Cyber Terrorism Case History

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Please Help Me Crowd Source Fund Fighting For Our Human Rights;

All Donations Will Go Toward Fighting For Human Rights, Liberty ad Freedom of Speech and Sexual Equality

You cripple the internet so that means your country on the computer is also hacked and terrorized daily once this grows a little more.
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What are electromagnetic fields?
Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation
You hit me standing in front of my open kitchen window and you shape my energy and emotions by vibrating the cells in the subatomic level inside of my electromagnetic field connecting my heart and brain.
2/22/2017 9:00 pm Digital assault mental assault and software to take the desire to enjoy your life from within your heart; all medical digital cyber terrorism malpractice.
please contact united nations this is a massive cartel hitting me in my home.
Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Sorry to bother you; 3/3/2017 8:50 pm
Another night of cyber terrorist activities in my home made by local criminals created by your ex-police from the force pushing digital terrorism hitting body inside of my home. Local hotel seems to be their watering hole. I have a web site describing the bully terrorism done to me in Creston BC There game is terrorism and then you must walk out and leave all possessions after being entrapped in some kind of con to do a crime and then comply to terrorize people who threaten their criminal RICO act network of extortion for physical health using medical malpractice knocked off healthcare software; please arrest if you can; seeing these people at trial will be my greatest day followed by a lawsuit for damage inflicted on me through terrorism in my home.
This science can create cancer and attempted homicide or dementia in the elderly.
Submission Reference ID: NMKFVRYH
Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
3/4/2017 5:34 pm I have had several bones dislocated in my neck and back and I have reset them; however, they do keep me in a migraine headache by tightening muscle tissue using electromagnetic field cell modification that can move a spine bone; please see my website for diagrams and for 36 hours my head has been pounding.
My neighbors is to hurt me claiming they do this to stop the system in their home claiming they can hear me in my home; hacked into as usual; they also believe they can steal my funding for anti-terrorism training given to your force who told me 12 months ago training is a good idea; and being a homeland defense contracted I created the training and manual (movie prop interrogator copy written so all data taken by your operations if you fail to pay me is actually digital copy written theft of my movie prop; that has a published movie script and eBook trailer on YouTube; I work from my home and with Bill C 51 and the NSA it is obvious you work with me.
I have completed and one is ex-RCMP with his son; with a click of ex civil services angry because they were also pinned in a sting creation operation reducing pensions; so how do you want to deal with the cyber digital torture and hacking and psychological terrorism in my home?
Will you be paying the invoice soon 1.4 million for the training program; and finishing the last phase of tutorial training on camera in my home with 2 liaison fake girlfriend officers and flash drive objectives real time; the cameras are in play when you are ready to complete the training program or it may just be a human rights violation case and I was mistaken?
Oh joy I am so blessed to be surrounded by a terrorist cell in my community;
I realize this is beyond your scope of expertise and community workload is overwhelmed with all the hacking left unchecked creating cyber terrorism spread around the world with new science; so I contacted Darpa and told them this is my website and the same people hitting me in the last 4 years hit the last President through me identity theft; and may have cost the USA 6 trillion in budget funding and perhaps OPEC 2 trillion because I was the keep oil prices, stable guy. Perhaps a war crimes tribunal is the best way to sort this out in the eyes of the courts; your friend; take care.
FYI I am a qualified trainer so the training can be sold elsewhere internationally if you desire to renege on the verbal agreement made 1 year ago to repair the issue with the pedophile security grid and officers crossing the line into a knock snitch operations agenda.Thank you for contacting the Royal Canadian Mounted Police
3/8/2017 11:18
Daddy was an ex-police or civil service and high up in the child pedophile human trafficking cartel doing Rico Act crimes. Review their files at
if you like.
I am sitting on my couch watching a movie and they do me with a sick grid feeling and then change me back after they make me mad; then they create a sore in my mouth; all of this is medical malpractice and police state liable because you built the police civil service psychology psychopaths in health care that spread their software medical malpractice into society thinking great cover for their criminal terrorist activities encompassing fraud and theft and attempted homicide extortion of a pension and terrorist activities they cannot turn off in their mind producing a desire to not live in a mental psychological torture world and they comply to pick a date to die and then attack others to obtain faculties or a health issues like created hearing loss or blindness generated by your digital cyber terrorist attacks.
Please arrest the terrorist people attacking people that are not pedophiles, and if you fail to do this you are a pedophile complacent and condoning these criminal activities reversing democracy and our culture.

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer