Identity Theft

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You create Lucifer inside of Gods Kingdom when you cartel work in the community under the condition of you must join our church or we do not give you work with our flock. All people who embrace your wisdom and guidance mixing this idealism with civil service community revitalization and the reverse of the child pedophile prevention program used for financial gains through real estate fraud convincing a pensioner to pick a date and pass on into Gods kingdom and leave their home to the parish to create work for a broken community losing tourism or provincial investment created by the collapse of the oil sands ends up walking into the gates of hell building a broken church in the financial hands of the devil in a world full of sorrow and pain filled with mentally ill people; a sick flock led by a mentally ill mentor.

Please Help Me Crowd Source Fund Fighting For Our Human Rights;

All Donations Will Go Toward Fighting For Human Rights, Liberty ad Freedom of Speech and Sexual Equality

You cripple the internet so that means your country on the computer is also hacked and terrorized daily once this grows a little more.
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What are electromagnetic fields?
Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation
You hit me standing in front of my open kitchen window and you shape my energy and emotions by vibrating the cells in the subatomic level inside of my electromagnetic field connecting my heart and brain.
MK Chinese Ultra is anything you hear real?
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Legal Prosecute Identity Theft

Security VS Skill Sets

Read the Environment

Prior to Launching Operations

I awaken again to my lungs being done with a dry cough and my penis played with on the end of the knob.
This may be military because they cannot get a war on according to my intelligence due to the mistakes made in targeting me and the architecture released knock snitch with plans to rule the world using identity theft and my international soft contacts and networks; however they failed to achieve their objective and have sour grapes and are vindictive and may be using military to target an innocent civilian who has done counterintelligence analysis for over ten years.
Failure to take responsibility for failed operations both regional and international leaving their nation held hostage from within inside of a digital Lau prison can be a quagmire for some who face my situation of human rights war crimes committed in my home.
Your work and constant failed operations not seeing the security issues played in cold warfare blow back programming and reverse economics covert warfare have generated a green on blue building a Taliban warlord lifestyle that cripples democracy and the rule of law hitting tourism and weapons sales the ability to shape global foreign policy or move military or navy and air force freely around the world.
However, this sexual deviant behavior may also be the local RCMP and city police inside my borders or around the world facing a similar issue on this covert cold warfare battlefield.
The poker table cyber cage top gun operations in digital cyber warfare are full of bait car traps that may be picked up and used for extortion and self-invasion of a police force or civil service healthcare and psychology human resources program.
Covert cyber cage warfare used previously with Generals and spies to sharpen their craft I counterintelligence and cold warfare strategy and engagement with the enemy forces attacking their regions.
This type of covert guerrilla training warfare provided by Perry Ritthaler has been hijacked and sold offshore through identity theft and the hijack of his computers operational hijacked and left pen source to cover the criminal operations building this cartel using his science and others through modifications in Bill C 51 and the new development of slavery programs designed offshore now operational with their borders. This security breach comes at a high price still unpaid and a financial bill not attended to with dignity honor of valor or honesty.
A sociopath serial killer pedophile rapist brain reverse is a powerful program when placed within a society used to self-cannibalize the economy and human resources.
Operations in homeland defense ad human empowerment and security were flipped backward. So crime prevention becomes criminal generation and work previously used in the civilian revitalization and anti-pedophile operations tied to real estate fraud and banking fraud and insurance fraud shifting religious Christianity extremism mimicking the religious extremism inside of the Middle East war crimes are shaping personnel working inside of country borders.
The verbal contracted covert guerrilla warfare training programs designed to protect the streets are hijacked from the country borders and exploited offshore by other countries and criminal or terrorist networks.
A natural pecking order shifted into society; touch a child or kill a parent has taken over huge parts of the country spreading guilty by association shifting democracy tourism and manufacturing and weapons sales and warfare tied to commodities and currency rates and the expansion of a second World Bank.
People now must rise up and become freedom fighters that work inside of ISIS and Affiliates operations or a criminal cartel; self-generated by those locked in play in a cyber cage dogfight for human rights and civil liberties lost through homeland defense failed operations designed to protect the nation.
Green on blue covert guerrilla warfare rages on inside the borders; people normal on the street take on a different behavior pattern inside of the security grid cyber terrorism murky undercurrent; shifted through the expansion of criminal activity generated faster than law enforcement failures and the collapse of whistleblower rules and guidelines designed to protect free speech.
Both military and spy agencies and police and political leaders and people in human resources failed to see the threat; due to self-generated exploitation and identity theft by civilians selling data to the government or other criminal networks.
This is Geopolitical cold warfare espionage on the street and developing covert warfare self-invasion occupation warfare tied to financial exploitation of both human and financial resources; seamless penetrating operations tied to DARPA and Lockheed Martin and JSOCK; shifting police and military and spy agency and social services playbooks for rules of engagement or weapons systems in psychology and computer software designed to shape the brains anger used in covert warfare self-implosion through reverse economic warfare.
Human singularity vs computer singularity at the cost of the country democracy; due to criminal operations self-generated by government exploitation of the civilian population played offshore by more intelligent security and military warfare strategists.
When you make innocent people a criminal; using criminals with a badge you perpetuate illegal operations like civilian knock snitch to covert crime; left in play by social service psychology and healthcare crafting human slavery rather than human rights; ending with human rights war crimes committed on the general population.
The human slavery doorway is opened with your borders in order to use civilians to steal the data for the government personnel or private defense contractors with blowback as high as the court system struggling to deal with brainwash computer science hitting their courts ability to pass judgment upholding the law.
Perry Ritthaler 2/10/2017 Human Rights Case Pending see
For details to understand this issue research criminal insanity; people who believe this is legal behavior.

Law Enforcement Security Crack Overflows into Healthcare Civil Service Labor Empowerment and Enhance Patient Care for all Humans and Animals

The General practitioner doctor prescribes Oxy and Adderall and Fentanyl are narcotics used to improve the mind of a child; that is shaped dysfunctional civilian revitalization security grid pedophile concubine real estate scam; this is a built in junkie that is easier to manipulate into a Mennonite concubine shared in civil service and ex-civil service sex trade slavery facilitation of labor market cartel in communities across Canada and the USA; using the NSA and Bill C 51 to acquire civilian knocks that perpetrate the criminal activities backed by law enforcement and spy agencies and military and the politician six figure salaries and golden pensions.
The psychologist tells you awe haw and awe haw and asks you to describe your problems that bother you using metaphysics avoiding neuro-linguistic programming or psycho-cybernetics to enhance the patient quality of life with the security grid sciences that can balance cognitive thought and reshape habit patterns reloading the subconscious associations and rituals and metaphors holding that person in a chemical balanced brain that is dysfunctional; medicated with a medication with side effects prescribed another medication to deal with side effects repeating cocktail of chemistry in a quest balance the patients brains cognitive functions; not a danger to themselves or others in society; not a sexual deviant and capable of holding a job if not extorted by the church.
Healthcare Canada costs explode and as a pensioner ages, the costs could be controlled provided manufacturing and tourism create jobs growth in home sales and auto sales along with university programs that focus on job growth sciences rather than stocks markets shake down in a world of AI Bot technologies eating the jobs growth markets in the financial sector.
Leadership plus skill sets and an honest society can empower of culture liberty and freedoms of all people searching out the American dream residing a country that pays for your healthcare.

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer