ambitious implant researchers (not v have seen their work have a national security gag order thrown over them, and up muzzled from getting out to the public.

FIBER OPTICS– Fiber optics permits the Network to use a fiber optic that look television camera. In a body suit, several fiber optic cameras that look like hairs key places to provide the handlers remote viewing. Fiber optics can also be mou to provide a means to receive remote pictures. Fiber optic implants can be place any site on the body. One victim of electronic mind-control, who has repeatedly Optic hairs, had a tiny fiber optic hair shot into her chest above her tank top whi restaurant. Some other implants that carry out the same function look like wart blisters.

ARTIFICIAL LENSES — One victim describes his eye implants: “They are oblong square opening in the middle of them. They appear to be located on my corneas them to be more accurate. They are connected to rods or wires that are spread area and under the skin like a mask. The implants also appear to be connected t implants which are the cause of the repeated voice transmissions that I hear.” Vi was able to pick up the presence of a reddish orange smear or stain covering my color blends with her own eye coloring so it is extremely difficult to see anything lenses of the implants are not lined up evenly with her cornea. The victim with t states, “Whenever I close my eyes, I see the presence of constant red orange ha tint of whitish blue. I also see a small area of fluorescent green color. When I sle to virtual reality type pictures like programs being run through a computer with There is a constant whirring and clicking effect that comes from other implants In review. Visual implants are at time called visual prosthetus, but are actually at than replacements. They are oblong with a square opening in the middle of them on the cornea (rapped around them) and are connected to rods/wires that are s facial area and under the skin like a mask. The coloring of the implant is blended colors to camouflage it. When the victim closes his or her eyes there is a consta red-orange haze centered around a small screen. There are also two orbs with a blue, and a small area of fluorescent green. Visual reality pictures are run like pr computer, that have a three-D effect. The left forehead scalp area has a whirrin

BIO-CHIPS that “talk” to nerve cells. Some of the readers will have already hear that talk to nerve cells. Stanford Research Inst. has been working on such bio-ch public research is generally a cover for what has already been discovered.

HOLOGRAPHIC OR H-INSERT– There is one type which has been called a Hol H-Implant. A holographic memory is created by this implant. This may or may no which are capable of creating holographic images in the mind. Let’s discuss the n

HOLOGRAPHIC IMPLANTS VIA NANOTECHNOLOGY & NANOBOTS Nanotechnology is technology pertaining to very tiny robots and tiny computer range of nanometer-size (10 to 1,000 billionth of a meter). Nano means “one-bil words, extremely microscopic, we are talking about robots & machines one-billi large. The Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) makes it possible to see some

single atom. The STM will also pick up atoms and move them. People who are in technology have regular meetings in the Silicon Valley. A Johannesburg, South A Nanoteq (recently taken over by the Amer. company Microchip Technology) wa created nanotechnology encoders (based on a non-linear logarithm that mixes t and changes codes frequently). Microchip Technology is putting these encoders of microcontrollers which are EEPROM-based.

The encoders are called Keeloq hopping-code technology. They are good in pro wave, ELF, infrared and radio-wave transmissions. Microchip Corp. is creating a group called Secure Data Products to work with this type of technology. In othe system reported on in Vol. 2 is being miniaturized. Another Nanotechnology co Nanosystems, which is working with the Jansen Pharmaceutica N.y. unit of Illum Johnson and Johnson. We know numerous companies like the two mentioned a working on Nanotechnology. We also know that they are not going to tell us the and what they have really developed. For instance, this author had a hearty laug The New York Times (11/19/96 pg. Cl) article “Feat of the minuscule: scientists carbon molecules: invention at Swiss research laboratory may be a step toward computers”, because the article is patently disinformation! According to the arti Gimzewski and colleagues discovered how to make tiny balls of 60 carbon-atom these balls “Buckyballs”. They can move these balls via what they call a “scannin A picture of the teeny-tiny 60-atom balls was shown in the article. So what did t ability? They built an abacus (yeah sure! Come on guys!). If the reader understa computer at the most basic level is simply a base 2 number system. Anything th move or switch can be the basis for a computer. A computer is simply an enormo off switches, where 0 can stand for off and 1 for on, etc.

The article states, “Scientists at Switzerland have invented an ultraminiature ab spherical carbon molecules sliding along the microscopic copper groves act as t for performing arithmetic calculations.” (So they are using it for arithmetic, yeah reported that its scientists used the STM to move individual atoms so that they atoms. If you believe that the ability to arrange individual atoms and tailor-build that IBM scientists could spell IBM, then this book isn’t for you. A more recent N (2/2/97, p. E6) discusses how Xerox Corporation has created sensors the thickn These are called MEMS (micro-electomechanical systems). The article states, ” about doing more with less, about being lean, mean, and next to invisible.” The a facts. It does give a hint of the incredible power these little gadgets have when t into his propaganda tirade at the end of the article, “Paradoxically the fear that a fantasy of nanotechnology is not that the culture will be as stratified and fragme England, but that the new culture will be one that is unrecognizable to everyone is true, this nano technology is taking us to the place that society will not be rec

The age of the future is planned to be the age of robots–humans if they are to s robotic slaves for the illuminated elite. However, this is not paranoid fear as the implies, but it is the unfortunate reality humanity faces. Some people apparently experiencing it. One victim of mind-control, whose father is Military Intelligence is part of the Illuminati, claims that he has been subjected to tiny robots called n nanobots have been featured on TV, where they have been billed as an asset for Reportedly, these tiny robots can work off of 10-100 kilohertz of beamed powe shaped antennas, 2 little six-pointed “wings” to attach and move themselves wit boron-carbon nanobots have all kinds of purposes. One use is for multitudes of be placed into a single victim’s head, where they are programmed to migrate to programmed positions where they can suppress the optical signals to the brain signals with their own holographic images that can be externally transmitted to preprogrammed in. They are trying or have succeeded, depending upon who is t nanobots, in making self-replicating assemblers. In other words, they have built that build other robots. (Sounds like something the Japanese would do.) Nanobot researchers talk about how great it will be to have tiny robots that are blood cell circulating in our blood removing fat, bacteria, and viruses.

Recent articles on nanotechnolgy include:
6/ / r i i l ti
Electronic Times (12/7/95), Electronics Weekly (11/29/95),
Electronic Engineering Times (11/27/95),
the L.A. Times (11/11/94, 12/21/94, 2/7/96, 2/20/96), the NY Times (4/30/94, 11/19/96, 2/2/97),
the Wall St. Journal (5/12/94, 1/9/96, 2/26/96).
Eric Drexler wrote Engines of Creation (Anchor Press/Doubleday, 1986), a boo nanotechnology.
Books that will provide more information on nanotechnology:
Drexler, K. Eric and Peterson, Chris and Pergamit, Gayle. Unbounding the Futur
Nanotechnology Revolution. Morrow, 1991.
Hameroff, Stuart R. Ultimate Computing: Biomolecular Consciousness and Nan
Elsevier Science Pub., 1987.
Whitehouse, D.J. and Kawata, K., eds. Nanotechnology: Proceedings of the Join
Symposium held at Warwick Univ., 21-22 August 1990. Adam Hilger, 1991. C4. MEMEX/BRAIN LINK IMPLANTS
The public doesn’t understand that programs showing research are typically rm what’s already in use. On “Cyberlife,” 12/17/96, a TV story was done on Dr. Ted biological engineer, at U.S.CA, who is working on a microchip that will be a subst hippocampus’ memory. The story stated that in two years a brain chip can be ma the pattern of brain neurons so that it can be plugged in. The New World Order satellite system allows a. communication devices to be embedded within a victi memex devices that are linked to the natural brain to boast the brain’s memory. the ALEX (Amalgamated Logrythmic Encrypted Transmissions) system was des allows the NWO to pulse codes on different frequencies in an erratic fashion th transmissions hard to even spot. The ALEX system is one component of their ab transmit orders and information to their slaves. When a slave receives a body-s implant will be a central control implant that controls the body suit of implants a information from an external transmitting source. Some of the slaves have had t controlling implant at the base of their skull. The concepts that Hollywood portr movie “Johnny Mnemonic” where an oligarchy (in league with big business and syndicates) controls the world, and uses a human who has an implant that store amounts of information is– sad to say– not so far removed from what is already secret.

The biocybernetic researchers for the New World Order have working on a nu devices to interface (link) the human brain with computers. A number of devices created. There is even a biochip the size of a large organic molecule that works implant. The idea of implants is difficult for some people to accept. I am in the po showing implants, of anechoic chamber readings showing that victims were rec synthetic telemetry signals from outside transmitting sites, and a variety of othe evidence that this activity is going on. For instance, Professor Ingmar Wickbom, University Hospital, University of Calif. Medical Ctr., San Diego on 10/6/’83 wr Whom It May Concern” that skull x-rays of Robert Naslund indicated implants a skull that are “possibly some form of brain transmitters”. Some of the victims I p have managed to extract fiber optic fibers from their bodies.

ORGANIC BIOPROCESSORS LINKED TO VIRUSES– One direction that the N took was to develop biochips and bioprocessors, that is three-dimensional orga functions as computers. The conductive velocities of these miniature organic co lattices) are at least one million times faster than nerve cells. The circuit power miniature organic computers is at least a million times greater than the same siz Molecular computers made of living matter can be grown from DNA templates engineered bacteria. Synthetic proteins have been developed which match wha make into mini-computers. The end product is a bioprocessor (tiny computer) w mini-computers are specifically linked with viruses which migrate to specific par Viruses are primarily nucleoproteins, some of the small ones are not even alive, even have metabolism. They do not have a metabolism to kill with an antibiotic. viruses migrate to the central nervous system (nerves), the Dermotropic viruse skin, the Pneumotropic viruses go to the lungs, the Viscerotropic go to the abdo

htt :// iti t. r / r i i l ti /
6/ / r i i l ti
viruses go to other sites in the body. Because many viruses will select what area will reside in, the New World Order can tailor (in tissue-culture) their bio-impla of a virus plus a bioprocessor) so they can target where they will end up in the m slave. Such an virus implant is also called a symbiote, because it lives off of the h controlled slave’s own body. These virus implants have life-expectancies that ar years long. A number of these implants within the victim serve as spies-in-the-c detailed records of what the host’s body is doing. Research into how to splice an material and then recombine it has been going on for a number of decades, and sophisticated. There are a number of very technical books on how to do it, but o familiar with the language of genetic research could decipher their techniques & miniature RNA and DNA pieces. Several genetic books/papers describe how vir genetic material or other genetic material, thus giving us a window on how they miniature computers made from DNA templates to the viruses. In the book Me Replication & Recombination, Proceedings of a UCLA Symposium held in Keyst
1983,(edited by Nicholas R. Cozzarelli, of the Dept. of Molecular Biology Univ. o published in NY by Alan K. Liss, Inc.) one of the leaders in this field said on page faithful to the conviction that anything a cell can do, a biochemist should be able they have been replicating strands of RNA & DNA, creating whatever they want have been using these computers-in-viruses implants at least since the 1990s. T easy to insert into the victim’s body, and the specific virus transport themselves themselves where they are to go. The Illuminati then build body suits of these im these tiny implants vary from tens of millicrons to hundreds of millimicrons. Jus makes them difficult to destroy. From research on victims, it appears that a cen implanted to control or interact with the body suit of implants.

PSYCHICS– One of the Illuminati’s research projects was to discover the psi ge gene that would permit them to breed a master race with psychic abilities. One the Illuminati has controlled which did research in this area was Nazi Germany. was interested in the co-relation of blood types to psychic abilities. Blood type B more psychics than other blood types. People who have true psychic abilities ha molecular lattice structure than those who don’t. They also have energy fields o higher. This is in contrast with most brain activity which lies in the 0 cps to 100 c heart operates at up to about 250 cps, and the resonant frequency for a nerve i words, the high cps. energy field is a tip off that the person is psychic. A secret p carried out by the Illuminati to identify every person on the planet who is capab They are identified and then assigned to people (a male and female) to monitor t Psychics are often recruited into intelligence agencies to bring them under the Illuminati’s establishment. In other cases, they are simply watched and monitor threats to them are killed, and others receive mind-control. They have been ide with psychic abilities and then trying to track and/or control them. They also wil place these people under mind-control or both.

When a body suit is placed into a slave, implants are strategically placed in their they do not comply or if the Network wants to make the person dissociative the control implant to trigger these implants to activate. For instance two implants opposite side near the uterus and one in the lower back in order to give the han cause lots of lower back pain. Prior to electronically putting someone into an alt dissociative state, they will wear a person down with pain to make them dissocia if an implant in the middle (square in the heel) of the foot goes off, a ball of elect sparkler is activated causing pain, anxiety and discomfort. Some describe it as a foot. One victim and her mother both received these torture implants, and she and remove some of them from her mother. I would like to paraphrase her descr these torture implants, “I discovered fiberoptic type implants on the lower back line where the leg and buttock join. The fiberoptic sites on the lower back was 1 spine, and consisted of two holes where the implants had been inserted which w other, and at a distance of 5/8’ from each other. I was able to partially remove b implants, but knots remained under the holes where tiny parts of the implants t remained. These two back implants seemed to connect signal-wise to the impla of the buttock and leg. This latter implant could create pain in the left leg and fo crackling sound like crickets accompanies the signal to create pain. A vibrating e

htt :// iti t. r / r i i l ti /
6/ / r i i l ti
often used on victims of electronic control. (Unconfirmed but possible:) One vic
device that could have a dial rotated to allow the sender to chose different type sent. This would be pointed at a victim. As this sounds like a good possibility, it h here, although there is nothing to confirm such a piece of equipment which is pr

BELLDAME TORTURE IMPLANT–Nothing available to report.
SUICIDE IMPLANT–Some claim that an implanted chip has been created that w poison upon a signal which will kill its host. This author has seen absolutely no e an implant exists. It’s use is likely disinformation.

