IQ Painting By Perry Ritthaler

My Tomb Inside of Our Cage

Breathing fire, you enter my night
I scratch your soul when we fight
Broken love fills my arms
My crippled desire harms

Thoughts toss and turn
Together wounded souls burn
My lover becomes my hate crime
Poison lies become an elixir mixing time

Pounding stone hearts bind with beating drums
Lost emotions shattered fearfully comes
Years pass into the abyss
Frozen lips respond with a dead kiss

Broken hearts hear them cry
Beauty becomes the demon in my eye
Destructive love fills my night
Red roses die in the frozen light

In battle our eagles take flight
Hatred and revenge crack the light
Blacken sky’s fill the nights
A shooting star falls in flight

I Am the Moth Attracted to The Flame

Thousand frozen kisses’ take a toll
Broken glass mixing in my soul
My beating drum on fire
Love burns in lost desire

My heart your runaway train
Held by a broken invisible chain
Our scars created bind
Dancing through time blind

Mental whips make me scream
Dark clouds color my dream
Poison spreads into my soul building fire
Burning away my desire

I feel your claws tear my brain
Life in my heart slowly drains
My lover becomes my rift
Between two worlds we drift

Thousands of red daggers hurled
Broken lover filling my world
Toxic lover, I must
Burning flame, the moth trusts

Family Time

Old wooden swing in the yard is mine
Swings slowly like the hands of time
Family was gone; years have passed me by
I sit alone to wonder why; I am I

These old bones tell a tale
Younger times friends drinking ale
Laughing or singing; family in love
Thinking of my heavenly father above

Will we dance at the pearly gate?
Can I reunite with my mate?
Will my family be on heavens swing?
Thinking of me; will we dance and sing

I often shed a tear when I see you in my eye
Holding your ghost closer remembering why
The old black cat jumps onto my knee
He is my family; my solace roaming free

I feel my cat purr; hear the old dog howl
He wants me to see the old grey owl
Suddenly I laugh; a tear is in my eye
My wife fills my heart and then I sigh

Why Is My Life Bad?

I am the elixir preventing my cure
I sit as a rabid dog in my mirror
My words are firm; my tone I hate
Screaming in anger I corner my mate

Cripple in a chair is what I see
My deranged brain; greasy hair; that is me
My whiskers grey; my thoughts astray
I hate you more and more each day

Car accident; cash did not last
My anger explodes too fast
You I hate more today; my wife away
It is you I want to hurt every day

I held her as she died; tears in our eyes
Telling her lies; she would not die
My baby is gone; both are in heaven
I hunt you with the signs of seven

I sit in a diaper with venom like a viper
My poison words grow angry in a shitty diaper
Why do I have to live?
What more can I possibly give

Can your legs run in the sun?
Can you hold and make love to your one?
Do you think you live free?
Why do you hate your life like me?

Love Explodes in My Eyes

I caress her face feeling soft as silk
Her skin color white as milk
Red lips hide her white sharp teeth
Her hands move as a shark beneath

Holding romance in a quiet glance
We laugh we dance
Hungry wolves feeding on our love
Angels watching from high above

Holding my heart like a red rose in the rain
Beautiful you are my invisible chain
My courage builds my fire
Entwined love passion and desire

You make my world shake
Open heart becomes my earthquake
Passion becomes the lion in my heart
A glance created our love from the start

Love is the flavor I taste
No time to waist
My soul aging in this world
Around and around I am twirled

Special Love Romantic Thoughts

I smile and you become mine
Perfume tells me your nine
I look into your eyes and your ten
My wife is your mother hen

Special faith; family values and times
We picnic and sing nursery rhymes
I look over my shoulder to see
A beautiful young woman watching me

University; you’re leaving the nest
I wish you find love that treats you best
The lucky family man am I
This beauty you create in my eye

I see your mother in your eyes
Class and intelligence never lies
You are my special bluebird in my days
I reflect on your graceful special ways

My pretty granddaughter in the yard
Bending over is hard
She is nine and I am still me
Happy thoughts these old eyes see

Truth in the mind;
the heart never lies

My Broken Heart

My lover dances with grace covered in white lace
I hide my sacred memories in a special place
Emotions swirl colored in sadness overflows in love
I feel your love, I see angel wings in clouds high above

When I look away my brain becomes a runaway train
Ripped apart my broken heart in pain
Holding a red rose; my invisible chain
I feel your soft tears touch my face in the rain

You are the bubble bee kissing the dying flower
Emotions swirl in my darkened lonely tower
My heart darkens hour by hour
I am the withered flower in the tower

Your memories vanish like ripples on a lake
Stealing the light in my eyes like dancing fireflies that take
My broken heart holds you tight
Holding dying memories in my fight

Sun Dogs Tell No Lies

Taunting dreams fuel my desire
Chasing my accomplishment fuels my fire
Asleep my soul binds a racing heart that pounds
A soul beating with tiny sticks on a broken drum make my sounds

Inch by inch I crawl away from shattered past
Thoughts on tiny caterpillar legs “walking across glass” my image cast
Ideas act as sharp diamonds that carve thoughts shaping my life
Every challenge I face in the mirror with my wife

Together we form pebbles cast into my mind
Thoughts turn to waves that ripple into my eyes blind
Guilty by association our image is cast
Encased in a tower of mirrors and glass

With broken windows; our love; cast into one
The mirror has spoken; you are my shining sun
Flying together with warmth cast into love and fun
Forever in love flying around the sun

We Become

The blue sunrise explodes color into the sky
Colorful fields lit up by Safire flowers inside of my eye
Tiny waves in a giant pond shimmer in the dawns late night
The sky colored in heughs of green light evaporate in the sunlight

Red hearts bloom; hummingbirds hover
Small kitten in the forest learns to discover
Black caterpillar dreams of giant colorful wings
Baby robin takes the first breath of life and sings

Hungry silver wolf runs through the dark forest at night
Ragged and tired from battling mother nature’s fight
The busy spider weaves the evil web I see
Trapped is me; the fly I will be

My courage ignites the fire in my soul
Finding true love; passion and desire take a toll
Love picked on the vine of time
Passion and desire are the lover’s crime

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer