Press Release Examples

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A press release which allows your company to capture media attention, which then lends credibility to your name and your website or web page. If potential customers begin to see your press release through credible sources online, your name will likely become more trustworthy in their eyes. Press releases also allow people to increase their media exposure, thereby boosting the opportunity for fame through the relevant traffic to their website as a result of the press release or eBook trailer generated interest.

We will get your press release in the media spotlight by publishing it to 500 plus  popular and respected press release web portals.

Let it be an announcement of new products or achievement of business milestones or creating great online brand awareness, there is no other SEO strategy that can match the effectiveness of press release distribution. In fact, distributing press releases is the most economical method to build great online presence in no time.

Top Results of Press Release Distribution:
Create more visibility for your organization online.
Achieve higher rankings on search engines.
Demonstrate why you are the best in your field.
Create a virtual backstory for your organization.
To increase market share.

Search engines will give more importance to your website when they see links to your website from these press release channels.

Your site gradually acquires better Page Rank. Good page rank is important to get better position when someone searches Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. This process is also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Visitors to press release web portals reading your press release may also visit your website. As a net effect, your site starts attracting more and more traffic from direct and search users.

Press Release Distribution Package

  • – Your press release will be distributed to 550+ major news outlets.
  • Includes Premium News Outlets syndication. (ABC, CBS, CW, Fox & NBC affiliated broadcasting/station websites)
  • – Images & “Hyperlinks” can be included in the press release.
  • – Guaranteed inclusion on Google News & Bing News.
  • – Reach news websites nationally and globally.
  • – Social Media & Blogs Outreach.
  • – Same Day Distribution.
  • – Interactive PDF Report (Sample) with Published Links (300+).
  • – Distribution & Reports under your company name.