This type of implant has gotten most of the public’s attention. For several years been aware that animals, military personnel as well as civilians have been given Objects also have received tracking implants. DCI of the CIA Bob Gates is repor “If you can’t identify people, you can’t control them.” The Wall St. Journal, 3/30/ that the FDA proposed that tracking devices onto 35 classes of medical devices valves and breast implants. The excuse was that they needed to track life-sustai devices better. The list of devices to be tracked includes cardiovascular filters, d pacemaker electrodes, heart valves, tracheal protheses, breathing monitors, po generators, ventilators, infusion oxygen generators, ventilators, infusion pumps silicone gel-filled devices such as testicular implants and breast implants, and sp Hughs Identification Device has been placed onto such objects as breast implan implants are reported to have a life of 250 years. Their tracking I.D. number con letter, # etc. The U.S. Navy has employed RF/ID “waterproof bracelets” for track underwater. The U.S. military has required its personnel to take tracking implan pretense of being able to find them if they get lost, and millions of men and wom have already gotten these tracking implants. A book published by the U.S. Army
1994 (entitled The Revolution in Military Affairs and Conflict Short of War) sho interest in tracking implants. Many tracking implants were placed into military p Desert Shield/Desert Storm operations.

Some tracking implants are programmable and can record vital data about a per also be used as a debit card for financial transactions, which is why they have go attention as the much feared Mark of the Beast. Texe Marr’s popular book Proje exposed the L.U.C.I.D. System which will be a central clearing house for keeping He reproduced a diagram from an issue of Narc Officer magazine showing how connect an individual’s universal biometrics card with the justice, data communi telecommunications systems of the World Order. Texe Marrs and others are fas choice of words & acronyms that the establishment keeps picking. Dr. Creusat, with Interpol is the official designer of L.U.C.I.D. He and his co-designer initially what the acronym L.U.C.I.D. stands for. Some speculate that it stands for the ob I.D.” system. It’s also strange that AT&T called their new company derived from has been involved in mind-control for the Illuminati) “Lucent Technologies”. Aga speculate that Lucent means Lucifer’s Enterprises. And what did Lucent come o came out with a new computer network called “Inferno” (another name for Hell language called “Limbo” (a place in Hell) with computer protocols called “Styx” (

And then on the other side of the Atlantic, a world-wide net called Demon Inter offered to people in Europe. (To have Demon Internet installed for you by Dem
322 Regents Park Rd., Finchley, London N3 2QQ costs initially £1,762.50 for th according to recent company literature.) Again the obvious ques tion, why are t using occult–even satanic terms for their products? Illuminati member and chai Thomas Watson, Jr. set up a cryptology research group at IBM’s research lab in in NY. This group was led by Horst Feistel, and it developed a cipher code called was then sold to Lloyd’s of London. Lucifer was created under the auspices of th worked off of an algorithm. The NSA had set things up via IBM so that it has had anything encrypted with Lucifer. (By the way NSA’s partner in the U.K. is the bri paper trail indicates that L.U.C.I.D. intends to keep track of people by using biom fingerprint, voiceprint, photos, and other bio identification features) that will be (or implants.) DNA databanks are already giving computers an enormous ability millions of americans via their DNA. Texe Marrs also calls our attention in his bo to the important mandatory ISO 9000 program, which makes it mandatory for

have an ISO 9000 I.D. number and their approval and certification. Over 100 co adopted the ISO 9000 standards. In 1999, use of the system, which was volunta mandatory. The government is also setting up TPN (Trading Partner Numbers). these numbers to do business is not directly mind-control; if a person can’t buy approved numbers, it does tend to place a person or company under the World The NACCB in England and the ASQC and the ANSI have been given power to with the ISO 9000 numbers. IOS is also in some type of overseeing role in the a process. Here we go, more acronym monsters to control our lives!

But while attention has been focused on this, many other implants have been im control. It all works together. The tracking implants certainly are an external me people that will work along side of the mind-control to lock people into their Est The tracking implants have broader application than just to keep track of an indi or his financial records. Tracking implants can be used to send bio information o the BEG, EKG and other bio tracking methods. Researchers who are following t implants will remember the article “An Eight Channel Micropowered PAM/FM Telemetry System” in the NTC ’71 Record, p. 309. The Air Force Office of Scient NASA financed that study which involved an 8-channel micropowered telemetr to sense and transmit physiological data. The system was actually successfully u remember an earlier article in the IEEE Transactions on Bio-medical Engineerin Oct. 1967 entitled, “The Design and Use of an FM/AM Radiotelemetry System Recording of Biological Data.” And then they will remember an even earlier repo Biophysics Lab, of the Aerospace Medical Labs of the Aerospace Medical Div. at AFB, Ohio dated 1965 entitled, “Personal telemetry transmitter system.” The p tracking implant research has been with us for several decades, and is being util slaves who have body suits of implants. They have been publicly monitoring ani telemetry for several decades, it doesn’t take any stretch of the imagination to c they are also doing it with their slaves. While these articles were from the ’60s, book appeared Mackay, R.S.
Biomedical Telemetry, Sensing and Transmitting Biological Information from An John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: NY, 1970. Faceprints are a new method which uses a m establishes distances between eye pupils, nasal base, lip center and other facial algorithm produces a 50-bit number that is person-specific. The plans are to co other unique I.D. features onto the magnetic strips of I.D. cards. The American conjunction with the Thai police a smart identity card for use in Thailand. The C Smithsonian Award was given to the Thai Ministry of Interior for this “innovativ
1990. In other words, one part of Big Brother patted another on the back. Was us, Mr. & Mrs. Citizens by doing this so-called “intelligence” work, or was it work agenda by developing this high tech ID card? Later the military adopted the MA on similar ideas.

Bell Communications (in NJ) developed voice activated credit cards. Reports ar throw one’s voice off so that it’s rejected by the flat microchip in the voice card. calls the World Order’s mind-control “total”, he means just that–it is designed t mind and spirit of a person. By taking bio information via implants, DNA codes, scans, hand geometry and face prints, without our real consent the World Orde stolen our Fifth Amendment rights. John Adams wrote, “Property must be secu cannot exist.” (The Works of John Adams, Vol. 6:9, p. 280.) The purpose of the A government was to protect property. But they have stolen our privacy. They hav (contrary to the Constitution & Bill of -Rights) several laws that will force us to p information to computer data banks that will be used to determine if we can bu get employment or not, & if we are deemed politically correct or not. And those of the NWO may be incarcerated and programmed. While tracking implants are per se, they will work hand in glove with actual mind-control to make sure no on control can effectively get away. Therefore all tracking devices must be seen in t context as being devices to assist in the implementation of total mind-control. O scientist who worked on the bio-chip and who still works as a civilian for the gov personally told this author that he is excused for his help on the project because neutral. Technology is neither good nor bad, so he claims. I disagree, and so did a who did repent of helping with this infernal project, and apologized to this autho are going to be used for the enslavement of mankind, and for total mind-control

justification, no excuse great enough to allow people to side-step their responsi creation of such technology intended for evil. We have a responsibility to know inventions will be used before we create them. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist these inventions are going to be used for. Unfortunately, this man who assisted a rocket scientist.

Section D. Direct monitoring & manipulation of the brain/mind
D1. Direct monitoring of thought waves.
For many years, the basic waves have told us basic things about the mind. Rapid from normal mental activity like you are doing now, alpha waves indicate relaxat mean meditation & memories, & ultraslow deltas mean deep sleep. Cognitive de gamma waves to synchronize. Alpha (as well as Theta) oscillations both encode codes–what we describe as K-lines in this Deeper Insights book. The thalamus involved in memory. People with good memories have higher alpha freks than p memories. EEGs are used to watch these waves & their oscillations. PET scans a revealing. Thoughts can be analyzed in terms of the various parts of the mind th produce them. In word-reading the mind activates specific posterior visual area mind must identify a noun specific frontal & temporo-parietal areas are active. ( “Seeing the Mind”, Science magazine, 10/29/93, p. 673). PET scans & BEGs are evoked potentials tell it all. The National Security Agency has a monopoly on mo evoked potentials emitted by people’s brain’s electrical flux which are electroma in the 30-50 Hz, 5 milliwatt range. When a person thinks, or moves their body, o the brain creates an evoked potential or set of evoked potentials. These emissio to see what the person is thinking or doing. This is called RNM (Remote Neural reported that the Kinnecome group at the NSA is involved with this type of mon clock of victims of electronic mind-control using EMF equipment that is scatter nation. A Signals Intelligence EMF scanning network allows the NSA’s computer track any individual in the United States by watching for their specific bioelectri ways, the tracking implants and the national I.D. cards are redundant, but the W to increase their control, while keeping their best technology secret. The NSA in randomly passed on to any individual, but they do have their ways to filter down mind-control handlers if they need to. They have exhibited an amazing ability to authors, but that doesn’t mean that they are all powerful, just because their com remotely detect and keep track of people. This book is evidence that there is stil room for independent thought in this world. What’s more frightening is the apa stand up to the control. But the question may arise, how can they get any good r brain’s evoked potentials from a distance? The equipment is a combined use of E masers along with Doppler-shifted interrogative RMCT masers. This technique send syntel directly through walls. A Maser is a microwave equivalent to a laser.

According to reports, the Soviets were the first to discover in the 1960’s that th
23 BEG band wave lengths, of which 11 of these were totally independent. By k band wave lengths, and then sending signals based upon those wave lengths, th could be manipulated. The person’s PRIME FREK, that is their biological freque identified, and then it is possible to remotely implant thoughts and voices into th

In the early 1970’s, the U.S. Documentation Center as well as the White House’ both reported that electromagnetic waves could be used to communicate with ” biosystem.” (This was brought out in the U.S. District Court of the State of Utah who had been subjected to mind-control in prison tried unsuccessfully to fight b The University of Utah was just one of several dirty research facilities which res human guinea pigs how Tesla waves could be used to manipulate the mind into h They discovered how simple it is to use these waves to override and implant tho mind, and to read the thoughts of the mind. Then they subjected hundreds of in Gunnison Facility of the Utah State Prison, the State Hospital and perhaps othe Prison facilities to this brand of mind-control in order to test it.

It certainly works. Numerous inmates tried to fight the system, and the obvious so many of them were being subjected to. Hundreds of the inmates were subjec drugs and other severe punishment when they protested. Still they continued t

in the 1970’s, now the technology is being used over the entire United States. The Tesla waves are sent to a victim in the following sequence of events.

Computers programmed with artificial intelligence handle most electronic cont When the slave does something the computer can’t handle then human handler Men and women staff consoles attached to CRAY computers where they monit need special attention. The full fledged electronic monitoring involves an entire various implant devices in the victim’s body. From the body suit, the controllers the victim, hear what the victim hears, and see via tiny fiberoptics some of what and with the victim. The staff have pre-recorded sound bites that they usually li as occasion actual live messages. They transmit these messages, which are picke and relayed to whatever large TV broadcasting antenna or GWEN tower or oth the victim. The signal is then relayed to some object near the victim, which serve antenna to pass the signal on to the victim. It’s believed that some type of impla signal and broadcasts the correct Tesla wave pattern to create voices within the Meanwhile, the tracking implant keeps the staff and the satellite system inform minutes as to exactly where to send the voice signals. The Master computer and electronic mind control is reported to be Boulder, CO. Several places have been author as key points. One report came in that transponders are being made in B central cellular computer is in the Boulder, CO National Bureau of Standards bu cooperating with electronic mind-control also. NORAD tracks both space and e objects. They have a Cheyenne Mtn. Air Station. Although it is clear from report control victims that NORAD is actively involved in mind-control, exactly how th tracking responsibilities are delegated is not known to this author at this time. It there is duplication of efforts, and several NWO branches maintain the same ca

D2. VOICES / OR THOUGHTS SENT ELECTRONICALLY DIRECTLY INTO TH Brain waves are connected to thought. When thought occurs there is a great de activity. The brain carries out what some people call “parallel processors”–that i thinking process down into components and works on all simultaneously. When Order’s researchers have attempted to tamper with the mind they can place th mind by tampering with the processes that create thoughts, without actually ha the thought they want. In other words, they are deflecting the natural process i process they want to get their desired result.
For group mind control, or isolated individuals, ELF waves can be sent that inter brain’s natural waves. The human brain synchronizes with the incoming waves a can be panic, sleep, or a hypnotic trance. The wrong kinds of ELF waves can eve brain. In 1961, Allen Frey, a free-lance biophysicist and engineering psychologis humans can hear microwaves. This had been known by the military since W.W.II words and sentences, Frey realized he’d have to approach the level of 10 -mW/( bottom line is microwave-created movement of cochlear hair cells can be done. Dr. Patrick Flanagan developed an electronic telepathy machine which was calle Neurophone. He writes about the Neurophone and its capabilities to transmit a voices) directly into the brain of an individual using the electromagnetic fields in book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP by Jeane Manning and Dr. Nick Begich. Th up his patent on the machine for 12 years. Dr. Flanagan writes, “Certain types o signals can induce visual and auditory effects when the field around the head or right frequency, intensity and modulation levels. We are not accusing the develo amoral intentions for the use of this technology but the potential for abuse is th Play This HAARP, p. 6) First, this author highly recommends the book Angels Do HAARP; and second, this author is going to flat outright say that the developers deserve the benefit of the doubt anymore–because some of them have a clear t developing and using mind-control techniques. HAARP is nothing less than a mi One of the persons that people trying to investigate HAARP kept running into w Alexander. Col. John Alexander was involved with the development of -HAARP. This HAARP, p. 19) Trauma-based mind-control victims have identified Col. Joh being one of the primary mind-control programmers. He has been a key player i mind-control projects for the government. Wright-Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH in research for HAARP. A number of trauma-based mind-control victims have id Patterson as a mind-control programming center. Apparently, the Air Force use brain-stem scarred whiz kids at the base to try and develop Tesla technology. A

ARCO Power Technologies, Inc. subsidiary) was the Air Force’s prime contracto of HAARP’s development. ARCO has company doctors who are helping progra victims. One of ARCO’s board members was Dr. Simon Ramo, who is a big playe and the secret government. The awarding of ARCO’s subsidiary APTI for the co a rat, because other companies were obviously better suited than this tiny subsi of 25 in Washington, D.C. Besides the mind-control aspect of things, the World up so that APTI has the patent (#4,686,605, Method & Apparatus for Altering a Earth’s Atmosphere, Ionosphere, and/or Magnetosphere) for the HAARP proje natural shoe-in for the project. There were other patents involved too, and abou patents assigned to APTI have now ended up with the large Raytheon Corp. (AP B-Systems, and B-Systems was bought by Raytheon. All 3 are working fast and f developing technology for the NWO.) The NWO’s Stanford Research Institute HAARP’s high-fre-quency transmitting programs with money from the Defense (This was from Angels Don’t Play This HAARP, p.47, which cites an NTIA memo, Preliminary Assessment of Air Force Ionospheric Research Instrument”, 10/1/1 was also involved with HAARP. This author has exposed the Mitre Corp. in the p Illuminati-run, & a co-partner with the NSA.

