The Opportunity for People and Pets

As computers in your home generate heat while running and the overflow of that heating can be captured.

The surrounding room air feels warm with no cool downtime required.

Fresh air also fills the room as windows open regulating ambient heat temperatures.

Floors soon become warm to the touch on the feet for us when we walk across the floor or sit on the floor like our furry friends.  

The Reasons

Save money lowering existing home energy fuel bills.

Earn your money by creating a variety of cryptocurrencies.

Warm ambient heat creates the opportunity to experience fewer stiff body parts when in the home or shop.

Warm fingers and toes for us and our furry friends.

I get more control over my investment running inside of a global trillion-dollar investment pool; I can watch my bitcoin machine run generating my cryptocurrency. And in most cases providing a 20 to 34 month ROI return on investment plus your savings in heating less the air condition costs of the summer.

The Outcome

Earn money and save money at the same time using my electricty and computers.

Enjoy the financial benefits in your home for years to come.

Use all electrical capability in your home to its full potential.

Purchase your residential or commercial machine on sale.