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You win when you obtain the right ideas to make ten times the money and with that comes ten times the power into your business network.

We help you try to become famous.

Message to Perry from the publisher that has helped Perry become a successful published author.

I am a self-published author who has published over a dozen books so far. One of my books does phenomenally well, several of my books bring in decent sales month after month, and the other others…. well, let’s just say that every swing doesn’t result in a home run. In addition to my own experience as an author, I am also the Founder of—a company that has worked with thousands of authors and over ten thousand books since 2010. This experience has allowed me to systematically study book marketing strategies and use a large pool of data to see what works, what doesn’t, and most important, under what conditions.

The success of these strategies in this book depend on many factors, some of which include

 • the author’s budget and available time

• the author’s level motivation

• the kind of book (fiction or non-fiction)

• the specific genre

• the audience

• the talents of the author (e.g., public speaking skills, copywriting, design, etc.)

So, when reading through this extensive list of book promotion and marketing ideas, keep these factors in mind.

Opportunity to display your eBook / written / audio

Your product your dream, your vision, your book.

Requirements to work this Digital Mind Coach writers house.

Your writer Budget Required will be $9750.00 .

What do you get for your investment breakdown

Opportunity to meet one on one in a zoom meetings with Perry Ritthaler.

Now you have a polished finished product with global distribution with multiple language translation.

A press release to 550 locations around the world. A 1-minute video trailer.

We place your book cover on our website and link the page to a major online store and with your private income paid monthly in royalty.

We have a team of people that have specialized knowledge that can save you thousands of wasted dollars.

To get involved today email Perry Ritthaler on his writer contact form on this website.

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