When a HAARP researcher pestered the Air Force for info, he was referred to K another site deeply involved in mind-control and black projects. (Angels Don’t P p.63) Los Alamos Nat. Labs also is involved with both mind-control & I-IAARP. T Team is connected to the Alexis Satellite, which may or may not be connected to which this author has been warning about. Supposedly this is a gamma ray re-se this author doesn’t know if this is the truth or a cover story. The Air Command & Airpower Journal lets the “cat out of the bag” so to speak when they reveal that HAARP will be used against civilians. The military wants to use weapons like HA people’s mental facilities. Newt Gingerich wrote the forward to an official US Ai entitled Low-Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology which described how e weapons could be used to subjugate U.S. citizens who opposed their governmen wrote the chapter on electromagnetic and psychotronic weapons. A paper trail intentions to use HAARP for mind-control by our government. For the sake of c to provide the readers with a paper trail, I’ll quote directly from this official Air F the part written by Cpt. Tyler, ‘The potential applications of artificial electromag wide-ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations… Som potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups…crowd control,…and anti-p techniques in tactical warfare. In all cases, the electro-magnetic systems would produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or diso addition, the ability of individuals to function could be degraded to such a point combat ineffective. Another advantage of electromagnetic systems is that they over large areas with a single system [this is an obvious reference to HAARP] . . electromagnetic fields have been reported to induce cellular transcription relat of DNA…. Knowledge of mechanisms of actions of Radio-Frequency Radiation ( systems and the assessment of pulsed RFR effects, will demonstrate the vulner to complex pulsed electromagnetic radiation fields… Experiments with elec-tros experiments and the increasing understanding of the brain as an electrically-me suggest the serious probability that impressed electromagnetic fields can be dis purposeful behavior and may be capable of directing and/or interrogating such YOU HAVE IT, a PAPER TRAIL that the MILITARY WANTS HAARP’S MIND-CO capabilities. Dr. Abraham Liboff of Oakland Univ. has demonstrated how low-en polarized electromagnetic waves can change the brain’s ability to keep out certa and chemicals. HAARP can also be used with genetic manipulating ionized radia to specifically control the mind. (See Chapter 8, section 2 for a complete discuss

Naval Intelligence and other groups have conducted research into ELF waves u body and mind. Some of the many things that can be done to the human body an waves include:
a. put a person to sleep
b. make a person tired or depressed c. create a feeling of fear in a person d. crea e. create a violent state
f. create a state of being sexually aggressive g. change cellular chemistry

h. change hormone levels
i. inhibit or enhance M(RNA) synthe-sis/processes j. control the DNA transaction process
k. control biological spin and proton coupling constants in DNA, RNA & RNA tra But electronic control of the brain comes in many forms. Perhaps the controller carry out mood shifts. ELF waves which will penetrate walls, and even go throug create mood shifts according to how many cycles per minute they are sent at. St that the time for ELF waves to cause a shift in mood is between 6 to 10 seconds ELF waves below 6 cycles per second cause subjects to become emotionally up may also disrupt bodily functions. At 8.2 cycles/sec. the person gets an elevated would be accomplished by a master of meditation. 11 to 11.3 cycles per second become agitated and to begin riotous behavior. ELF waves could be directed at help incite riots. Research has been carried out to determine how the brain’s se coded. It has been determined that visual input is relayed and built into a series The olfactory sense has thousands of specific codes to determine smells, and co these are triggered by an object. One clue that gave researchers initially the ide individual human brains have a common internal electronic type coding for spec that drugs will have such common effects on the human race–even -though one individuals from widely different genetic pools. The best research is of course k primarily have to report on what is released. E.R. John in Mecha-nisms of Memo Press, 1967, pp. 348-349) announced his discovery that central neuro-electrica used by the human brain. Information transfers in the brain have been shown to neuro-electrical frequency codes, and that a brain can be manipulated by beami from an external sources. For instance, Hippocampal neurons will have burst-fir between 100-200 Hz. Here are some of the resonance frequencies for manipul senses:
Visual centers of mind–25 Hz Sense of touch center–9 Hz Auditory (hearing) ctr– 15 Hz Motor control– 10 Hz Subconscious thoughts–20 Hz.
If the World Order wants to cause a person to make a gesture, they use ELF-mo microwaves that are “KEYED” to distinctive brainwave patterns that are called SETS.” If the controllers want to create an emotion they use specific “EXCITATI by creating the correct resonance frek which in turn creates a specific emotiona electronic mind-control often complain of electronic fields placed -around their when an electrical storm blew a major metro power grid, one victim of electroni lost the force field that had been encircling her body. The brain is also attenuate magnetic field. By manipulating the magnetic field around a person, the magnitu codes needed to elicit a change in the brain can be reduced. For example J.I. Jac melatonin levels in subjects by manipulating the magnetic field in conjunction w “signals”. See Jacobson, J.I. “Pineal-hypothalamic tract meditation of pico Tesla the treatment of neurological disorders.” FASEB Journal, 1994, 8, p. A656. Sand successfully used manipulation of the magnetic fields and reported this in Sandy treatment of mul-tiple sclerosis with magnetic fields. International Journal of N
1992, pp. 237-250. It was discovered that if an alternating magnetic field at a di (resonance) frequency is superimposed upon a steady-state magnetic field, calc within the brain can be moved with little energy. When this was discovered, res watch to see if variations in the -earth’s magnetic field during geomagnetic stor situations, would affect the thinking of masses of people. They discovered that t changes to the human brain as a result of magnetic fluctuations. Cognitive think
-thought occurs between the temperatures of 308º – 312º K (or 35º – 39º C) an wave length associated with these thoughts are approximately 10 micrometers infrared wavelength.) Signals that blend with Background Radiation can be man the brain. The temperature of the brain directly relates to how certain signals w believed that structures within the thalamus are involved with modulating the t sensitivity of biochemical oscillators. Heterodyne Principle Used. This principle frequencies when applied to a nonlinear device produce new frequencies which differences of the applied frequencies and their harmonics. In other words a loc called a strong sinusoidal carrier wave) can multiply a weak signal. A microwave frequency A is mixed with a microwave local oscillator at frequency B in a nonlin

mixer output signal which is A minus B is a faithful amplitude and phase reprodu original microwave signal but at a low, fixed frequency so that it can be measure frek measuring devices. Heterodyne signals cost more to produce but cost is no government. Multiport network analysers, which use several simple power dete computer analysis approach provide a less expensive way to measure both the r amplitude & the phase. Cell phone freks used. The controllers use the UHF cellu frequencies, which are installed everywhere because the human cranium opera frequencies that cellular phones operate on. This was not by accident.

