Residential Mining

Bitcoin Miner Details

All purchasing will require paying your PST and GST to the Canadian government.
The Bitcoin Mining program is designed to become your hobby.
Today it takes (about 2 months) to build and then book the install of a Bitcoin mine computer. Parts come from all over the world to build what we call a GPU bitcoin mine, so all purchases of materials must be collected in advance to construct the bitcoin mine.

An open air gpu mine requires Air-conditioned units. Air conditioning required to cool the mine on hot summer days while in the winter most days the mine will heat part of your home or place of business.

The cryptocurrency generated by the mining computers must be claimed to Revenue Canada by the owner of the mining rig.

Banks like this extra income the client will have in their household income.

The nice hash website is where you mine your crypto currency. At Nicehash you create a digital wallet to hold what you have mined. Your digital wallet holds your bitcoin profits which are calculated by Nicehash online.

Click on the picture to follow information link to Nicehash.

Profits are then calculated in real time when you send your digital coins to your digital wallet at CoinSmart, at which time you can sell or trade your bitcoins or sell them and transfer the money to your bank account.

Click on the picture to follow information link to Coinsmart.

The e-commerce program educating the community with new computers while they upgrade their vehicle may move a poor credit score to a good one with additional household income earned through cryptocurrency mining.