Human Trafficking Cases

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Guerrilla Warfare
Building a Serial Killer Sociopath
Design the operations like do you want to become a spy in clandestine agency or hunt an enemy combatant that can hurt the community or do you want to be the popular one; all you have to do is beat him at what he does in his cyber cage covert warfare used by professionals for training anti-terrorism and homeland defense techniques.
Children are the best candidate and sexual interaction grid leading to physical sexual encounter trained to become raped and enjoy the process is part of the covert psychological warfare application.
Your target candidate is encouraged to become dysfunctional inside of confrontation used as an attack tool on their target on the web; you are hidden they are exposed and all around hear if you win or lose.
The Guerrilla warfare perpetrator Stockholming the candidate and later reversing their brain and associations to right and wrong is manifested inside the actual training operation.
The child or teen is then pushed in an attacking formula self-driven by them creating a criminal behavior pattern manifests on their manipulated strategy implanted inside of their brain by a person they trust; the perpetrator shaping the behavior of a sociopath serial killer motivates them with praise and hurt feels if they fail to achieve the objective; become a criminal trying to make an innocent man a criminal building hatred and anger into a personality with broken behavior habits rituals and associations and metaphors and the rule of law in the country constitution.
Grid sex and the sexual climax is only allowed during a digital rape simulation and is forbidden unless you climaxes with images of your parent or animal or a person you hate; someone older you may need to spy on and get your hands dirty within a rape created by them on you in order to get leverage on the target.
Later as the child is used by adults to make other adults pedophiles using the similar tactic and grid science brain wipe a rapist point and do extortion society evolves.
First, is their interpersonal style, which allows the psychopath to be glib, grandiose, dishonest and manipulative; they are always arrogant and deceitful in their day-to-day dealings. Second, as far as their behavior is concerned, psychopaths will be sensation-seeking, impulsive, and reckless to the point of stupidity – seemingly having no thought for their own safety. Finally, psychopaths will have defective emotional responses so that they lack remorse for their manipulative, reckless behaviors and find it impossible to truly understand why it is that you might actually find their behavior wrong.
This twisted behavior is manufactured by local people schooled in the art of serial killing as a sociopath and pedophile rapist locked in a program that ends in brain reverse and narcotics grid or pills prescribed by a doctor sealing the behavior mechanisms in place using the brains chemistry and rituals for pleasure and adrenalin. Sexual release and ability to think with IQ are the financial rewards as a human concubine trained to not think and use a digital RF signal to control their behavior patterns; sexual active with old dirty people is a delicacy for them; turned on by their digital pimp and when not working seldom speaking operational convinced extreme low IQ is the most fun; and easily used for sexual extortion by anyone they are asked or told to have sex with in order to achieve a climax; focus on a climax with someone they hate raping them; human trafficking prostitution sold off shore and used to perpetrate a bank pin fraud leaving all in the community criminals in real estate or insurance fraud or computer hacking; extorted for their health by people trained to terrorize them as a cover for the operations that removed human and community resources and wealth from the community.
The perfect One Medical digital malpractice brain wipe terrorist.


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