PULSED AUDIOGRAMS–Pulsed audiograms use extremely low average powe electromagnetic energy acoustic amplifier driven by the rf transmitter’s modula power density is a critical factor which is approx. 275 mw/rf for carrier frequen
1,310 mc. Acoustic noise is approx. 80 decibels. Another source, the electrical s of each word is processed so that each time a sine wave crosses zero reference direction, & a brief pulse of microwave energy is triggered. These voice modulat transmit words to the brain. Sounds are generated when pulsed microwaves are absorbers made of carbon-impregnated polyurethane. An Acoustical Energy W created by modified transducement of sound waves, which are in the ultrasoun In other words scalar energy is being employed. When people are asleep they a vulnerable. TV antenna can serve both as transmitters and well as receivers. It c oscillate a suitable resonant frequency. By transmitting signals in the TV/FM ran modulating them in the ELF/ULF range, they can send signals. The Nexus magaz
’96 p. 16 reported on Dr. Ross Adley’s research. Dr. Adley did some work for the Pandora project (an electronic mind-control project). He recently worked at the Med. School, CA. His research showed that the brain will react to EM radiation. the frequency, amplitude, and dose of the microwave radiation has to meet cert
1980’s, his experiments showed that microwave carrier-waves modulated with modify brain tissue. Weak EM fields will affect the binding of calcium ions to neu type of information is the type of information that pertains to the genetic mind- Chapter 8. Dr. Adley was able to prove that a 147 MHz (megahertz) field, which had an intensity of 0.8 milliwatts per square centimeters, caused an efflux or rel ions from the irradiated brain tissue. “This response only occurred when the EL the microwave carrier-wave had an amplitude modulated at 6-20 hertz (Hz). Th stimulation of the neurones took place at 16 Hz, but to either side of this freque parameter there was no effect.” (Nexus, 10-11/’96, p. 16 citing Adey, Ross W. “N Effects of Radiofrequency and Microwave Radiation” Bulletin of the New York Medicine, vol. 55, no. 11, Dec., ’79) Also microwaves as they enter the brain tiss expansion as -things heat up at the microscopic level, which produces strains in produce acoustic stress waves that are conducted through the bone to the coch cochlea’s stimulation by the wave gives the brain its perception of hearing a sou cochlea’s stimulation produces the normal sensation of hearing. For microwave must be at 1310 MHz and 2982 MHz at the average power densities of .4 to 2 power densities can be 200 to 300 mW/cm2 and the pulse repetition frequency
400 Hz. This makes an RF auditory sound. The sound appears to the victim as c or near the back of the head. 2 criteria needed to hear microwaves are the abilit kHz, and good bone conduction.
Section E. Auxiliary uses of electronics & electromagnetic waves.

E1. hypnotic induction
E2. polygraphs
E3. attacks against people & objects


In a normal resting state the alpha waves of a person are between 6 -12 per sec breathing rate is about 20-40 breaths per mm. and their heart beat about 70 to External stimuli will affect these rates. If a person fixes their attention on flashe

as what happens at some concerts, the body functions will tend to synchronize external tones and pulsing lights. It takes about ten minutes for the human mind reconfigure itself in line with the external stimuli, then that rate of the flashing li and be lowered with a resulting lowering of the body’s alpha wave rate, their br heart beat. Electronics can be an aid to hypnotizing people. If vibrations that vib six to seven cycles per second are created in a room of people, the vibrations wi waves in the minds of the people. The increased alpha wave activity makes the li more susceptible to suggestion. This is similar to the effect Vibrato has on the m tremulous pulsating effect produced by a minute and rapid variation in pitch eit or instrumental music. Years ago, public performances of vibrato music was out because so many listeners went into altered states. A 6- to 7-cycle/sec vibration behind other sounds. Hypnosis with headphones repeating “You do not know th simultaneously along with sonics as well as electrical patterns that scramble the E2. POLYGRAPHS FOR MONITORING PROGRAMMING AND MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENTS
Tyson II Corporate Offices, McLean, VA furnishes polygraph operators for the i agencies, esp. Office of Security which is responsible for CIA polygraph examina E3. ATTACKS on INDIVIDUALS and objects.
A victim of electronic mind-control in VA in a letter describing her torment writ have the stabbing pain in my back when I go in my back yard, as I did in Richmon pain from some type of directed energy weapon(s) is just as severe here as it wa These electrical rays coming through the airways of my home cause me all kinds and illnesses. They kill my house-plants; they kill my shrubs; they kill my vegetab my garden; and most of all, they cause me tremendous amount of discomfort, as harassment. “Can you imagine having electrical rays directed at your bottom da days of the year. Can you imagine what it must be like to live around oversexed S technology is based on Scalar Technology and the Schumann Resonances or Fre understanding that the Schu-mann Frequencies from 0 to 30 hertz can affect e gland, every muscle and every emotion of a human being. In other words, a pers neighborhood can beam these rays into my home and control my body and I am from their stupid appetites…” (letter in author’s files) Oscilloscopes have confirm Direct ELF/VLF attacks have come from only a few feet. Electromagnetic attack the victims entire body, like defibrillator paddles. Masers (microwave equivalen used for electromagnetic attacks that cause burns that look like “cigarette burn areas are genitals, face and nose. The average power density can be at an rf suc Let’s quote another victim, whose letter is also in my files. At first years ago, the waves that were in the infrared spectrum that were barely discernable. The wav her and then latch on. Over the years they have gotten more sophisticated and writes, “From time to time the field broadcast from my own head was in a ‘field’ with the added feature of ‘harrassment’ voices also being broad-cast. These ‘har had taken a downright filthy tone, being blasphemous words, and venally orient hit with the full-blown sadistic torture program I was awakened one night by a f being raped. A light went on in my brain and I heard voices discussing me and cr saying, “There, got her.”.. .The first added torture (accompanied by filty langauge, filth, obscenities, threats and intimidation) was a genital-urinary prod, pulsing a second, and causing nearly incessant urination…, new added features … are bod bangs.. .The arrogance with which they announce what torture will be next is un sleep deprivation techniques are loud noises, and the interposing of visual phen to have devised a computer imaging which taps the visual nerves–these are like have had almost no normal dreaming since this system was locked onto me. Ove got to understand her harassers better. They have called themselves “social wo referred to her as “the package.” They have enjoyed talking about her in front of her by talking to each other in public about the things she thought about the pre Finally, one more account of a victim who is constantly harassed. “I am being tor synthetic telepathy of emotive and voice bytes played over and over again in my or negatively reinforce and ultimately con-trol my behavior. I get the sound on m lobe and in the right and left ear canals. I also get microwaved when I sleep and pulsating fields on my lower spine, genitals, stomach, brain, feet or wherever. It i combination with the lower spine and something else. This seems to create an a sleep with no feeling of pain. If I wake up suddenly (and this is the only chance I what they are doing to me) I sometimes feel pain when the vibrations stop.”

