Website Trade Show Brochure

Virtual Website Trade Show Labor Logistics

To create the virtual website trade show, we need to contact hundreds of companies to find suitable candidates and this takes time.

Occasionally a member has jpeg images of their business card and brochure so in most cases, we pick up the business card and brochure and then scan the images into our computer. Then a graphics software program needs to be used to get the best possible image. After this, a computer programmer must load the images into the website and link the images accordingly to the instruction given.

To build value into your membership Digital Mind Coach will invite the community to visit the website promoted through tele marketing.

When a digital transfer of money and information is not comfortable or possible we must go to the member and collect their cheque and then deposit this into our banking network and this again just takes more time.

It is not the one person it is the entire program and what is required to ensure all members are treated with respect and gain genuine value from the transaction.

Invest, Advertise and Win More Often

 Advertising will focus the attention on a specific product or service you want at the forefront of your sales virtual website trade show marketing operations.