Love Is King….

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Love Is King....
Love Is King….
Duration:2:58   Year:2023
  • Description

“Love Is King” is a romantic and expressive song that celebrates the enduring love shared by two individuals. The lyrics create a vivid picture of a sunny world by the sea where the couple lives, cherishing the special moments they experience together. The theme of love is palpable, expressed through chasing love and feeling it in their eyes.

The narrator takes on the roles of King and Lover, emphasizing the depth of their feelings and the significance of their connection. The presence of love is acknowledged and respected, with a commitment to honoring and building on the relationship’s highs.

The setting shifts to a blues bar, where the hazy glow sets the stage for singing and dancing, contributing to the growth of their love. The repeated refrain of “Respecting our love” reinforces the idea of mutual admiration and the importance of honoring the relationship.

The imagery of chasing each other in the moonlit sky and building their love hand in hand adds a poetic and dreamy quality to the song. The reference to the stars above symbolizes the enduring nature of their love, reaching beyond the immediate world into something timeless and celestial.

Sunrise and sunset are metaphors for different phases of their relationship. The narrator expresses how their partner always knows their thoughts and hearts, even on stormy days with love. The mention of a sweet embrace emphasizes the comfort and security found in the relationship.

The narrator declares themselves as the King in Love, feeling free and overflowing with their partner’s love. The blues bar becomes a charming backdrop where their spirits soar, and the commitment to being together in love is affirmed with the phrase “together in love, always.”

The song concludes with a declaration of the enduring nature of their love, from sunrise to sunset, and a pledge to always carry their partner in their soul. “Love Is King” is a heartfelt ode to a deep and lasting connection, capturing the essence of romance, respect, and commitment.