Our Interview

Creating a relationship with a new client is a selective process that begins with a mini-assessment and a highly confidential exploratory interview with a CEO or manager. This will help us better understand the opportunity and the needs of the company and its leadership.

Every potential client increases their client participation in the referral program.

What is the referral program? 

Program one we telephone after 30 days to follow up on clients’ happiness.

Program two calls 2 weeks and follows up in 30 days asking for a referral two times.

Program three calls in 2 weeks and follows up in 30 days following up in 60 days.

What product are you providing for our referral generation services?

How much are these lost referrals costing the company?

What is the upside to fixing this opportunity?

What financial bonus is in it for the client to give you more than one referral?

Our strategy is simple: assess, train, and develop – start, learn, follow up. Our team will analyze what is working and what isn’t and then help you develop lead-generation solutions accordingly. We will also discuss whether or not a consulting relationship will really work for both parties.  The fit has to be right. 

We can do this together.

Contact Perry Ritthaler direct at perryritthaler@yahoo.ca or 250-428-5232