Testimonial I.Q.Painting

What is the best part of the experience at Digital Mind Coach?

Since bringing on DMC to help us bring in more leads at IQ Painting, we’ve been inundated with tons of highly relevant leads that ACTUALLY convert! We’ve had to bring on more painting staff and streamline our training process, but we are closing a lot more business and closing accounts at a higher rate.

What would you change about the experience?

We’ve found that lead generation can be a tricky thing. It hasn’t all been roses and sunshine, but month after month we have seen better leads and better results. They are doing a good job at hearing our concerns while helping us to produce leads that are better for what we offer.

Overall Feedback:  

Do not make the same mistake we did. We were warned that the increase in lead volume can be difficult to handle. When you sign up with DMC, make sure you’re ready to expand your team and that you have the proper stuff set up to be able to manage all of it! We were lucky to get some help from DMC on this as well.