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Company Video Contest

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Creston Area Best Commercials Video Contest


The first 5 entries enter for a chance to win a $200 prize.

Contestants Themes Updates

  • Video Topics for the Contestant
  • The Best Company Commercial Video in Canada
  • The Best Video Depicting Multiculturalism in Canada
  • The Best Video Depicting Anti Racism in Canada
  • The Best Video Depicting Human Rights, Liberty and Freedom in Canadian Democracy
  • Free to enter contest through Digital Mind Coach.
  • My channel at You Tube is an adult only settings channel so all contestants must be over the age of 18 to enter in Canada.
  • Video requirements to be Mpeg 4 and preferably No less than 15 seconds and no longer than 240 seconds in length.
  • ASAP All video needs to be posted to YouTube. Then that link needs to be emailed to us through the website and then we post host your video free.
  • Next, you will need to place your video on a thumb drive. This video can be mailed off by texting Perry to set up a location.
  • This appointment places you on a list which confirms your two tickets for the commercial video premiere party.

Creston Premiere Location Tivoli Theatre Creston BC

Sponsors Please read the sponsor page information

located on this website.

  • Video of event function videotaped at the party gala for future marketing.
  • Tivoli theatre premiere May 15 2020 between 4 and 7 pm.
  • Your advertisement created for all sponsors posted by Digital Mind Coach to be played at the start of the movie premiere on the big screen at the Tivoli Theatre.
  • Expected contribution $100 – $200 to become a sponsor of this event.

Sponsor Presentation Table Opportunity

We have room for 2 companies to promote their company as a sponsor at this live event. Each table has a entrance fee. Two tables in front of the stage at $95.00 per table. Presenter must supply table and set up prior to the event starting.

Digital Mind Coach Guidelines to Voting for

Your Favorite Company Video and Sponsor

Judged by the Contest Sponsor’s in the Creston Valley

Deadline to vote May 1 st 2020

to midnight on May 10th, 2020

  • Email your vote for your favorite sponsor and contestant video by using the purchase button on the shop page on this website.
  • Email your vote registration payment of $5 using the shop cart on this website.
  • In a separate Email send your vote information on the name of the company video and best contest sponsor ad you pick and you could win the $500 prize to be presented at the Tivoli Theatre Premiere.

A prize of $500 will be awarded randomly to the lucky winner who voted in the contest with the award presented at the Tivoli Theatre Premiere.

  • All money and door prizes will be presented at the Tivoli Theatre during the Premiere of the Creston Valley Masterpiece unless the winner is unable to attend and the money will be transferred to their bank account via a bank transfer.
  • The panel of judge’s (contest sponsors) may also be present at the premiere standing behind their final decision as to who wins the video contest based upon community response and commercial creativity of the video production.

Do you have a question about the contest?

Text Us Perry Ritthaler at 250-428-5232


We are not responsible for server crash during vote or fraud created by others on their part.

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