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Please Help Me Crowd Source Fund Fighting For Our Human Rights;

All Donations Will Go Toward Fighting For Human Rights, Liberty ad Freedom of Speech and Sexual Equality

You cripple the internet so that means your country on the computer is also hacked and terrorized daily once this grows a little more.
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What are electromagnetic fields?
Microwaves, Radio Waves, and Other Types of Radiofrequency Radiation
You hit me standing in front of my open kitchen window and you shape my energy and emotions by vibrating the cells in the subatomic level inside of my electromagnetic field connecting my heart and brain.
This video is what happens when espionage and cyber terrorism attack a Presidential Intern with classified data that is later sold in an open source arena; by people extorted predator-prey pedophile forced to rewrite their brains sociopath serial killer pedophile rapist brain reverse to ensure they are a loose end gutted in a FEMA camp organ harvest for human rights war crimes enhancing treason and espionage against their country. RICO ACT


Espionage Using Human Right Torture

Avoiding War In Canada

Canadian Revitalization

Human Right Torture

War Using Human Right Torture

Warfare Strategist Architect Consultant / Published eBook Writer