Other attacks/problems:
• Infra-sound attack
• magnets repelled from the cranium
• They use a “Gun” which sends an electromagnetic field which stops a car.
The Russians have been noted to have created a “wood-pecker” signal, the Ame this is the American Buzzsaw. These signals are designed to interface with the m are designed to be carried in helicopters, or to be placed on the ground. These s broadcast by multiple carriers which hop from frequency to frequency anywher
30 MHz. With the switching of these frequencies, they are creating what is kno Transform, named after Norman Levinson. VLF (Very low frequency waves) will behavior in people. (They use 0 to 400 Khz for mind-control operations. The sig apparently broken up into pieces and triangulated upon a target. Morse codes a slaves to trigger them, which is sent via a number of methods. Victims often hav sheathing of the brain disappearing, which is diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis. M
100 fold over the past few years. Pre-conditioning is done by chemicals to the n the brain and spine. When moving in a car or inside a store it is harder for a victi Also, as readers can imagine, signals being beamed from some tower or satellite large thicknesses of concrete, lead and -steel. In other words, there are some sit provide limited shelter to the victims of implant body suits and syntel.

There is a complex symbiosis between mankind and the attributes of this planet form whose life is attuned to our environment. The human body at the cellular l physiological rhythms which are very attuned to the earth’s electric and magnet cosmic radiation cycles undergo unusual modifications, including cycle inversion in crabs and the oxygen consumption cycles in carrots, potatoes -shellfish and ra geomagnetic field helps protect us from cosmic rays. It has been shown that sol human behavior, and psych wards have an increase in problem behavior during human body is a complex set of rhythms. Permit me to recall some of these rhyt reader: Alpha rhythms, Blood Hormone rhythms, Body temperature rhythms (w on 24 hour cycle), Cell mitosis rhythms, Cellular DNA & RNA synthesizing rhyth spinal fluid rhythms, Circadian rhythms, Enzyme rhythms, Food utilization rhyth Sexual -rhythms, Pulse rates, Seasonal rhythms, and Urine Electrolyte Disposal pulse-per-second power grids (of AC) that are spread over the earth, as well as man-made activities are disrupting the 7-8 hertz frequency of the earth. There effects to our tampering with the magnetic and electrical fields of this planet, an side effects may be the disruption or change of the circadian -rhythms (as well a other rhythms of the human body and mind.) In fact, two researchers have rese how human nerve cells are affected by ELF fields. (See Becker, Dr. Robert O. Cr Perils of Electropollution, The Promise of Electromedicene. LA: Jeremy Tarcher was discovered by CIT researchers that the human brain has magnetite. Salmon whales, and honeybees also have magnetite, a type crystalline iron, which allow the earth’s magnetic field for finding their way around. The CIT researchers pub finding about mag-netite in human brains in the journal Proceedings of the Nati Sciences.

For about 6 years this author has heard about liquid crystal implants. One milita should its use, and one person who was in military intelligence claims liquid crys Others claim that liquid crystals were tried and failed. It has also been reported transmitting crystals, that fasten themselves to the brain have been the object o

Another topic that for sure was tried by the NWO was serpentine skin. This is a specialized fungus that coats the skin and is used for some of its specialized feat this concept actually flies outside of the lab, this author doesn’t know.
• “ALIEN” implants
This author’s take on the alien phenomena is that it is the Illuminati’s Grand Dec introducing the AntiChrist. The aliens are materialized demons, and manufactu bodies. It’s not the purpose here to put forth evidence concerning this Grand D

would take another book, if not several books. (In fact, this author started to wri never got finished.) But no book discussing implants & mind-control could be co touching on alien implants. There is a great overlap between “alien abductions” Whitley Strieber (UFO abductee and famous author) gave two workshops at th LA. He was very interested in finding out about the implants that Dr. Lear and D extracted and turned over to traditional medical institutions for study. While W about implants and our government’s connection to them, his own implant in hi and the side of his face turned red like a bad sunburn. Other UFO buffs in atten their implants burn them at this point, causing great excitement at the Wyndha

(This information came from the internet )
There are an increasing number of “alien abductees” who are remembering see personnel during their so-called alien abductions. The abductees are being take bases. (An unusual place for aliens to work, but within the realm of possibility.) T number of people who are connecting the government with the aliens is increas people are receiving mind-control programming, therefore there are more peop cover stories and electroshock fail to totally hide what has happened, b. better t methods are helping mind-control victims recover their memories better, c. the rising number of people like this author exposing it. Karla Turner, who was a vict and abductions, began catching on that the abductions were being done by our quoted her on page 184. When she began to publicly expose what the governm government murdered her. (She joins a growing num-ber of people this author h maturely because they were publicly exposing the truth.) Alien abduction victim reporting human black-or dark helicopter activity and black-or dark helicopter the 1970’s. (Perhaps as the Vietnam War wound down & ended, the U.S. govern surplus of helicopters and delegated some to task forces that picked up mind-co remote sites.) An example from this time period of an alien abduction also involv the Betty Andreasson/Luca abduction. A number of victims have remembered t coming -around the time of their abduction. When bright lights are shined into t into their cars these victims of trauma-based mind-control are programmed to s helicopter’s spotlight as a UFO. (Helicopters also carry spoofer transmitters.) B Oregon reports in her book Connections – Solving our Alien Abduction Mystery Wild Flower Press, 1966, about how helicopters were involved with her abduct She lives in an area that is a hot-bed for covert CIA activities. In her book, she pr of memories of military personnel being the guilty party in an abduction. Some v abduction experiences are implanted during their abduction. Researcher Helmu that “alien” abductees Debby Jordan and Leah Haley had implants removed fro is significant about this, is that the bio-chip implant designed for humans which i Man, best works behind the ears. (Sources: The Kansas City Star, 7/19/87 carri how Dr. Man’s implants work best behind the ear. On Oct., ’87, an article by Kat several papers promoting Dr. Man’s implants for protecting children. H. Lamme implants & military involvement in abductions in his article “Preliminary Finding MILAB: Evidence for military kidnappings of alleged UFO abductees.” The Unop
’97, pp 64-67.) From this author’s interviews with “alien abductees” it was clear them were victims of U.S. government trauma-based mind-control and that man been taken to underground pro-gramming facilities and made to believe they w planet. This is happening in foreign countries too. However, this doesn’t mean th craft do not exist, they do. And according to eye-witnesses some of the undergr NM, AZ, and CO have personnel from all over the -world, Germans, Russians, B as well as aliens working side by side. (The American government denies this. Su only has Canadians.) Some of these witnesses come across as credible. If their r then some implants may also have a true alien connection. Alien abductees are a implants from their noses and their feet. It is strange that -“alien” implants have technologically sophisticated over the years.

Metal coil springs were standardized in size, are made of steel and are placed in common mattress. Standards were introduced that specify how many coils, and were to be used in their manufacture. Their shape is an open ended hyperbolic suited to create a similar induced magnetic field. When one lays down the sprin and have between 5 to 7 coils compressed. This makes a field of influence aroun

which is enfolded within the field of coils, which are natural antennas to incomin waves. Evidence suggests that the standardizing of bed springs was a carefully designed to assist electronic mind-control.

Since 1989, Virtual Reality conferences-exhibitions have been held. On May 11 largest conference-exhibition to date on virtual reality was held at the San Jose the Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA. Note some of the mind-control aspects of the sessions:

Session C7–“Tactile Feedback” given by Paul Cutt. Xtensory Session C8–“The I
given by Louis Rosenberg, Pres. of Immersion Corporation.
Session D2–“Biomedical Technology and Biomedical Education” given by John Session D9–“Biocybernetics and VR” given by Dave Warner, Medical Scientist a Univ. Med. Center During lunch Kenny Meyer discussed how simulated being in are called various names incl. synthetic actors, situated agents, creatures and d another meal break Lt. Col. Martin Stytz, USAF, spoke on how the military was d Reality to train men.
Session C17–AFIT Projects, that is Alr Force Institute of Technology at Wright given by Elizabeth Block. (Wright Patterson happens to be a major hub for the m criminal activities of the secret government.)
Session C19–“ARPA/ASTO” given by Lt. Col. David Neyland.
The military is not the only group interested in virtual reality. A plethora of virtu companies has -sprung up, for instance Sense8 (which selling ready-to-use virtu systems), the Vivid Group which creates Mandala (which are virtual reality auth and Xtensory Inc., which creates virtual reality tactile feedback systems. The go works through labs located on American universities working with government as the state of the art Virtual Reality lab at the Univer. of Illinois Circle campus, virtual reality machine “the Cave.” Virtual touch has been created. This means t machine for the person’s hand (for shape perception) & special glove (for textur computer users can feel the shape and texture of an object on the screen.

Hollywood has given us movies showing the mind-control potential of virtual re Lawnmower man & Brainstorm. For more information on virtual reality the read consulting:
• Aukastakalnis, Steve and Blatner, David. Silicon Mirage: The Art and Science o
Peachpit Press, 1992.
• Laurel, Brenda. The Art of Human-Computer Interface Design. Addison-Wesl This author has a catalog advertizing the EMCS-X-3000-Plus Electronic Mind C which was invented by Cabalistic Hermetic magician Karl Welz. The ad states, ” are to take control of others and to increase your own mental powers of direct a EMCS-X-3000-Plus is your system of choice!” The article has an endorsement f system on page 19 by a charismatic minister, “…I am a preacher of a charismatic reasons you may understand, I was extremely skeptical initially [of the EMCS sy gave the new tech-nology a chance to help me serve the Lord better, and I do no decision! The membership of my church has more than doubled within one year much.” —We live in some perilous times! Maranatha!
• List of other Books on this chpt’s Subject
Bamford’s The Puzzle Palace Becker’s The Body Electric Becker’s Cross Currents Brodeur’s Currents of Death
Brodeur’s The Zapping of America
Burdock, Dorothy’s Such Things Are Known (victim) Calder’s The Mind of Man
Chokroverty’s Magnetic Stimulation in Clinical Neurophysiology
Clark’s July 20, 2019
Dawes’ Advances in…Quantum Neurodynamics
Eccles, Sir John C.’s Evolution of the Complexity of the Brain with Emergence of
Galton’s MedTech
Green’s Beyond Biofeedback

Halacy’s Cyborg
Halperin’s Crimes of the Intell. Community Heller’s Of Mice, Men & Molecules Hooper’s The Three-Pound Universe Hougan’s Secret Agenda
Hutchison’s Megabrain
Johnsons’s In the Palaces of Memory
McKinnell’s Cloning: A Biologist Reports
Mark’s The Search for the Manchurian Candidate
McRae’s Mind Wars
Pine’s The Brain Changers
Stanford Research Inst., Journal of Scientific Exploration, vol. 10, no. 1, PP. 1-11
Regan’s Evoked Potentials
Rein, Glen’s Modulation of Neurotransmitter Function by Quantum Fields
Restak’s The Mind Rucker’s Mind Tools Valenstein’s Brain Control
Weinstein’s Psychiatry & the CIA: Victims of Mind Cntl The American military e lumped syntel and a number of other outrageous “weapons of torture and contr official heading of “non-lethal”. Then the establishment media (TV & newspaper St. Journal, Aug. 2, ‘94, had an article about non-lethal weapons where they wro sticky-goo gun”, which uses goo to stop people. Do you see how they create a co public hears of non-lethal weapons they think sticky-goo guns, not implants tha controlling people.
Herman Kahn of the Hudson Institute stated that total mind-control would be i and could be “imposed under the rubic of mental hygiene.” 27/32 28/32

I think you hit me with the grid to make bullies and why they were programmed to fail in bantering; crushing the personality self-esteem far enough to manifest a bully in the person you targeted pedophile through exposure of video pedophile looking for the perpetrator; deemed un repairable they transfer to this department security grid and need brain modification to manifest a personality that hates children and women reliant on chemical drug abuse; choice drug crystal meth in order to drop emotion and manufacture a terrorist personality comfortable with torture and molestation rape.
You were short on staff and wanted to recruit me. Touch a child and you are in at the top; child pedophile prevention unit off book extra leniency police and courts unable to sue; lawyers extorted cases never make court system. People targeted failed charges grid done to comply after the fact; fatwa off shore; hit the wrong person; shit happens.
I do not sue and they do not miss.
I have no axe to grind. I do not break the law.

From: Perry Ritthaler []
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:33 AM
To: ‘’ Cc: ‘Prime Minister/Premier ministre’ Subject: security crack

Dear Mr. President Barack Obama

A smart lady in the grid told me and others the TELUS and Shaw cable are run out of Malaysia and India; so the oil market collapse may have been set up hacked internet; and the security grid may have been played as well.

Perry Ritthaler
CEO Digital Mind Coach

The bigger the grid the easier to immigration migration the region financial collapse housing bubble pop lower realestse prices.

I think you hit me with the grid to make bullies and why they were programmed to fail in bantering; crushing the personality self-esteem far enough to manifest a bully in the person you targeted pedophile through exposure of video pedophile looking for the perpetrator; deemed un repairable they transfer to this department security grid and need brain modification to manifest a personality that hates children and women reliant on chemical drug abuse; choice drug crystal meth in order to drop emotion and manufacture a terrorist personality comfortable with torture and molestation rape.
You were short on staff and wanted to recruit me. Touch a child and you are in at the top; child pedophile prevention unit off book extra leniency police and courts unable to sue; lawyers extorted cases never make court system. People targeted failed charges grid done to comply after the fact; fatwa off shore; hit the wrong person; shit happens.
I do not sue and they do not miss.
I have no axe to grind. I do not break the law.
From: Perry Ritthaler []
Sent: Tuesday, June 21, 2016 12:33 AM
To: ‘’ Cc: ‘Prime Minister/Premier ministre’ Subject: security crack
Dear Mr. President Barack Obama
A smart lady in the grid told me and others the TELUS and Shaw cable are run out of Malaysia and India; so the oil market collapse may have been set up hacked internet; and the security grid may have been played as well.
Perry Ritthaler
CEO Digital Mind Coach
The bigger the grid the easier to immigration migration the region financial collapse housing bubble pop lower real estate prices.
Panasonic made in Malaysia cordless phone still sends speech when unplugged phone line and electric on base; batteries in phone; however remove the batteries and the plug in the electric still speech is heard; so the black square plug has something inside that works with electric grid and even send a signal to the electric grid when everything is working hacked into off shore. This video displays the telephone in my home.

Electromagnetic Waves and Cell Towers
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