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Country Songs

My Angle In the Sky

Talking in My heart

It is you I Love

Time passed Us By

Lovers and dreamers

Dancin in my heart

We're Standing in the Rainbow

Police Narco Songs

Sealed on my golden throne

Big Crown

Pennies and Dimes

Hookers and Lookers

The High Life

Why be A whore

The Genius the Crown

My Golden tower

Whiskey and Cocaine

Democracy Songs

The Lucky Canadian

Democracy Is In My Heart

It's the USA

Family Love Songs

Its your beer wine and whiskey

My Special Message

My Sweet Honey

Whispers and kisses

Crazy Love

Whiskey and Moonshine

Winners Find A Way

Hey there little princess

Blues Songs

Winners and Dreamers

I am the old Bluesman in Love

Dreamen of you

Mental Health Support Songs

Too Many Faces

I hear Whispers in the night

Inside my Brain

In Love with me


Hey there Mr. Scarecrow